Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



From earliest memory
the edge was his place
He could never among
the Peeps live in grace

Outside...looking in..
with ne'er wish to be
anywhere else than
where he could see

behind him, harbors of safety.
Countless Peeps
meeting together to allay
discomfort of isolation...

Hanging on the edge, he said--
this where I want to stay,
the chill...
never to leave, to go away,
this thrill.

Excitement! His game name.
Afraid to miss something.
Busy leading the late crowd
long into night's black hole.
So tired!

Three or four hours' sleep
was enough for this Peep

Awake in predawn to flip
that Eastern light-switch..click!
Didn't miss a thing—up all night,
so, so very tired.

Pledge to live and tomorrow
move away from that ledge,
away from the edge of
sorrowful happenings
where he felt so safe.

minutes 'borrowed',
stolen from hours
which should have,
would have
been 'theirs'
been hers.

He--fearful of missing something,
ended to miss everything,
even that so dear.
Now so clear

No more bungee.
No, not for me....


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  1. He--fearful of missing something,
    ended to miss everything...that encapsulates it all for me...it is all in what we obsess upon...excitement, some...attention others...but it is all a trade off...

  2. Those last two lines, wowzers.

    That's great writing right there.

  3. steve, we have all been there, perhaps...I know I have...and as Brian said: it's a trade-off.

    This poem touched me at a very hidden core.

    Lady Nyo

  4. I feel like falling in these words of yours... cannot inhale!

  5. haha..i think you're talking about my son...but you're talking about yourself...your past...but hey..somehow i think you're still an edge walker..in a very good sense though..

  6. Wow! I love this. This really resonates with me. Being in the thick of things, not wanting to miss out. I wanted to believe it was still such a happy place, but it turned on me.

    Thanks for this!

  7. A familiar song, said very well!

  8. I vaguely remember the feeling, the urge for excitement to feel alive. A hundred years ago or so.
    Now safe play is a vital part of my peace.
    Life is too fragile and oh, so costly.

  9. And for all those who hail adventure, who fear the life not lived well you have written the antidote for a life lived on the edge. Living well should be one in balance as Jefferson said. I like this. Keep off the edge of cliffs and "keep walking past those open windows". *John Irving in HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE

  10. Still reeling from the image! Imagine! fantastic share for OpenLinkNight!

  11. I like that living on the edge ...These lines though speak to me:

    He--fearful of missing something,
    ended to miss everything,
    even that so dear.

    I think though we just need to balance our life, a bit of adventure, a bit of love for everyone ~

  12. I like the living on the edge...but also living the life...it's all about making the choices that give us balance. I hope you have yours. Peace to you, friend!

  13. "Why live on the edge when you can jump off".


  14. BRIAN!
    Yep...he has been trading for a long time! But it has been fun. And he is grateful to God for the experiences...

    Cat, my friend. Thank you for being. Here.--grin! Hope you are GooooD! Peace!

    OK. Lady...but I know some Peeps who have not 'been there'. And daily they look like something is missing in their lives. Maybe we didn't miss as much as I think? I always did practice “fair trade”. I like when something written 'touches' one of us. It is then a higher form of communication, of understanding.

    Here we go—I don't understand “falling in words”. President Clinton “did not inhale” (so he said, under oath!) Or...are you talking about smoking.
    A hint, from one who “been there.” We stop smoking hundreds, nay, thousands of times. We QUIT but once!. And it ain't easy, Babe. (Do it with a friend—I did.)

    You GOT it, Babe. Still love that tightrope walking. Vertigo, go away! (I have a feeling there's and edge where Claudia hovers now and then...maybe ?)--grin!

    Yes, I believe that also. Life itself can turn on me. That's why we learn to “deal with life on life's terms”. And no, I only can do that is short spurts!
    PEACE, Elizabeth!

    Yup, Charles...I guess most of us deal with the same life with few indistinct variations. So long as we come out breathing, able yet to live and love.....Thanks for dropping by.

  15. FELISOL!
    You sneak advice in with almost a secrecy.
    Are you Gemini? --grin! Also I enjoy PEACE! As you might know. But if too much, I get lazy, need some emotional surge, vitality, breaking down a barrier, running out of bounds (no, I am NOT a runner—grin!) As I approach the final of my “hundred years” the beginning of it does not seem so far away!
    I LOVE for you to be here and comment your truth!

    Your wisdom is well taken, girl. Actually, you're passing along others wisdom, which is how we do it, right? I like that “keep walking past the open windows”!!! At my age, I do walk past, but slowly...slowly—grin!
    PEACE, yesssss!

    Thank you so much, Natasha. You are gracious to come here and comment. Have a great week!

    OH! How right you are. BIG word: balance! We were not made to travel on one track to same place day in and day out. Our world is not yet a prison for many Peeps!
    I like 'love'...and PEACE!

    At this time in my life balance rules...well, sometimes! But the insanity may never be completely deleted. To tell you the truth, for me, life is good, and has been overall for many years. Before that is my 'drunk-a-log', my story! Friends like you are necessary. Thank you!

    HAHAHA! I should have expected no less advice from you, my friend! I enjoy the morning side of the mountain AND the twilight side of the hill. And try to stay in today. Remember what they told us?

    “If I stand with one foot in yesterday, and other foot in tomorrow...then I'll probably piss all over today”!
    Thanks for coming by, Guy!

  16. For some reason "outside looking in" captures my attention. I get it.

  17. meeting together to allay
    discomfort of isolation...

    oh wow. The tragedy of humanity. How to walk the edge of safety. And that edge looks different for all of us I think. This is a different edge from the one I know, but it has the same core and that hit home to me. Great write.

  18. Really good, Steve. I know there was a lot of soul searching behind this.

    Thank you. Yes, you "get it"--grin! Ya know, when I try to write poetry, I do not intentionally 'hide' stuff. I DO go back and delete all unnecessary words. Anyway, glad you are here.
    Good week to you.

    Yup, I guess we do all travel roads with different curves and conditions. But, bottom line is that all roads lead where we all want to go--whether we are aware of it or not. Thanks, Zoe.

    PATTI!'Hello, friend! I'm always glad to see you here. I'll be around to visit, just SO much going on. Anna leaves Wed noon for Tampa, until Sunday night. Then...RELAX!

  20. Obviously a subject you understand...you expressed yourself beautifully. Some moments are lost forever, but can be replaced by other moments which are sweeter and dearer somehow.

  21. now this feeling i know. the edge. chasing the tail. pretending. denying. yip, no more for me either... lotsa love, v

  22. thanks steve...i'm a ledge liver and a short sleeper...and i feel i need to back away, drop the gun and back away - sort of...this spoke to my gut. thank you for sharing...

    also have a new blog, a baby one of course on typepad and want you to come and see. and comment and be my friend. a lonely leap of faith it is.

    it's at http://moodyhues.typepad.com/moodyhues/ and i am going by my middle name of addie. PLEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ! ♥

  23. This is awesome ,Steve Jan

    You should publish your poems in a form of book.

  24. I think life is worth living the edge - enjoy my friend

  25. IZDIHER!
    Thanks for coming by, and your comment. No, No, No Publish. I know very little about anything--but I DO know what is worthy of 'publish'. And my offerings are NOT! So there! --grin!

    But thank you anyway, my Pak-friend!
    Take care

    YOU! Good writer, philosopher, etc...glad to see you. Yup, "The Edge" is great...but ya gotta watch your STEP--grin!

  26. Refreshing journey, Steve. I'm giddy from the picture, but even more from the poem! Loved it!

  27. HELENA!
    Thanks! Well, your comment got me over to your blog(s), I commented all over the place while there. Nice to 'meet' you............again!
    Steve E

  28. The last three stanzas blew me away Steve!! What a great piece of work. But I must say that image....if it were that 'kind of edge' I'm not sure I'd want to experience anything like that in real time. LOL

    Excellent prose. Thanks for visiting.

  29. I like it on the edge. I'd much rather observe than be a part of the crowd. It's safer here. Except my edge is not a ledge. More like a corner, sheltered by walls. There's a tinge of sadness to your words. Maybe not so much regret as guilty pleasure.

    That photo is frightening! Some people! Is it bravery or stupidity?

    Don't push me 'cuz I'm close to...

    the EDGE.

    Take it easy, Mr. Roni.

  30. At your request. I remove word verif, I can because I am that good, no matter it is new blogger interface. I will crack code. See for yourself.

  31. Oh by the way, that pencil wielding lady above me is quite the people observer on the edge although she looks lovely anywhere, edge, center, inside, outside. She makes everything delightful, I'd go and hang around with her anywhere she wants.

  32. And by the way, if I start receiving spam because I took out the word verification, I will close the comment section entirely.

    HAHAHAHA! Thanks Anni...I can see you have excellent
    taste in literature—grin!
    Also you would not hget me up on 'that' ledge, b ike or no bike!

    Hello, “Pencil-Wielding Lady!!” Ya know? You may have 'nailed it down', the underlying theme in this post-em. I DO believe in the end we will see (if we wish to, at that point!) how everything and all did fit into a Plan—a plan of love. For I don't care how anyone might describe it all, when it is the end, when that desolation makes itself known, and the material Universe is in utter chaos, there will be one character, one characteristic, left standing—or floating—and that is Perfect Love (with nary an edge, nor corner walls!)
    Sorry to be so windy.
    PEACE, Dear Lady!

    OMHG! If you are spammed and pull the 'comment' plug, Peeps from the global four corners will be blaming ME. Somehow, I blocked--on Blogger--everything which is signed “Anonymous”.
    Did not have to break any code (whatever THAT means—grin!)

    BTW, I admire and respect that Lady wielding the pencil—more than you'd know. She is an angel.

  34. I like living in the middle of the road, although to some it seems that I like thrills. But to me what I do feels like it fits and is not about thrill seeking but just inquisitive activity.