Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, February 18, 2012



Several of the artists who blog here are just SO GOOD, they are on my permanent “Gratitude List” (Yes, it's written!) for the gifts they freely present on their blogs. One whose work and style I admire most is Ces Adorio.

Showing through the words on her art blogs—they are ALL art blogs!) are her personal philosophy, her prose, and Ces' thoughts of the moment...ALL GOOD! And her friends, mostly artists, you might meet first in their comments on her blog or Face Book pages.

When you click on her blog and follow some links—you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Below is a photo of nine 'squiggled' acorns, real nuts with real names, and their integral leaves. These nine ATCs (Art Trading Cards) I won in one of the contests Ces announces with some frequency—hmmm. That said a lot, “some frequency”?--grin!

 And here is sample of their names:

One last photo is of my “gallery”. If you really look, it is obvious that seven of the artworks are from Ces. The others are from Bella, Laura, and Cat (Asheville, NC). One is missing from this photo named LADY IN RED by Calli-Girl, my first artist blog-friend, several years ago.

How do I deserve these really REALLY fine gifts of friendship and love??? I do NOT! If we received gifts only when deserved, we would not even be born! Acceptance of a gift is twin-related to giving. So what do I give? I have not a clue, dear Peeps. So, day-by-day, we trudge this road of happy destiny to wherever it might lead. And share our talents, whatever they may be.

...and JOY always!


  1. Oh you have treasures
    so many lovely and wonderful art pieces
    i am happy for you
    i love Ces and her art too and Bella too. I am not sure if i know the others. smiling at your fortune.

  2. Oh Steve. You are generous in spirit. You give so much of yourself. I like giving just because it makes me happy. See, I am selfish :) Hhahahahah!

  3. ah def a fine addition to your own art gallery...beautiful....will pop over...your link in the first paragraph is not working...fyi

  4. TAMMIE!
    I just KNEW there'd be peeps who would appreciate my good fortune here. This is the kind of stuff which makes one humble--like it or not!

    So glad you are OK with this post, I just needed to say Thank You again!

  5. BRIAN!
    The link works from my end...are you SURE The one "Ces Adorio"???

  6. its working now...how weird...i was getting a OOOPS pop up....nor any more...oh well...smile.s

  7. There are two very special people involved when a gift is given and received. Each play an important part in the magic that takes place. You obviously give much more than you realize. Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. Peace!

  8. i could swear there's one i've seen before?

  9. and ces does lovely work, as always...i loved these when last she posted them.

  10. What an amazing testaments to friendships. I like that we should not wonder what we deserve.

  11. what a collection of treasures you've collected. those acorns, now those are just stunning!

  12. beautiful treasures and a wonderful backdrop for gratitude abounding!

  13. MAGPIE!
    Yup! Old William Shakespeare wrote (Merchant of Venice, Portia) “A gift is twice blest
    In him that gives and
    him who receives.”

    Thank you. Of course, those wonderfully placed splashes of color at top of my wall, are “VULTURE'S PEAK! How sweet it is!
    Love and PEACE!

    Oh my yes! When I stop wondering, good things seem to happen!
    Note: When I said “Oh my yes” speedily in my head, I heard it say “Oh My Ass”
    PEACE! (I hope—grin!)

    Yup. Ya know, this wall I face when at the computer—so that's a LOT of time! And I see this wall, and think, “OMG! How did this happen?” And, as you might recall, my blog began as an Alcohol Recovery blog. Thanks for many kind thoughts of yours, and that we are still blogger-friends!
    PEACE and xo

    You RIGHT ON!!! In front of this wall, I get to meditate every morning between 5:30-6:00 AM. Hey, that word “abounding”...NICE! Bless you, Jess

  14. YOU, my dear friend Steve, are a gift! Your words and your wit and your hard won wisdom are a blessing! I would personally love to see you publish an ebook of your poetry. :) Blessings to you!!!

  15. You have a lovely set of nuts, Maestro.

    You ask, "What do I give?" Dear friend, you have already given so much of your heart and enthusiasm and love. I think these gifts are gifts of gratitude to you. Karma, baby. It's a good thing.

    So who is this Art of which you speak?

  16. BELLA!

    My nuts are MINE, Baby! NOBODY can have them--well........I may bequeath them to a deserving soul. (Actually I AM thinking about that. You or Ces or that girl in Malaysia, e.g.)

    Art is one I barely know...but we are fast becoming friends. And Karma? All I have for sh/he/it is gratitude.

    Peace, Bella.

  17. Mining for Diamonds!
    Glad to see you! Thanks for those nice words. Publish? Why do I confuse--in my head--that word with 'punish'--grin!

    There IS stuff I read on here which is worthy of 'publish'. Brian, Claudia, Dulce, Izdiher, Ces, Jessie, Kristin, and a dozen or two more. But Kimberly, having "been around the block", I am here to tell any and all...just to be accepted as a blogger, that is my place, and I know it. But thank you!

    New topic:
    At my age violin gigs have dried up, only four so far this year, and one wedding (on the beach, of course!) on April 1 is on the book. That's all, so far. Maybe I should get back to church and play for masses, those were happy moments for me, and it is easy.

    Like to hear about you, especially the music parts of your story. It 'delights' me to read of auditions, playing shows, etc.

    Girl, KEEP FIDDLIN' NMW! No Matter What. OK? Promise--don't EVAH let it go. EVAH! NMW!

    And with that, I wish you PEACE in your heart, woman.
    Steve E

    1. Publish/punish...ha ha! Good one! :) Hey, you're doing great with the gigs! You've had twice as many as me so far this year! I've not been playing much lately. In fact, just played for a gig today...first time I touched my fiddle in a month. Music is just not flowing through me these days, I guess. Haven't felt much like playing. But I will remember your words to keep fiddlin', NMW! :)
      Thank you, I will gladly accept that peace.

  18. nice art though to be true I dont understand it!!

    I left you a mail :)

  19. Do go to Church and play for the masses ( people sort- not latin type)
    We don't get gifts for deserving! we get gifts because people love to give them!!! :)

  20. SNOW BOW!
    Opera is something I don't understand...yet I have played it for years, LOVE it: lighting, sets, dancing, acting, singing, costumes, audience--it really affects me, warms me, turns me on--well, no, I didn't mean THAT way!

    "CES-ART" (my word) is often done with pen,ink, and tiny squiggles, is time-consuming, takes planning, and is VERY expressive. But maybe better to see up close, in person. (And maybe somebody just don't like it, or whatever.)

    Point of this post, I guess, is more about 'giving' and 'receiving', than presenting an 'art show'. Glad you are here, anyway....
    'Squiggles' to you--grin! And PEACE

    I agree! I love the Latin, but not with violin, hehehe.

    Hey, we love to give...and maybe others love to receive? Anything to help make the small differences in another Peep's life

  21. Thenks for sharing your friends' artwork with us! Beautiful.

    Love the message about sharing our talents. Beautiful as well!

    Thank you for commenting on my "Gallery-of Gifts". Ain't it nice? (The giving, I mean!)

    As I got older I find...that if I do not touch my violin for a month, I might as well hang it up.

    Being young, you may 'get by' with that, but don't say you've not been warned (unless I misunderstood--grin!)

    Meanwhile...nice to be chatting with you.
    (OR "Practice Peace"???) HA!