Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, June 6, 2011



At the risk of sounding my usual pompous self I relate this short story:

5 AM...Monday morning. The last thing I desired was to 'rise-and-shine', greet the new day, the new week. So I set my sights on a 7 AM meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Figured I could fall asleep while some of the old-timers bloviated. Outside the 24-Hour Club were standing nearly 100 Peeps, all talking, shouting, laughing—SOBER!

This scenario often appears when I least feel like it: in the midst of the cacophony stood a solitary fellow, who had obviously spent the past few weeks/years living in the Everglades 'woods' (means: HOMELESS!). He looked terribly 'uncouth', ya KNOW what I'm sayin'--and claimed he stayed sober for 2 years...TEN YEARS AGO...and knew me from AA meetings then. He has been homeless for 8 years.

He refused to introduce himself as a returning Peep, also did not wish to go into the 'Beginners' room. So we stayed put. As a topic unfolded, (“What are YOU doing to help others stay sober?”) I whispered to him, “We're OUTTA here”, as I scurried him over to the 'newbie' meeting.

And we ran right into a discussion of Step 3. “Made a decision to turn our life and will over to the care of God as we understood Him.” Guess who--out of a room of 25 Peeps—was called on to 'share'. MY PEEP!!! So he DID get his 'Baptism under fire', so to speak.

Later, outside, we talked about several who said they had “relapsed”. To me, if a sober alcoholic drinks again it is not a “relapse”. It is, that the Peep MADE A DECISION to drink. Call it what it IS. “Relapse” is when a cancer returns after 6 years of cancer-free. My opinion, Peeps.

Oh, one more thing, a painter-friend--after the meeting--gave my new man a job for the day, painting! I could see God working all over the place Monday morning.

My schedule for Tuesday morning...you guessed it! Up at 5 AM, meeting at 7 AM. (Now—GO TO BED, Steve!)

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. Good for you Steve...you are making a difference...and that is a Wonderful thing....bkm

  2. SIGNED...BKM:
    Not Wonderful--me! Just 'available'

    Didn't expect any comments on this post--really about the recovery process...so thank you for reading, and writing, and....

  3. no comments, why is that...seeing god move through the meeting, you...its a beautiful thing worthy of comments...

  4. very thankful for the words you write this morning. doing my best today. hope yours is wonderful. hugs, mile

  5. That's awesome, Steve! Do you go to meetings every day? I would love to hear/read more about your journey to sobriety. Do you have some earlier posts that link to your testimony that you could link me to? I bet you could write a book!! Your journey sounds fascinating.

  6. Firstly, he who pronounces himself pompous obviously is not. It's the ones who aren't aware they are you gotta avoid!


    You are awesome, and I admire your inspiring words!!


    P.S. I kept the same Steveroni button, (for now) but pointed it to this blog instead of your old one.

  7. BRIAN:
    Although God is working through all of us, it is seldom He allows us a glimpse of His workings...and...I agree with you. Thanks!

    MILE 191 STACIE:
    Very happy to see you writing, reading, etc. Please keep it going. You know, EACH time someone offers me a drink...it is decision time. Only I can make that decision. God has done His job. It's just ME and my potential murderer--alcohol!
    Love and PEACE!

    My first blog (June 2008-January 2011) is still up, and through it all, especially in the early archives, can be found a LOT on alcoholism and me--grin!


    LOVE your interest in this matter, also curious about it!

    Ohhh! Finally, here you are! and with sweet words, thank you! Hey, anyway at all, as long as we can find one another's blogs.
    Be seein' ya...well, not really--grin!
    Happy Peace to you and yours!!!

  8. Steve, this is an angel-service ...
    you have experienced alcohol-suffering ... that was for you, like gold in the fire ...

    .. that has prepared you to do good, the people you meet,
    here at the bloggers, and there at the AA-meeting ...
    that is admirable...

  9. COSIMA:
    Hope you realize that a result of any helpfulness is "I stay sober"...the man did not come back Tuesday...so sad. But there is always another.
    Cosima, PEACE!

  10. I admire your commitment to the AA work, body & soul.
    I feel sorry for the homeless guy who didn't return.
    I'll make him my prayer person. He did come, he did try, he's out there hurting.
    He's known by you and God.
    God is everywhere and with people like you, there's someone to catch the lost lambs.

  11. I am so proud of you Steve .I wish they way God helps you guides you .May he also show right path to others :),amen.

  12. I think it's wonderful what you are doing, Steve...day by day for others, and the spillover is for yourself.

    Bless you.

    Jane (Lady Nyo)

  13. Great story & lesson. Also BEAUTIFUL quote!

  14. .. Yes, I agree with you Steve, and it is a good way to help and make others happy, that helps you
    just like the principle of sowing and harvest ....
    ... the man will come again ... maybe on Monday? ...
    Cosima hopes ...

  15. Oh yes, these relapsers are making choices ! Not attending to the dis-ease.
    I just had to walk away from someone who
    keeps chasing his drug of choice because living clean is 'boring' and healthy is scary ....I'll keep praying.

  16. We don't always know when we're going to be fed and sometimes it makes the getting up early worth it.

  17. It would appear that you and this gentleman crossed paths years ago and once again now for a reason. You make a big difference in the lives of others, more than you know. Blessings to you!

    Your Sleeping Peep,

  18. why no comment, it's brilliant! and so damned true, especially when it comes to addiction, ANY addiction...relapse is not re-addicting.

    'nuf said....LOVELOVELOVE that field of green! gorgeous...looks like that here but fast turning away.. oh well, bound to happen eventually. xoxo

  19. FELISOL:
    Yes Ma'am. He is out there hurting...and when he hurts enough, he'll be back--maybe. Of course, no phone, no identification, no SS card (and no bills!). You please consider to keep him on your prayer list. Thanks. Blessings!

    Well, Pride has nothing to do with this stuff. But I agree with you, it is God Who determines the direction we travel each day. Sometimes it appears COMPLETELY WRONG--then turnings out to be completely right.

    Jane! Yep...it is that 'spillover' (love that word!) which is the fringe benefit--without too much fringe! Thanks!

    Wow! Thanks to you, Sir. I am sure you have your own 'stories' and lessons. Each of us do. Heard a couple realy good ones tonight!

    You know just what goes on here. And Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps are NOT unique--everything is borrowed from ALL the world religions, philosophies. He has not returned as yet..."When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear..."

  20. IZZY:
    How difficult, that 'walking away'--sometimes the ONLY way. God is in charge, right? And BORING? Yes. I get so bored being now AWRE of a powerful storm, a magnificent sunrise, and the beauty of seeing over months and years a heap of human mess become a model of recovery--the messenger.

    GIRL! You SO right!!!

    Yes, we meet again! The reason is not mine to know (although I DO get curious sometimes--grin!)...and girl, I am SO glad you have that sense of humor, and accept my feeble attempts to keep you smiling--and me, too! However, you DO know how seriously I L O V E your art. One out of many you are, Bandana Bella! Don't spill TOO much paint on the furniture!

    DAILY I thank God that I am SO favored as to have you artist Peeps as Blog-Friends. And 'green and blue' are my new fav colors--I believe they are cousins? A good Blog-friend chooses and designs backgrounds for me. Simply I say what colors I'm liking, and voila...!! Bless you, Linda. PEACE!

  21. Oh, lovely. Everything about this post.

    You keep raving about my blog's header photo, but would you look at yours?

  22. green stands between yellow and blue on the color wheel, of which i avoid-the wheel i mean-but lovely just the same...in nature, green and blue are also my favorites. ;)

    and i am very sad to learn he did not return... tho we all realize there is tremendous suffering in the world out there, all ways it hurts a little more to hear of someone personally. he was not ready, he will be...

  23. you're quite right with your 'made a decision to drink'... because that is just what it is...

    Thank you! I love them BOTH!

    For some Peeps, it is already too late. They serve as real-life lessons for some others. We are ALL part of that Plan, I guess--I KNOW!

    Thanks for the 'color' lesson. Anna began Adult Beginner art class and tonight will be her third class. She loves it, has a long way to go.

    We get on the elevator at any floor, to go the direction where we feel that great need.

    PEACE for you, Linda!