Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Inspired by my Artist Friend
Dave Koslosky


Many times each day I write to bloggers, or other Peeps, the word PEACE! Admittedly I (and sometimes they) consider real peace as being without something, an absence of something.

If I weighed 100 pounds less I should know peace. If my wife would go see her grandchildren, if I worked somewhere else, if I did not have these Peeps to work with, I might have peace. A new car, new clothes, a girl or boy friend, good health for sure would guarantee peace in my life. If everyone would behave as I wished, if only everyone liked and loved me—now that's peace!


But the Peace of God is always a Presence—not an absence—of Someone. On those occasions I can realize God's nearness. I then know the true PEACE!

PEACE and LOVE, Peeps!


  1. spot on brother...so easy to have excuses like "well if only i didnt have this i could..." and guess what chances are you never will so dont let it rob your peace...see peace can exist in chaos...peace can still be had in circumstances...so you get a big AMEN from me today...

  2. ....the peace that passes all understanding

  3. yes, but how elusive this peace is - we try to find it - lose pall peace over finding peace!

  4. Peace is "freedom from war and violence, especially when people live and work together happily without disagreements".

    This is an explanation of Cambridge Dictionary.

    But it should be more than that.


  5. This is good stuff. Peace is presence of God.Indeed.
    Peace is not fulfilling of wants or desires.
    "My peace I give you," He said.

  6. Yes, I agree with you. We can never find it, except in his hands ~

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts ~

  7. Thank you dear Steve for doing that :) (this afternoon). I left a more comprehensible comment and I will try to recall it.

    This evening, when I got home, my husband told me that our neighbor died. I just saw him last month, in January, he was in his driveway I was in ours and we waved to each other.

    Now this is what I was saying. This is only if you believe in God, then you can call that peace. But what if you were a little kid and got shipwrecked and had to fend for yourself? You grow up in this desolate island without another creature and then you forget your language because you have no one with whom to have a conversation and you do not know the word peace. How do you describe the concept and feeling of peace and is that peace?

    See? it made no sense.

    Dear Steve, I may go back home (where I was born) soon.

    Take care of yourself.


  8. Amen !
    Wishing you peace always !

  9. Personal peace is a gift, but I don't think I can ever feel real peace when so many in the world have never known true peace. No matter what god they may worship.

  10. I've met you, Steve. If you weighed 100 pounds less it would be weird. And really unhealthy. Maybe you weren't referring to yourself??

    Much love, dear man...

  11. Peace can be within me. I just wish that there could be peace for all. If it were only contagious.

  12. i love reading your words steve and even if i don't exactly have the faith you have, i admire those who do. peace be with you always, dear man. xoxo

  13. BRIAN!
    Yup. For me, JOY is a close relative of peace. It's fun to be in agreement with another.
    Joy always, Brian!

    Love that line: Peace which surpasses all understanding. Those who try to put clear definition to every word, (i.e., peace) will not be happy until they understand that one CANNOT understand some things, called 'mysteries'. Thanks for your comment—succinct!

    The wrong road, I-75, will never get me to New York. Also, not knowing the route to peace will end in frustration.
    Anyone who takes the photos you do, and lives where you live, writes as you...MUST have a good share of peace in your life—grin.

    We may be discussing different kind of peace here. My topic is having to do with that 'inner peace' of each Peep (or not) which can be realized even in a Nazi death camp.
    All kinds of peace to you, Sir! Glad to 'see' you.

    You already 'know' peace. Keeping it is my problem. I'm still at the “come-and-go” stage of these mysterious powers, which can give or not these gifts. (I 'take' and then 'give back'--grin!

    You are SO good. Does your Mommy say “Good HEAVENS!”??
    --grin! And PEACE, of course!

  14. This is a really ice thought,
    I used to search for peace a lot in the beginning but now I know it resides in heart of every human.

  15. CES!
    Complete Peace is something like “letting go” of all things worldly, impossible for me.
    But I believe peace can survive, surrounded by turbulence. It is not something which can be defined with mere words, THAT I know!
    You write: “...if you believe in God”...well, I don't know what you are saying. Because I don't 'know' a dammm thing about God!
    I just know there is some Power, some Force, outside of me...AND inside, which I can choose to use or not.
    BTW...my deaf-Blind father never forgot how to talk. (And he lived on that “desert island”, ISOLATED—his word!)
    Wouldn't an isolated child sing, or talk to the sea?

    Ces, PLEASE tell us if and when you go back "home", so I can send with you my PEACE, JOY, and Faith—in what, I do not know!!! (BUT IT WORKS!!!)

    NOTE: Commenting is very inadequate method--for me—to discuss matters of these depths
    Love and PEACE, Ces

    How sweet, especially that “Always”!
    Thank you.....

    Hey girl! Again, the 'peace' I discussing here is that mystical “peace—which surpasses all understanding”. So since we cannot understand it, we can only EXPERIENCE it. Dependence on anything less that a Higher Power—many call God—will not bring peace. The kind of peace to which I refer can be experienced by even a starving child, harsh as that may sound. Again also: commenting falls short of adequacy in discourses like this. PEACE to YOU, Friend!!! Next time you in town, give a call, OK?

    THERE you are. How nice to feel close, just by reading a few comment-words! Hey, I have put on a bunch of weight, now 255, so I'm on my biennial FAST, for 1 or 2 months. Gotta lose 35-45- pounds. Losing is easy, keeping it off is not! Wonder if anyone else ever, EVER had that problem?--grin!
    (WAS referring to myself—you CAUGHT that?!!)
    Peace, and love to you also, Kristin! Xo

    Yep, I was writing about that 'peace within', Syd. However, let's think about it—peace can be contagious. We've both observed how a few cool and calm softly-spoken words can calm down a horse, dog...OR, an excited, distressed human. Ya think?

    Now—with country leaders, if we delete GREED, need for POWER, and SELF SERVING, well—who knows?

    MY opinion! We don't have the same faith which another may be gifted, or whatever. Impossible to experience mystery in the same fashion as another—note: I said...my opinion, right? OK!
    You have YOUR faith, whatever it is.

    NOBODY could paint like you, write like you, feel and express, in colorful ways—like you--without SOME degree of faith in SOME power outside of oneself!

    As I wrote, listen to the song of the bird, the lapping of river waves, a fish jumping, and 'see' the tal, proud oak as the miracle it IS, instead of just a “tree”....
    Good Night.
    Love and Peace, Linda.
    Steve E

  16. SNOWBOW!
    Don't forget please...when you write "Peace is in the heart of every human", You are one of those humans, the ONLY one you really, REALLY know!

    Welcome here--I linked you on my sidebar--you have beautiful snow-blog. And that's about as close to snow i want to be...like WARM! thanks for dropping by here.

  17. :) Peace is! It just is! :)

    presence, I'm going to spend my day realizing presence today, good experiment!


  18. What do you mean inadequate means? How else can one express a reaction to a blog post other than the comments? Did you think of tweeting your responses? :)

  19. Steve, thank you for your kind and comforting words. Thank you. I am going home to see my sisters and brothers. God bless you, Steve. Peace.

  20. JESSIE!
    You have a knack of saying in one word--perfectly--what it takes me several hundred. We are who we are! (Some things never change?)

    Thank you. Today I practiced also feeling that 'Presence' along with Silence. But not for long--the WORLD suddenly became all-important. SHEEEEESH!

    Yesss, THAT is where you must be, if at all possible. May your Force be with you, and all who you meet. There will be L O T S of Peeps! And Tears...and Cheers, and LOVE!

  21. Yeah right? If an American kid was left alone in an island with no books and no one to talk to, do you think that kid will grow up knowing the meaning of cym, ret, ort and din, niggard, lochan, insatiable, lochia, niggling, roue? Some Americans who have never left New York or Los Angeles don't even know the meaning of those words.

  22. Well Ces...I looked up the several words I didn't know. Was the last word in reference to me? (But I knew that one.) It's too late for me to decide how to respond.

    When you get everything in order, have a safe trip. I can visualize you on a huge trans-Pacific flight, walking up and down the aisles, cheering up the passengers--no matter HOW uncheerful you are. It will be good for your family of course, for you to be there--but it will be the best........for YOU!

  23. Peace must be prayed for.

    Hello Steve, my comment sometimes is my personal expression not necessarily trying to impose on others.

    That is why your comments are taken seriously. You write honest opinion!
    Believe me, that is a GOOD thing!

    Glad to 'see' you. I've been lurking around your place also, and like what I read there. Bless you. PEACE!

  25. Thank you so much,
    I am following your blog
    your posts are encouraging!

  26. Oooooo, I love this one. I have suffered from the "if only's" all my life. This is what I continue to work on in recovery.


  27. SnowBow!
    Welcome. You are also in my sidebar--somewhere--grin!

    You also are a side-bar resident here. It is good to know recovering Peeps who are serious about 'getting better'

  28. If only's - you know how much trouble they cause! I know you are trying to pass on some of what we have been soo freely given-- Cheers.