Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, June 27, 2011



"My best thinking is what brought me here”, is what some members of Alcoholics Anonymous say in a semi-humorous fashion. Actually, the disease “alcoholism” is more one of 'thinking', than 'drinking'. Once I stopped drinking, booze was not my problem.

I did not realize that my drinking was what it was, merely a symptom of that 'thinking' illness, alcoholism. So tonight, I'm 'thinking', not about drinking, but about THINKING. In doing so, I substituted the word 'drinking' with 'thinking'. Let's find out how that works:

I think, because it makes me 'feel good'.

My thinking makes me more sociable.

Thinking erases all my mistakes.

My thinking makes everything “OK”.

When NOT thinking, I am Restless, Irritable, and Discontent.

My thinking makes me believe people LOVE me.

Thinking got me drunk.

I got morning hangovers when I 'thought' too much.

Thinking landed me in jail.

Thinking caused my divorce.

Because of too much thinking, I lost my







And eight Job(s).

Most of these consequences—exception, jail-- occurred as a result of--or after I stopped—drinking.

So...to get better, to grow spiritually, to rid me of alcoholic insanity, I needed help: AA, a Higher Power (could be God? Hmmm!), a set of Steps to work on (a way to live without 'drugs'). A COMPLETE CHANGE in my thinking, attitude, behavior, my very outlook about life was/IS absolutely necessary.

NOTE: Alcoholic 'insanity' means doing over and over what I used to do, expecting other, better results.

NOTE #2: I'm a slow learner....


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  1. smiles. aren't we all at times? keep thinking it through steve...

  2. thinking Steve has always been by favorite hobbie...maybe that is why I write...love your honesty it makes me (think) and review my own life ...thank you..bkm

  3. Hats off to you Steve :):) Its an honor to have you on my sidebar .Have a happy weekend.Holding good thoughts for you :)
    And Thanks.

  4. I'm reminded of the saying 'A problem cannot be solved by the same mind that created it' or something like that.

  5. i like your thinking, your real thinking... thinking's way cooler, i say!

  6. I am a firm believer in new chances and better tomorrows.
    I hope you may reconnect with your children, and I am so happy when you are writing about play the violin with your grandson.
    May you find love and peace in abundance for one day at a time.
    I kind of pity people who think they've got option and guaranties for more than one day at a time.
    Who are making big plans for the future instead of living here and now,....
    says Felisol, who is so much looking forwards to the live concert with Bob Dylan tomorrow.
    Praying the rain will stay away for at least the few hours Susan Wega and Master Bob will be on stage.

  7. What a beautiful header, Steve!

    Better to think, than to drink, I guess! Sometimes I do better when I don't think, though! Or when I don't think a thing to death!

  8. Thinking, oh boy that thinking!

    There is an awful lot of prayer that goes on between the main problem for the alcoholic centers in the mind, and God gave us brains to use :)

  9. Oh boy could I ramble awile on this subject...but I THINK it would turn into a much to blong comment.
    Keep smiling!

  10. I'm thinking that you do a great service with your honesty. I hope that others are inspired to "think" that happiness lives in a bottle.

  11. Oops, forgot a word. I meant to say "I hope others are inspired to STOP thinking that happiness lives in a bottle." Gah. Guess I'm not thinking so well after all...

  12. Keep thinking, my dear peep. Please do.I so much love the dimensions your thoughts lead and reach to...
    *** :-))

  13. Cheers to you for making it thru ~

    God bless ~

  14. Remarkable testimonoy, Steve. Bravo for you.