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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Lots of these guys/gals in every back yard In our area. I don't mind them, EXCEPT when I'm mowing grass between our numerous bushes and trees--and fences. Because I do not 'see' them until they have found a home under my sweaty shirt...or under... well, worse--grin!

For a real cool experience, watch this, then tell me there is no God. Probably I'll not squash one of these spider-peeps EVER AGAIN! Seriously.
Go HERE to see what I mean!
 For more information, click THIS

NOTE: during my "drunk" days, I would have (partially!) eaten creatures like this.


  1. Although spiders give me the creeps, watching that critter weave the web was pure poetry.

  2. that is one amazing little arachnid...

  3. that is one amazing little arachnid...

    Thank you, isn't it amazing?

    OK! But did you have to say it twice?
    Second time was an echo!

    (These are punch line to a "male" joke--you have to fill in the pieces.) NOTE, I'm leaving it up, both of them. HA!

  5. Oh my what a beautiful piece of art work...always loved the spiders and there webs where I grew up....bkm

  6. Wow. I never saw a spider like that. What a beauty it is, and what lovely weaving. We have orb spiders here in California, but they aren't so jazzy as all that.

  7. The web is so amazing. Industrious little critters, aren't they? I'm not a lover of spiders since I seem to do poorly when one bites me, even if they are not of the poisonous kind. I just had another five day hospital stay, on IV antibiotics for cellulitis in my left ankle and foot, from a suspected spider bite! Third time now, two times

  8. what an incredible looking creature, tho i really do not like spiders and will pass on the links... they are amazing and i am trying hard to make friends by not squashing them as i did, or capturing them underneath a box or glass for husband...now on my second year of no killing regime and had to last night as the biting kind was in the bath tub and i could not handle him...creeeeepy... so yes, keep them out from under, over and around certain skin-covered parts. the tropics, how i see where you live having been to orlando ONCE in december and it was TOO HOT, always have the most intense creatures... long-lived, relentless and without mercy. xxx

  9. no no no no no. i don't do spiders. no matter what!!!!!!

  10. Norwegian outdoor spiders have a job to do, and I leave their web alone. Indoor spiders make indoor web, and that's no good decoration from a housewife's point of view. Besides; I was bit by a spider in Portugal and caught seriously ill. Not fun at all.
    I don't want rats or mice in our house either. I don't know what meaning God had when he created them,
    but I make Gunnar or the cat kill intruders.
    When big index finger long snails eat the herbs and flowers in my garden, whops; the are dead if I get them.
    I even weed my garden, if I didn't, nothing else would grow there.
    To survive humans must be farmers, and hunters.
    Killing for sports or using pesticides are the opposite; destroying mother earth.

  11. Great topic for the day...peep
    I love them, although I do not like them by my side...

    working in their place implies some respect, which we do not always respect!

    Their work is just amazing
    Loved the video and info.

    now- if it was a cockroach no doubt about KILLING them

    Hugs and peace.

  12. BKM:
    Yes, you also see it as I. Art work', the finished product. What also grabbed me is all those six legs being used simultaneously in different directions to actually WEAVE this web. I had no idea!

    Isn't it a marvelous pieve?

    Well, you KNOW I didn't mean harmful thoughts to anyone. Sorry about your experiences (with spiders!)...

    Sorry you could not experience the actual miracle of weaving--but I sure understand.

    'Nuff said, woman! Something a bit less esoteric tomorrow?-grin!

    Thank you for your views. I absolutely LOVE your outspokenness...honesty!

    Poor cockroach, probably the cleanest being on the planet. That's how we kill them...trying to be clean, they lick off the poison. (What a way to die...)

  13. Spiders I don't mind. It's snakes that scare the bejesus out of me.

  14. I am totally afraid of spiders, but this little guy was working so hard and skillfully that I just couldn't help but forget he might kill me. :)

    Not afraid of spiders? You one cool cookie, girl!

    "His bite is not harmful to humans"
    That's what they say. But if anything bites me, that is harmful in itself. I simply marvel in his architectural abilities.

  16. That is one freaky little spider! I can imagine what I would look like if one got on me...I'd probably do a dance that wold make Michael Jackson proud, lol!

  17. ok ok Steven... I got your point, lol. The video, while creepy, was amazing and certainly speaks to the magnificence and wonder of our Creator.

    Now I feel bad about the HUGE spider web covering the back exit door leading to our back yard. It must come down. I can at least spare the maker?

  18. Steve the reaction you described (looking away) sounds similar to what happened to me when a blogger once sent me a naked photo of herself. Well, it was not really full naked photo of herself inside a bathroom, just a topless photo and she cropped it but it shocked me and somehow I felt violated by that incident. Ugh, wait, that was a totally different experience. I hope that your reaction was not invoked due to a perceived perversion as mine was. I ended up giggling, though because when I looked at the photo again I noticed a chocolate pudding stain from the corner of her mouth! Hahahahahaha!

    You betchum, Red Ryder!

    My reaction (looking away from Sinistral Serenade) was totally because I felt--rather, I KNEW--that I am in the presence of GREATNESS when I visit your blog, a.k.a., "Finest Arts Galleria". And that is the truth, like it or not.

    Then your philosophies enter the 'picture'...rather they JUMP OUT from the pictures!!

    And those RE-MARKS which you ink on mailing envelopes--which I value and keep each one--are over and above, well, all else!

    To top it all off are those WHITENED teeth on Andrew Finney, thanks to his dentist, that "other" Brian--Liberace, sweet as she probably is/was..whatever!
    Nuff said....

    Guess if it comes down to "kill or be killed...well, I don't know. Wouldn't it be funny if spiders, ants and roaches were our "Higher Power"???--grin!

    Women are SUPPOSED to be frightened by spiders, who sit down beside them...with their curds and whey, etc., etc.

  20. Spiders are our friends. I had a pantry closet in my kitchen filled with meal moths. I got rid of all the flour and grain-based things like cereal, crackers and rice. I smashed all I could see against the ceiling of the closet until it was black with dead bugs. And still I couldn't get rid of the pests.

    So I went outside, recruited a spider, and set him up in the closet. He lived there for months, in a corner just inside the door. I said hi to him every time I reached in for something. His name was Oscar, because anything that lives with you for months needs a name, don't you think?

    Well, slowly, there were fewer bugs, until there were none. Ah, but Oscar wasn't finished. He cleaned the ceiling of the closet until it was white again! And then one day he was gone. As he left, I think I heard him say, "My job here is done."

    Yep, spiders are our friends.

  21. SO COOL, it's amazing what God brings in small packages, I can imagine the first human to weave cloth probably was one who observed nature closely and was inspired to weave. All our good ideas are inspired by a greater nature, we have to carefully opt which we decide to take and credit God for all the good! Right? :)