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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


NOTE: This post will remain through the weekend--
just got too much on the plate, but I'll be visiting, Peeps. 
Thanks for clicking here. PEACE! Steve E


written by an anonymous
English monk more than
700 years ago

The following is an excerpt:

...Our intense need to 'understand'
will always be a powerful
stumbling block to our attempts
to reach God in simple love,
and must always be overcome.

For if you do not overcome
this need to understand,
it will undermine your quest.
It will replace the darkness
which you have pierced to reach God--

with clear images of something which
however good,
however beautiful,
however Godlike,

is not God.”

"And so I urge you,
go after experience
rather than knowledge.

On account of pride,
knowledge may often
deceive you.
but this gentle,
loving affection
will not deceive you.

Knowledge tends to breed
conceit, but love builds.

Knowledge is full of labor,
love, full of rest.”

---The Cloud of Unknowing,
Anonymous, c.1375 

  Dear Peeps.

Meditation often begins with this reading
and leads to a 'so serene' place of peace
and a sense of just “being with”--in joy--

rather than using rigid words of another's
prayer...which sometimes seem
meaningless to me.

NOTE: The near-trance-like state happens only when I'm not trying to figure out “Who or What God is”. It lasts for only minutes, sometimes seconds. Invariably, a measure of 
happiness ensues.


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  1. Steve! first of all, thanks for cheering me up once again. I think actually my whole blog is the product of a deep depresion.
    I've got to tell you something, I dont really believe in God, but I think I have experienced what you are saying. But Its just that I prefer to call it "inspiration". Its a bit moment of realization in which everything has a reason, and words suddenly has the exact meaning to express it. But it "only last minutes, sometimes seconds". But I see that is enought time for you to write it. Keep doing it Steve. I really like reading your blog, from this other part of the world. Thanks

  2. nice what a wicked cool excerpt steve....i can def see much to contemplate in this one...i do agree on experience over knowledge for sure...

  3. I would gladly empty my head and surround myself in silence. Is it possible to experience and not gain knowledge from it?

    Ces needs maternity clothes because she sews pockets into them and stuffs them with nuts. And yes, she names each one!

    Thanks for the chuckles! Good night!

  4. well, firefoxes are playing so i don't know if i am on the meditation post, on which i wish to comment...this excerpt was/is beautiful and mind-blowing it was written so long ago too! i know you meditate but you talk so rarely of it, it was a joy to read your thoughts.

    me, being of monkey mind, seem always to be chasing tail. xoxoxox

    oh steve, i almost forgot...did you receive an invite to my blog i want to make private? just wondering as some had trouble getting onto it and then, if so , could not leave a comment. just to say, if so, just click my name as a link or in your blogroll if i'm there still and it should go right to it like always. if you didn't get one, let me know and i can resend it. xoxoxox

  5. I understand nothing, so perhaps that's why I'm a happy chappy? LOL

  6. I just started a book by a fellow who spent tons of time with Paramhansa Yogananda. if Hp/God, "Is
    consciousness...we exist because he exists-" p. 160 The New Path.
    I like the last 4 lines ! thanks.

  7. Beautiful words...I want a ticket for that ride. The need to understand to me sometimes includes a need to control or own neither of which are possible with God.

  8. This post, and the previous post, Steve, are things that go deeply into my heart...especially now, with this season of Winter upon us. The peace of Silence, Stillness, Darkness, something not to be afraid of...but to embrace, because all of this is from Creation..not just the Light.

    Thank you, Steve...these things are so important....and our constant questions, doubts, activity ...to be stilled even for a short period, brings a different sort of peace.

    Experience over Knowledge...Yes!

    Lady Nyo

  9. You asked about the book- and yes you got the name and Author!
    The original was handed to me in an airport; after long hard prayers for answers! talk about gifts-

  10. That was a beautiful reflection "in experience" as I read and absorbed it, letting it roll over me and realizing the truth of it.

    Thanks steveroni!

  11. we can never figure God out but we can follow His lead in loving others ( and ourselves)
    thanks for your visits I can see the smile in your comments which means so much
    Hugs - Moonie

  12. Just a quick note to say, "HI!" Miss your face! LOL


  13. Elsie says she is saving entire cakes for you.

    And she got you a pair of flip flops.

  14. ACK!

    So here's what happened. I read your comments this morning in a groggy state and went back to sleep. And then I had the wildest, weirdest dream about you and two women up in a penthouse suite eating cakes and going native!?!?

  15. Hey you My dear meditative man. Is that what you are into these days?
    I love maditation and where it gets, what it gives... an entrance to heaven, that's it and you've captured it so well, Steve


  16. My head is empty. If it is full, it is full of crap. That is why I keep drawing nuts because they were probably consumed by wildlife and then got into the crap. Okay, those monks, 700 years ago, inside the abbey, all men, no air conditioning. Hot in their robes. You thunk they kept the robes on? Dom Pergignon, the Benedictine monk,cellar master at the abbey in Hautvillers, the first to introduce cork as stoppers for wine bottles was in the cellar. The cellar may have been cold so he probably kept on his robe. Go Patriots!!! We want Bella to make another drawing. Hers are more desirable and more clever.

  17. Go Giants!

    Why is Ces thinking about naked monks?

    NOOOOOO, I just got used to saying Feb-roooo-ary!

    Oh goodness, you are making me rethink everything I know about the 1930s. Dang, I never knew it was such a wild era.

  18. Knowledge is full of labor,
    love, full of rest.. so, so true...and you know what...still way too much labor in my life and obviously not enough love... def. food for meditating and chewing master steve...thanks for sharing this with us friend

  19. I don't mind the unknowing..it is actually the knowing that causes the problems. ~Mary

  20. Well, hmmm...no, not always...but ignorance is a whole different issue. ~Mary

  21. and where did this lovely quote come from? Have a great week- thanks.

    “God” is just a Name that we use for something we cannot describe Who or What. And never will. A mystery. Like “inspiration”! That could well be your name for that Unseen Power.

    Yeah, thanks—now I got to get off my butt and write something....someday—grin!

    I gain 'experience' from experience, don't know about knowledge. When I look for a job, I'm asked “What is your experience?” HAHA! (I fiddle around!)

    I should comment on your monkey always chasing tail...but I won't—HEY! I just DID, OMG! ...Life is One Big Thought. Or maybe the Universe is a simple THOUGHT? I sure don't know ….glad you're here!

    Understand nothing. Be happy. Stay that way. Maybe I cone join you, a minute here, a minute there?

    I responded this to your blog. Sure DO like you to be here! You call 'em like you see! Appreciate that!

    Tickets are free! Sometimes I have to break out of jail to get them! Xo

    For us humans there MUST be some darkness, or whatever good is the light? Hmmmm? Thanks for that thought. I love stealing thoughts from you, Jane! Xo

    Thanks, my Sister in Recovery, for that airport story. It figures...most really good stuff happens when we least expect. (Also bad things?)--grin!

  23. JESS!
    Absolutely LOVE the way you read, absorb, let thoughts—rather than plain old words—roll over you.
    YOU are an inspiration, Girl!
    PEACE—inside and outside......

    How do you know I smile in comments? Oh! Does the –grin! Give it away. Well, they are ALL genuine. Don't know about everything else, though—grin!

    Long time no see, no hear, no nothin'...GLAD you are still among us. Thank you for the visit—and comment!

    Elsie, the mixologist of the Bakery! She my girl friend!
    Entire CAKES? (Plural!)...
    Also, do not read comments (or WRITE THEM!!!) while in groggy state—believe me I KNOW!--grin! If I send you a thousand “eeeeeeeeeeee's” you'll know what happened. (I have done that, too!)

  24. DULCE!
    I don't believe I am 'into' meditation, much. It just happens now and then, usually for brief moments or few minutes. It offers NO difficulty whatever, is free, and I hate to use the word “fun”, but some happiness is one result—always! And a sense of peace, as if “everything is OK, just as it is supposed to be.
    un'stand whut ah'm sayin?
    Thanks for being here, D...I look forward to your comment. What's this? .-) It mean half asleep???
    I like those hearts...how do you do that? I knew once—forgot. PEACE!

    Can't say about those monks—I never HAD a robe, except once at a RITZ hotel—grin! (Had A/C!)...BTW, I write on Styrofoam cups (all the time!) a musical staff and tunes from symphonies or quartets. This during AA meetings. One fellow told me that for years he was afraid of me, thought I was writing on my cup info on the sharing of the ex-cons—GRIN!!!!
    PEACE during 2012, and beyond, of course, but especially now!

    Naked monks—HAHA! A 'b'long story! 1930's were not wild...*I* was! And my carefully chosen cohorts. And YEP...WE WON!!!! (Giants...Big Blue!)

    Don't know about you dear Claudia, but most of my life was devoted to 'self' and labor—ostensibly for others, family, etc. This LOVE (not perfect, and not always—for SURE!) came for me later in life. Maybe that also is where meditation seems—becomes—important.

    We certainly agree, Mary. I almost got into 'ignorance' in this post, but thought it was enough length...but you RIGHT, IMO! Thanks for mentioning, because I forget SO quickly.
    PEACE to you and Frank! Always.

    Oh, I'm glad you read this post. It does matter to so many of us, how we—well, how I—want to know more than I'm allowed. Has to do with Pride, I'm sure! And it's not only about 'GOD'! Thanks for comment!

    The quote? If you mean the stuff about 'knowing'...I wrote at top, and at bottom: writings of an anonymous monk in the third quarter of 14th Century, in his only book (as far as anyone can tell) “THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING”...Good question, though!

  26. Is there (not) in these a solemn evidence for those who understand? (Qur'an A-Fajr, The Daybreak, verse 5)