Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, February 26, 2012



"Steve, you are your own worst enemy." These words I heard so many years ago. I knew their meaning, and yet I did NOT.

Directions I was given: put one foot in front of the other. It sounded easy. Well, it was not. I kept tripping over the foot in front. And falling/failing! I had misunderstood. What they had really told me was, “It is SIMPLE, not easy”...

So I had to be still and listen. To accomplish productive 'listening' is another “simple--but not easy” task, and for me takes practice. Being self-centered and ego-driven, the practice has never made 'perfect'.

Listening helps me also to 'keep my foot out of my mouth'--sometimes. And if it seems like I did something nice, I am learning to claim it--as God using me to do 'something nice'. Guess you'd say His Will. Understand, this behavior happens not NEARLY as often as I'd like

Daily, when a Peep is talking to me—like after a 7 AM meeting, I make it my business to give them attention, nearly undivided. It is still difficult, but progress is “my” word.

And...do you know, listening is coming to be FUN! And I'm LEARNING stuff! And I make FRIENDS!

Maybe that is why I really read your posts—when I get to them...and comment more than: “I liked that”, or “That was good”.

While we are here...would you Peeps who have “word verification” enabled, please consider disabling it. Because Google has changed that step--complicated it—it takes longer to publish a comment than to write one, ya know? For us old guys, that is!   (I cannot leave here without at least one—grin!!!!)

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  1. Women can't listen, they can only talk. At least that's what I think :)

  2. A Blogger's Creed By Ces

    Blog at your own risk.

    Blog because you can.

    Blog because you enjoy it.

    Thou shall not expect others to blog the way you do.

    Read other people's blog because you enjoy it, not because you have to.

    Answer a comment out of pleasure not out of duty.

    Some blogs suck.

    Some blogs are very good.

    A good blogger has bad days.

    An awful blogger has good days.

    Question: When you are gone, will people really care?

    Question: Do you care that they care or don't care?

    Who cares?

    Just have fun.

    Recite the Gestalt Prayer.

    That's all for now.

    I liked that.

    That was good.



    Women, when among women, seem to talk a lot, how I see it. A LOT!

    Men can stand around for an hour saying things like , "Gonna be a hot one today."
    And the other says, "....YEP!"

    Funny thing...when in early dating, women seem to listen a lot--smart! While men talk all about themselves (What else?--grin!)

  5. Ces...that CREED is a keeper. File name: CREEPER-KEEPER-CREED. Try to say THAT fast 27 times! Or even 26.

    Had to read again the Gestalt Prayer, and when I'm in right-thinking mode, I agree totally. But I occasionally slip back into old way of plodding, plotting and planning--BAD!

    HOWEVER, expectations of other Peeps are gone...there are none. SIMPLE is life that way!

    Hey..glad you liked the post...I had to go read it again after reading your comments, HAHAHAHA! (True!)

    PEACE, Ces, for you and all your people!

    You are just too kind to this old grandpa man. But I LIKE it anyway. Thank you for coming over here, and commenting. I want to read your new post about the colors of your wedding dress, and that stuff. Tomorrow! OK?
    You always have so much to say on there, and it sure ain't nonsense, Pak-Girl.

  7. no word verification here...i cant stand it and cant comment on many i did before because of it...i hear you man...i was reading a stat yesterday, do you realize people will spend 4 seconds on a webpage...that is the average...its no wonder comments are like great job....we need some heavy ADD medicine man.

  8. I like your post! My being fully present is tough sometimes- my morning reading was about delight-
    finding it !

  9. IZZY!
    You commented "My being fully present is tough sometimes-..."

    Mine also (everybody's?). Maybe that is why we are urged to meditate ...instead of "talking to God", well, just "listen to Him!" -sometimes?
    Can we find delight in observing a weed growing? I bet we can!--grin.
    Thanks Izzy.

    WHY is it we always seem to agree? Is affinity; a word?--grin! Yep, like to meet you someday, it would be worth the trip. Only age could prevent that happening.

  10. There is so much truth in that line, "It is simple, not easy." Sometimes it's like someone opens a window in my little pea brain and a crisp, clean breath of fresh air whistles through. :)

  11. Pondering putting my cares in his hands. Nice quote Steve. Thnkx, miLe

  12. Ego driven. That says it all for me. It is so hard to sit and listen to others make their points when I need to drop one of my genius observations on them, pronto! Down Elizabeth! Down!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  13. MAGPIE!
    My brain, is grapefruit-sized. But is full of air. A little more air, and I begin to rise toward the heavens—I hope—grin!
    I like “clean breath of fresh air”...it's what I get every morning early on my bike. Now the sun is beginning to rise at that time. EXQUISITE!!!

    MILE 191
    What can I say? You are still with us in the flesh and more...in the spirit. And I love that you dropped by. Read you blog ppost this morning. If you EVER have a 'happy, peaceful” day, please write a post on THAT day—how you feel, etc. I'd sure like to read that from you...if it's possible, that is!--grin!


    With YOU in this blog world is like icing on cake, or 'butterscotch' on chocolate ice cream, believe that. How fortunate we are to have met you here. Thanks to God.

    RIGHT ON! I have to smile, knowing that so many know and experience what I am also...just getting well, getting better at living.

  15. hey...glad i came back here to post this comment response. i saw what you wrote back to me here and i would have maybe missed it. THANKS....i love that you talk back to us, to me. I feel special. It is a good day.

    So, this is my comment back to your comment, because I didn't know if you subscribed to comment feeds: thank you my friend steveroni! you have been with me here since the beginning, with great respect. your rhetorics have been psalms to my heart. you have pointed me in the direction of true healing, often. thanks for caring. this is what this place of healing is all about. i am thankful you are here/hear with me. i count you as one of my blessings.

    i wrote a 'tough it out" post. i was hoping to know how you are really doing. how are you? and prayer girl? i haven't read blogs much this year, in my own selfish pain. i am sorry. i have probably missed some hurts, as well as hopes and joys. i do want to know how you are doing.

    maybe it is time for me to be back and do some works here. :)

    mile191, aka hope

    PS: Also, I don't subscribe to comment feeds because I rarely check my email for this blog. i have too many emails and only really use one. that's scary actually.

    maybe there is a way to clear them or forward some of the contents, probably not without getting all the spam. ceste la vi!

    So I wanted to say, in closing, since this is a BLONG message....I wrote something happier today! And then when I came here I read that you wanted me to write on a happy day....done! Something good came of yesterdays multi-post day! Love ya Steve-E

  16. Hello, thank you for the video link. Some of the paintings in the video were not Van Gogh's. He is the most copied painter. Talking about being a painter, Van Gogh was a failure. He could not even afford to buy his own painting materials. His brother Theo sent the materials to him. Of course we all know about his ear and eventually taking away his own life. He killed himself Steve! He committed suicide. At least Chaim Soutine died of tuberculosis at age 36 and Gauguin died of suphillis. Now what are you trying to tell me? Get a rope and hang it from the highest tree? I hate choking. I have acide reflux, you know.

    Van Gogh was considered vulgar during his time. He blatantly used thick paints sometimes squirted the paints right out of the tube, just like I do. He was a tormented soul. We idealize his life now but he llived in his own hell. Still his Moleskine illustrations are terrific.

    I love Van Gogh but he is hardly the hero. He was a genius but not a good role model. Talking about Balance and Van Gogh is like mixing oil and vinegar.

    I love Van Gogh but I do not like pain. Of course , people who commit suicide do not feel pain. Otherwise they won't commit suicide. Humans are such cowards.

  17. Hi Steve...I took your advise and uncomplicated this thing!

    Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the weather. It is 30 here, and a storm is brewing...bring it on, I bought a new shovel!



  18. MILE 191
    BTW, I DO know where is mile 191 --remember, I looked it up 3 years ago?

    Mile, I left a BLONG (how did you remember THAT!!--grin) comment on your blog, was going to post it here, but kinda personal, ya know?

    You humble me with your remarks, Dear girl. Wish I had more humility. Well, I wrote 'more' but 'humility' is one of those either-or attributes.
    There is NO 'more' or 'less'. Either got it or not. OTOH, none of that stuff can EVER be perfect in this life anyway.

    Do *I* know what I'm talking about here? NOOOOOO! heheh

    Take care, Mile!

  19. CES!
    Yup, I know about VVG being frequently copied, although I'm not astute enough to tell the difference...true!

    I enjoyed the video, music, pictures, and narration. I enjoyed also read his life (several times!) long ago.

    Thanks for your enlightening comments. Who else would know the real story Ces--if not YOU?--grin!

    Hope you are feeling back to near-
    normal physically. So far 2012 has been more than hectic...pain and hurt, lots of emotional stress which only time heals, but scars remain. And MEMORIES remain, thank God for them. He arranged that we would remember mostly the good of everything, unless we will it otherwise.


  20. JANE!
    You wrote "I bought a new shovel...just as we in Florida thinking about a new lawn mower--grin!

    I have a joke accompanied with a cartoon, about new shovels, will send you, if I can find email address on your blog.

    Thanks for coming by, Jane

  21. smiles..i'm convinced that you're a very good and active listener..which is important..i think i'm naturally more a listener than a talker..sometimes good, sometimes bad...and amen to that word verification thing...

  22. It's never too late to learn. You know, I think when you are a good listener, people want to listen to you in return. You scratch my ear, I'll scratch yours.

    Hope you're having a good Sunday, sir!