Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, June 24, 2011



A spark of energy bursts at the meeting of two people with like-minds. For example, as one alcoholic communicates with another, there is a common bond of “You 'know' me—I 'know' you.”

However, there is that requisite: it takes two or more which communicate for this spark to occur. Two prison inmates or two professors, bricklayers, attorneys, priests, artists, teachers, airline pilots...

Every discipline characteristically utilizes a language all its own. My profession is music which, by its nature, IS an audible language. Strange notations and signs translate—by the hands of a skilled musician—into sound-messages, which have power to stir emotions in all who 'feel' and/or 'hear'. (My father while deaf-blind, enjoyed putting his hand on my violin and 'hearing' the vibrations.) And, the discipline--this art, music--has its particular spoken language also.

When conversing with another of the same vocation, a certain feeling of camaraderie ensues—almost spiritual in nature. It is communing of two Peeps who studied and worked long and hard to achieve proficiency in their art.

Couple nights ago in FaceBook chat I met Kimberly, a violinist-blogger-Peep. We 'talked' music, symphony playing, auditions, practicing, teaching, etc. It is the first time I have enjoyed that special familiarity of mutual understanding, of being on the same musical wave length—through this blog-world.

During a “first conversation” with any working musician, I sense a similarity of that particular 'moment' when I first meet another recovering alcoholic. In the case of the alcoholic, the two of us experience instant comprehension of a past commonality. From helplessness and hopelessness, to rescue and recovery, we each found a way of living a happy life without booze or drugs.

Back to music and musicians: click on Kimberly and you will meet an enthusiastic blogger, and a true musician in every sense!

This morning I visited with a very talented man I used to play jobs with: flute trios, duets, in churches, banquet rooms and symphony halls. He is elderly. We talked of our years as soldiers in the symphonic armies, and of our musical lives today. I had been gently urged, brain-tugged, to ride to his home. A widower for several years, I found him lonely, and not very well. We discussed techniques of bowing, vibrato, teaching, tone production...all in a language many would find foreign. One more opportunity for me to experience true joy in that spiritual warmth of 'knowing' another Peep, almost with the closeness of former battle comrades. 

As I sit here and wonder, pondering these things in the wee hours, I gaze past the laptop at my “gallery wall” of paintings and drawings from Blog-Peeps, and thank God for His kindness to unworthy me. Why was I chosen to be so blessed? Blessed with sobriety, with amazing Peep-friends: artists, writers, poets, musicians and Sober Peeps? I will not question, but simply and silently revel in this life which is (gratefully) so BIG!

Love and PEACE!



  1. i think i might like to be a fly on the wall between two talking musicians...so why dont you play a bit for us steve...that way we can know you a bit more...smiles.

  2. yup!
    It so happens among those who share the so many subtle things only they can understand... It so happens too among those who have been blogging for a while and have gotten to understand and feel as if they were together skin to skin. That way I've learnt to share with you and you with me- I guess!

    Hugs, Sweeter Peep! ♥

  3. An interesting tale of you gratitude and history.

  4. BRIAN:
    Good idea--play a tune for y'all! I will try to figure out how to do that. No good pickup--mic.

    I like "YUP!" And yup, in these blogs over period of years we DO get to know SOMEWHAT one another...
    at least what one WANTS the other to know. (And some more loose with their feelings than others!) At the end of the day...I believe there IS a wonderful spirituality pervading our posts, often helpfulness w/o any strings. Hey this is another BLOG here. Good NIGHT!
    Love and PEACE!

    Thanks for coming by...I DO have a 160 for Sunday this week--so proud I am!!!

  5. Steve, I am honored by your words, your friendship, your sweet encouragement...and I am honored to be your peep!!!! :) This is a lovely post, and it is so very true. It's what we call "kindred spirits", I think! It has been a blessing to "talk shop" with you! Shucks, too bad you didn't live near by, I could use a good coach right now! Blessings to you, my friend!!!

  6. ..A spark of energy bursts ...you captured what happens when you meet like-minded people just so perfectly with this one line steven...be it musicians or whatever passion you have in common...

  7. And having something in common is so important. Sharing a passion, beyond dogma, religion or doctrine....but sometimes in these too.

    Good, no...GREAT post Steve.

    Refreshing read, and you are indeed blessed!

    Lady Nyo

    WOW! So, you really DO like it! GooooD! I can rest easy now. Don't know why it bothers me to mention someone in my blog--as if they will be peeved. (It is one of MY problems. All goes back to Pride!)

    Yup! I could have gotten away with a one-liner--grin! Thanks for coming over. Your support is 'special'.

    Lady NYO, you can be counted on to put everything into a very few meaningful words! Thank you.

  9. how lovely for you AND because of you... this is a wonderfully compassionate and sweet post, dear PEEP. xox

  10. One need not share a profession to make that kind of connection. Sometimes you meet someone and you just click. It's wondrous thing, a feeling of "because of you, I am more me." That's something to be cherished indeed .

  11. bonds like these you talk about are the warm connections the add that silver lining...

  12. Definitely felt that spark burst the day I met my husband :) Quite powerful, it can be.