Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, June 10, 2011



Yesterday, June 10th Alcoholics Anonymous celebrated it's 76th year. Two men, Bill W. and Bob S. met in an estate gatehouse in Akron Ohio. A 'planned' 15-minutes turned into a nearly half dozen hours. From that meeting was discovered that 'Higher-Power-God-triggered-spark' of addiction healing which likely begins with two willing souls in face-to-face sharing . These TWO evolved to more than today's two-million-plus sober members and 107,000 registered groups worldwide. Thank You Creator God, from all us sober Peeps, rescued from the chaos of desperation, a state of helplessness and hopelessness.

Open House was held at our Naples Intergroup. I was one of the 'hosts', to show peeps around (2 rooms—grin!) and eat OMG-Good-cake!

Saturday, we have a largerread 'longer'- celebration. More Peeps, and all-day shows, contests, historical stuff, capped by a dinner, speaker meeting, and dancing. Well, it's not EVERY day an organization turns age 76. I was already age 2--yes the 'terrible' twos, that was me! No, I was not yet a member of Alcoholics Anonymous--grin! But I was surrounded by farmer-Peeps who SHOULD have been.

Today I am grateful for God's Gifts; sobriety, health, family, special blog-friends, summer (yes!), artists and poets, animal-friends, seasonal and personal change, ability to live and to love.


  1. And yesterday was a friends sober anniversary and 2 local members got married. Special sharing of anniversaries I would say.

  2. I wish I was there too .It sounds so amazing .All the way .....when two started and till celebration.It has ben serving and helping peeps. Give my best wishes to everyone over there whoever is a part of this .I know you are happy and thankful from bottom of your heart .

    Hey babe , Did you dance there :) ?

  3. wow - that is a reason to celebrate steven...we have groups over here as well...really cool and thanks for sharing the story with us..

  4. enjoy the celebration steve...all it takes is one (or two) determining that there has to be a better way...and look where that got us...

  5. :-)

    Iam happy when you are happy... and those are inviting places to enjoy and people to be with...

    HAve a good day, Steve.

  6. hummm
    tell me, peep- why is there always a bench in your headers?

  7. ANDREW:
    For us--you and me--EVERY day is special. Weddings and anniversaries make them more so. I'm happy to 'see' you again!

    What a nice comment. I like! It is called gratitude (to Allah!) and you know about that!!! To answer your question. Dinner/Dance is tonight, which will be your Sunday morning. And then I could answer this: "Yes!"

    Anybody who 'knows' you and reads your blog is SO fortunate. Your writings are gifts from God, through you, to us! Thank you.

    Look where that got us...yup! A better way!

    My impossible wish is for the whole world to be as happy as you are, and as happy as I am. Fortunately, tonight's celebration will include MANY 'happy' Peeps!

    Ah! The bench. This I truly believe. The bench is an inspired part of these last headers. It is a place of meditation for me. I can pray in ANY place. But meditation (in my early stage of this practice) works better surrounded by nature instead of statues--for me. So thanks for 'the bench'...and the header. A really nice present, from a really nice Peep! Thank you.

  8. So glad you are in the thick of it!
    Enjoy- we are having a ' Letting go'
    meeting later,I'm looking forward to that.

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  10. Sorry, too many typos on that first one.

    Your header is fabulous. Sir Winston is right, we just keep on failing and failing until we think we have found success. I also heard a video lecture on failure, mostly related to art, how artists who find success and recognition very early are actually limited in their range of expression, they become specialists, for example, they create the most spectacular portraits or the most fabulous bees, or trees, or surreal images etc. They are therefore considered the best and are identified with their successful creations. Yet the success stifles human and personal growth and the discovery of new expressions. It is the bored artist or the one who considers their work a failure who thrive and venture to rectify that failure. The lecturer meant to say that we should embrace failure. The greatest example was Pablo Ruiz y Picasso. His feelings of failure and boredom led to so many new artistic platforms. Do you know that he was actually a successful realist painter at the tender age of 10? The guy was a genius but never felt comfortable resting on his laurels. The result: some of the most spectacular and also the ugliest art ever made! But art is in the eyes of the beholder, right? Hope you are well.

  11. Everyone says "Don't go to Akron during Founders Day, its a mad house!" To hell, I say. Next year I'm going. Mad house or not.

    Hi, Steve!

  12. i am thankful for you, dear peep....blessings on this and every day.xxx

  13. IZZY:
    In the thick of it...and having a ball! NOBODY could have convinced me that you could be sober, age-advanced :), and have such a good time living life. Psssst...I could use a meeting on 'letting go'.

    Would you repeat that, please?

    Oh...it's YOU!!! So interesting about the growth/non-growth of an artist. And BORED...you have mentioned being bored--not boring--grin! And now I realize what 'bored' really means. It is an invitation to challenge, or to eat chocolate with pecans (pronounced "pee-cahns"!) instead of plain kisses. And your sharing of the Master Pablo Ruiz y Picasso's feelings of failure, and how he was subsequently led to greater heights of artistic expression. WOW!!! Thank you for the 'special' comment.

    Doing "good enough!" And very well.

    Yesss, even though I prefer less crowded conditions, it would be an extraordinary spiritual experience (awakening even, maybe?) to be a part of all that. All you need is a place to hang your hat, a few bucks to eat, and a space to park you motorcycle--hint...ANYWHERE! You are making ME want to be there also LOL!

  14. Happy belated celebration,
    Hope my friend from last post came to hide in the crowd and get some free cake.
    He's got to get back.

  15. Love the new look of your blog, Steve.
    And love your grateful heart!
    A grateful heart will always keep us full of joy!

    Margie :)

  16. Steve Jan ,
    I am so glad you liked my comment.It is always my pleasure. Yes,THIS IS Gratitude. And I believe one person can do nothing .We always need each other to be a better person ,who keep us sane,who believe in us and who bring positive energy .I hope you understand what I am saying or trying to say . AA is all about helping each other .Not just helping others.It is a one happy big family . !Am I right ?

    I am really happy for all of you ,peep.Eat, dance and be merry :)

  17. Hi Steve!

    It certainly cannot be disputed, that AA hass been blessed with LOTS of God's Grace to have come from such humble beginnings, help so many dying alkies, yet remain so humble in it's practice.

  18. FELISOL:
    Not return...yet! Alcoholism is cunning, baffling and powerful. It wants me--and the fellow in the woods--DEAD! It IS that simple. Cake WAS GOOD! Your weekend is *wonderful* if it's like mine!

    Thank you, Thank you Margie! You, with the always (of course! It's your avatar!) happy, smiling face. PEACE!

    Do you believe there are few--if any--alcoholics in Pakistan? I have wondered...Gratitude, yes. And that leads us to PEACE!

    SCOTT F:
    I just visited your glog--it has been a long time. Glad your health is improving. I also have lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks! 270 down to 240. Goal is to continue, but not so dammmmm drastic...PEACE!

  19. Hi Steve
    Nice to read you again and thanks for reminding e about the 10th. Hope all is well with you and PG

  20. From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow. Congratulations! Enjoy all your time spent with your Peeps!

  21. FINDON:
    Thanks! All is well at our house. As good as I hope for your own!

    Before the Power Company decided to eat it, we had a huge old oak.
    To even conceive of that thing springing from a nut--well, that's enough proof for ME. There IS a God. The reason we call Him God is because that is His NAME! --grin!

  22. People helping and supporting people. That's love. 76 years of that is definitely worth celebrating.

    What kind of cake?