Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Many years I searched for answers. Who is God? What does He do? What does God look like? How will I recognize Him. These and many more questions I asked, about God.

Said my teacher, “God is an Unknown, the Unknowable. Every statement about Him, every answer to your questions, is distortion of Truth.”

Bewildered, I then blurted out, “Then why do YOU attempt to speak about Him?”

"Why does a bird sing?” said my teacher. “Not because he wants to tell you something...he wishes to sing a song from his heart.

"The Scientist and the Scholar say words to be understood. 

Please, do not try to understand what your teacher says. Listen to my words as you might listen to the wind in the trees, the sound of the river and the song of the bird.

They will awaken something within your heart that is beyond all knowledge”.

Peeps, I've heard hundreds of birds singing and seen thousands of trees. When I looked at a tree I saw a tree, yet had not really seen the tree. When I can look at the tree and see a miracle—only then have I 'seen'!

My heart now fills with wordless wonder when I hear a bird in song.....thus opens a slight crack in the entrance to a room of Enlightenment. I understand this is nearly the opposite of desire for knowledge. Never before have I experienced this, since I was always busy searching...searching! 

Life has become better, more simple, happy. Even in some  adversities, I am beginning to discover JOY!

(To any curious: NO! I have not gone back to drinking and drugging, OK?--grin!)


Some of text from SONG OF THE BIRD
by Anthony De Mello

Image: GOOGLE images


  1. Hey, I'm first! Do I get to yell "Scrabble!" or something?

  2. Patti...you are first AND second...
    HAWT DAMMMMM! Even if nobody else reads this--I got TWO comments already...I'll sleep well tonight--grin!!!!!

  3. Five people believe in God.

    First person's God is loving, kind and forgiving.

    Second person's God is vindictive and commands those who believe in him that it is acceptable to kill those who do not believe in him.

    Third person's God has many arms and a head of an elephant and a widow may be burned at the cremation pyre with his deceased husband.

    Fourth person's God allows pedophilia.

    Fifth person's God approves of polygamy and treatment of women as inferior beings.

    So many Gods!!! Apparently they are all correct beliefs.

  4. CES!
    How interesting you should delineate five of the many gods prevailing at this time in different parts of the world. They have been and are being assimilated in all countries, societies and cultures.

    My next blog post--already written--addresses the topic regarding one of those... I'm trying to find the intestinal fortitude to publish it. Anna says, "No". It would frighten her. So maybe I'll send it around selectively.

    Thank you for your comment, and your time in reading my post.

  5. smiles...it is a beautiful thing to finally see...and to realise the miracles that surround us in this life....def my view of god has changed over the years...

  6. Hi Steve, I am currently in Asia where I see the difference in the worship of Pagan gods...
    My God, is the creator of the Universe (Bible), the God who cared enough to leave Heaven and all its splendor to come down and die for me..and for all of us, giving a free ticket to paradise, when we simply, believe in Him. Otherwise, the gods of this world differ, they are just memories cared in stone, as Buddha.Or a perception, as god of the air,the earth etc..as per all the Hindu many gods. How can people worship another moral person, or, an object, or, what the real God of the whole universe created??
    The evidence in the Dead Sea Scrolls point to an Everlasting God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit..To Him is given my adoration and gratitude for all he has done for me. Blessings CM

  7. Thanks for your "Ode to Joy" and "Ode to God."

  8. This is refreshing, Steve. Thank you. I get it -- the experiencing and feeling over intellectualizing and understanding. I'd never heard it explained that way before.

    And thank you for your very kind comment. I've been called "spay-shull" before, but I think you are the only one who has meant it as a compliment. :)

    Good night, good sir!

  9. God is joy, hope, peace, love... and creator... redeemer... life giver... restorer... however He cannot be reduced to an equation or a syllogism or be put in a box...

    He is infinite compared to our finite minds... therefore He is unfathomable... unsearchable... but He is willing to reveal Himself to hearts that are ready and open to believe in Him.

    Thank you for this post dear Steve.


  10. I'm glad you're finding God in all things...even some perceived as adversities. The gift of true sight is a miracle in itself. Blessings.

  11. BRIAN!
    Yup, I missed so much of those 'miracles', and now am blest from time to time to 'see' one...or step on one—grin!

    In Asia you are? Exciting—I MEAN that! I keep picturing Asia (so large!) as one big piece of peace in the world.
    How come with all those different gods, there is not the terrorism, slaughter, and unrest which is in the Middle East?
    Thanks for your profoundly interesting comment. It certainly is appreciated!

    Yes, I suppose some of these posts DO read like “Odes”. Good of you to be here, Fel! PEACE!

    BELLA “Spay-Shull” SINCLAIR!
    LOVE your sense of humor, girl. Without laughter, I'd die. And yes, a compliment, almost a 'complement'!
    So long for now, good Ma'am!

    (First time in years that I've heard the word 'syllogism', except for in my own head!). Totally agree with your “God revealing Himself”. When He chooses! Thank you for your peace-spreading comment!

  12. MAGPIE!
    Hopefully, I'm not coming across as a 'holy' Peep. I miss MOST of miracles, which are all about all of us.

    And still learning to deal with life on life's terms--even when I am the one who make some of those terms.
    PEACE! (ALWAYS glad to see you!)

  13. Now I don't want to know who he is, I want to believe he is what I think he is, so I continue to enjoy, encourage and accept everything my heart believes he should be, I even try to reflect those principles myself now, amazingly we are the miracles and so is the change in perspective that comes with prayer and meditation! :) <3

  14. The way my grandfather taught me was that everything has a creator, and God is our creator. I was probably three when he taught me that and I don't remember having any question about it ever.

  15. JESS!
    The heart is where that gift of love is expressed to us. I'm agreeing with you Jess, "What the heart is (spiritually) saying...GO with it".

    Prayer and Meditation! I've heard those words somewhere before--grin!
    Thanks for visiting, Jess. PEACE!

    No question. THAT is the road to peace, tranquility, serenity, and to a blessed life. You ARE those things, Peep! Thanks for your sharing here...

  16. A good message, Steve. Being a scientist, I like to have facts, but there is so much that is not explainable. I know that there is something much greater than me. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for writing here.

  17. smiles...i like....and off now to..Listen to his words as you might listen to the wind in the trees, the sound of the river and the song of the bird...smiles

  18. Steve.. Your comment makes my day :)

    I have been confused about the existence of God most of the times but now I know that God is with me because he helps me all the time whenever I feel low.

  19. You received an award at http://snow-bow.blogspot.in/


  20. Love this! When I think of God, I always come back to "I don't know what God looks like, I don't need to understand, I'm probably not supposed to..." I tend to get wrapped around the axle when I try to believe everything I read or hear about who God is.

    Thanks for this!

  21. SYD!

    Even the way you comment...is unique! Thanks

    You RIGHT, girl! I cannot believe that One
    created us to be 'confused'. But He IS always
    here to HELP us through THIS part of creation.

    Got your award. Thank you very much.
    Silliness is GOOD also—it gives balance
    to SERIOUSNESS, dontcha think?

    Yup! Let's STAY AWAY from those
    axles. They make me dizzy, anyway—grin!
    Let the squirrels enjoy that ride.

    As a matter of fact—
    I believe you're RIGHT!--grin!
    PEACE! {♥}

  22. sure I agree but too much silliness leads to blogs like SnowBow :P

  23. reminds me of: "trying to prove faith, is a contradiction since the word alone implies believing without proof."

  24. IZDIHER!
    YESSS...God is for real!
    Gravity is for real also, but I cannot see it, feel it, etc. So FAITH tells me it is there. Also when I jump out of a tree, or an airplane...I believe it MORE!
    PEACE, Pak-Girl!

    C'mon girl, there is not "too much" silliness in your blog. (I just went there again, so go please and read latest comment...) I thinking positive for you. Please get some help—from a female Peep, OK?

    How do YOU—year after wonderful year—come out with perfect, succinct answers to every issue? I love when you join comments, O WISE ONE—NO grin! Serious.

  25. Oh Steve, I think you are contradicting yourself with your first paragraph on my blog.

    I think Mark Twain had it right. Never read the apostles, saints and martyrs pictured as happy, laughing and gregarious people. They were pious, solemn, stoic. The most humorous and happy people are the Filipinos who can make a joke in the middle of a disaster and great adversity. That is why you see them cracking jokes while they are wading floodwaters or emerging from the mud after an earthquake. A Filipino will tell someone covered in dirt and grime after an earthqauke "Hala, and dumi dumi mo, hindi ka pa nakapaligo." ("You are so dirty, you need a bath!"). The Filipino humor is borne out of adversity and natural calamities.

    Your description of happiness is determined by and a reaction to a specific event. To me, Happiness is a constant underlying emotion or state of being, punctuated by other emotions such as grief or sorrow which makes a person whole. The only real happy people are the idiots and fools. No one is that happy all the time. Joy and happiness share the waters. How exactly can one determine joy from happiness? What about being copacetic? How should one call that? It is state of contentment, not lacking or needing.

    I do believe you are a generally happy individual. It just shows. You also spread that happiness just by being yourself. You can't help it.

  26. "NO! I have not gone back to drinking and drugging"

    What, they think that about to you too? Of course, in my case, they're right.

    "The Scientist and the Scholar say words to be understood."

    A Quaker I know said, "I love to listen to the place that words come from." Yet, is really it possible to feel that which we are unable to express? Truly, words do fail, but I would suggest they fail more by degree and by the limits of the listener's experience than because we have thoughts and feelings that no word can touch.

  27. CES!
    Wish there was more time to respond--almost need a 'conversation' here. I believe the saints, etc., all have dour, holy, "religious" looks on their faces because that is the way the church wanted to portray them. So the Peeps would "venerate" them. I think great mistake to NOT show Peeps as they ARE/were.

    I'm sure Jesus smiled, laughed out loud MANY times. How could he NOT! He was human.
    About happiness--it cannot be ALL the time. Again, we are human...SO human. Jesus certainly not happy when he was sweating blood, and asking God to "remove this chalice from me"...

    Hey Babe, I just cannot agree with everything you say. However, I reserve until my last breath, the opportunity to change my mind, my heart!

    Thank you for SO MANY THINGS, Ces!

    Yup, I've arrived! But my bus might be leaving again, in a few minutes!!!
    I have tickets to EVERYWHERE! And I'm using them. That's all. OK?
    And PEACE to you. Gotta check out your blog.

    You wrote, "What, they think that about to you too?" (in context of going back out.)

    NO, MA'AM. They do not think that of me--I just throw it in once in a while to make a POINT, that you can be long-time sober, and still crazy sometimes--grin!

    About "they think of me..." NEVER. I have found that Peeps--almost without exception--think mostly, sometimes ONLY, about THEMSELVES! We are self-centered Peeps. And so I tell you this, so that you try to understand, (maybe) only your sponsor really cares about you (maybe family, I don't know you!)..in regard to drinking, etc.

    So please PULEEZE, don't make yourself go where I went...all the way down, from self-hatred, to total FEAR, to serious PARANOIA. ..And I didn't even know the definition of that word.

    What are "THEY" saying about me? Probably not a dammmmm thing!

    Of course, maybe my age gives me some of that "I don't care" confidence.

    I send you AA love, and PEACE, and wishes for a safe, and sane sober life--however it may come to you!

    (NOTE: I assumed, maybe wrongly, that you an alcoholic. If not, just delete all I've been preaching here--grin! and LOL!

  28. No, Steve, I'm not an alcoholic (I did just write two posts about my drinking days though), but I do take a lot of drugs for chronic pain, and people do wonder when I'm under the influence and when I'm not.

  29. Funny thing, SNOWBRUSH! Used to be a mistake like that (on my part) would torment me for a month--b ut now I figure, maybe someone else is supposed to read that response...maybe ME!

    Best to you from,