Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



These are a few thoughts which 
I've garnered from Peeps:

In the absence of our judgment, everything is at it should be.”

To relieve our depression we practiced symptoms of radiant happiness

We must do things which are uncomfortable, in order to BE comfortable

Sobriety should not be a struggle, for we have ceased
fighting anybody or anything—including alcohol

Q. What will I DO when I stop drinking?
A. Everything ELSE!

New book title: “HOW TO STAY SOBER.........for DUMMIES”
Chapter ONE: Do Not have that FIRST Drink!

For Family Outings, Parties, watching TV football:
MUST I numb my brain in order to enjoy life????
One thing worse than enthusiasm which is dead--

Wife, to recovering alcoholic husband:
YOU always were a Jekyll-and-Hyde,
But the wrong one got sober...”


MAN, thinking about quitting drinking--
'talking' to his fresh bottle of Jack Daniels:
You made me lose my wife, children, house,
car, boat, my job, my 'friends' and my health...
..(He puts bottle up close to his ear, and softly says)

sayings_by_limeslime34--Deviant Art


  1. Sometimes you are just what I need to keep on smiling!
    You AA people hear these little stories all the time, but to me they are fresh!
    "Did I just hear you apologize" truer words were never spoken. The only thing I do not understand is why a guy who was ready to quit drinking would have a fresh bottle of alcohol? I know, I am ignorant, but hey I was the one dumping entire quarts of vodka down the sink, dramatically, as if that would stop someone who wasn't ready. Smiles, Jane

  2. Jane, you were correct. I changed the lines about quitting drinking.

    Obviously the man was not "ready", as many are not, when they say they are--just have not sunk far enough.

    Thanks for responding, so I could clear that up. Yep, pouring the stuff down the sink won't do much until the alkie has "fully conceded to her/himself that he is powerless over alcohol."

    Glad you enjoyed your trip--a blast! PEACE!

  3. there is indeed a light side to everything. thanks for the giggles, dear steve!

  4. smiles. thanks for the chuckles this morning steve...and for being sober

  5. That one about the Jekyll and Hyde is pretty funny :)

  6. Steve, I am so glad you got sober. I have often wondered what would've happened to my father if he had gotten sober.

    One of the things I inherited from him was his briefcase full of personal papers, from his career in the Navy and as a state employee. Just the other day I was cleaning out a closet and happened upon this briefcase and started going through it. Among the items were various letters (my father was a good writer...must be where I got it from) and I found his driving record.

    Oh my.

    He was writing the DMV trying to get his license reinstated, because of all the DUIs and DWIs or whatever they're called, that he had collected. There was about two pages worth of citations.

    It made me sad.

    It's because of my father that I've never been drunk. I was always afraid to, and honestly never understood the appeal. We don't drink in my home...maybe once every two years my hubby and I might indulge in a bottle of cheap wine...so cheap it freezes when you chill it, so there's not even enough alcohol in it to hardly make it more than fruit punch, lol! But that's it.

    I feel like I never really knew my father, and it's too bad because he was a fascinating person.

    When I read your stories, I imagine what it would've been like if he had gone to AA and decided to get sober. And I see that it is something that he could've chosen, but for whatever reason, he couldn't or wouldn't.

    Thank you.

  7. Smiles! A nice feeling to giggle and laugh today. Thank you for the gift of you.

  8. SHADOW:
    Indeed! Dear Shadow...

    I'm Steve and I'm a...WHAT!???

    I never COULD remember which is which. PEACE! (Jekyll/Hyde)

    We say, "I drink, because then I'm more 'social". "I drink because Peeps will like me better."

    The truth (for alcoholics) we drank because of the way it made us feel." Feel, FEEEEEL, that's what it was about! Then it became a condition of "physical compulsion, mental obsession, and moral sickness. Drinking was the great symptom.

    Look, here I am, 'preaching' again. Sorry. Liked your comment, K. PEACE!

  9. great thoughts, my dear...thanks for the smiles, i can use them.... glad i don't drink because today would be one of those daze..xxxx

  10. All good stuff!

    All quite good stuff!

    Love these!

  11. Hey Steve, I know this is serious stuff, but sorry... the post seemed funny to me and I couldn't help but laugh.

    Sometimes, it helps not to be so dead serious... yes it helps.

    Thanks for showing the humor in it all.

    You are one funny guy.

    Thanks for never giving up, and always wanting to hold on to life, and to one more sober day!


  12. Hi, Steve E,
    Reading your AA posts has made me realize that I had much of the same problems and same false excuses with my long term addiction to nicotine.

    When I tried to imagine myself as a non smoker, I wondered why I should bother get up in the morning, if I couldn't have my cigarette to the cup of coffee after breakfast.

    I was indeed an addict.
    My mother offered my money to quit smoking, my husband criticized me heavily.
    Nothing helped until our daughter came scared home from school, asking "Mamma, is it true that smoking causes cancer. Do you want to die from me?"
    That stopped me and made me rethink, and pray as I have never prayed before.
    I know I cannot smoke a single cigarette again.
    I don't want to either.
    Best thing about it is, all who knew me says when she can stop smoking, there's hope for everybody.
    My daughter has the cerious threat over her head. If she begins smoking I wll too.
    "Then you'll never begin, mamma," she says.
    A bad thing can sometimes turn into something good.

  13. LINDA:
    On drinking: "One-of-those-daze"
    ...was EVERY DAY! And I believe you are right. Nothing is EVER so bad...that a drink won't make it worse. (One of our sayings!)

    Thanks, girl! And of course, there is LOADS of 'good stuff'...I just have to keep repeating it--grin!

    Lidj, you must agree that God has a sense of humor. My deaf-Blind father had a sense of humor, it is why he was so much loved. And, difficult though it may be, that is what often will carry us joyfully through adversity--A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

    My last cigarette was 35 years ago (1976) after two years sober.
    Quitting smoking was the most difficult thing I ever, EVER, had to do. It was taking up where booze had left off--it was KILLING me! All these years after, I am SO grateful...for you, too! Ya know, GOD spoke toi you that day, using your daughter's school experience and her voice. PRAISE!

  14. M dad was an alcoholic and died of it. I don't think he ever thought about quitting. Once when I asked him to, he told me that if he couldn't drink, he didn't want to live. He got his wish.

    I'm so glad that you are sober.