Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, August 1, 2011



These days I am up early (and late to bed!). I love 'first-light'. In a pre-coffee instant this morning, my eye focused on a favorite back-yard tree, my Wild Tamarind, a four-foot high bush seven years ago—now a 50-foot tree!

A pattern of lace formed itself against the morning sky, and during that momentary 'second light from the east' (like the second click of a three-way bulb), I saw vision-like images dancing there. These composed the background for my reveries. I share with you those thoughts:

First thought:
...was of a beautiful, wonderful moment last Thursday night when I got to present a happy Prayer Girl (Anna, my wife) with her 26th sober Anniversary chip, in front of 160 AA Peeps.

Second thought:
How blessed we all are here in AA, to share with our friends the ups and downs of life to receive--and give--spiritual and other support with people who truly love us, some unconditionally.

Third thought:
Many are not aware that wherever I go, whatever city, whatever country in the whole wide world, there is an AA meeting near enough. Even if in a foreign language they are speaking, I can understand—because in recovery, in a real sense there is but one language. And that is Love.

Fourth thought:
Definition of spirituality: helping others with no ulterior motive...whatsoever! Remember that prayer?
And “the power to carry that out!”

Fifth thought:
Woman at AA meeting this morning tearfully told our group of about 80 Peeps that her husband Tom died a week ago at age 61. (Lung cancer discovered June 24, died July 26.) He was a friend of mine, rode the same kind of scooter as me (big one!), and both she and Tom are recovering alcoholics (he is 'recovered'). Where did she go, to be consoled? Her 7 AM meeting of alcoholics. Impressive.

Sixth thought:
Topic at that same meeting: Honesty! Imagine, 80 Peeps who had developed to a high degree the fine arts of lying, cheating, stealing, adulteries, abusing, hiding, fighting and other psychoses...discussing honesty at 7 AM!!!

Seventh thought:
Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book has a printed list of wonderful personal gifts, 'promises' for those who work the Steps. One promise is missing. To me, most important, for it is the ONLY real and true guarantee which is offered without reservation: “IF I DON'T DRINK...I WON'T GET DRUNK”.

The End


  1. Steve, you are always so inspiring!
    May you and your wife always be blessed!

    Margie :)

  2. Uplifting, for 1:41am. Yes, I am still awake....

    I checked out your wife, Anna's blog. It doesn't look as if she posts much anymore, but it was beautiful. I really liked the dirty laundry post. It reminds me of my Grandma and her saying..."What will the neighbors think".

    Goodnight...I will attempt to sleep for the second time, tonight. Wish me luck!


  3. dude...loving your thoughts...congrats to PG!!!! like your 4th thought too!

  4. Good thoughts and many congratulations to Anna. That is awesome.

  5. A splendid list with which to start the day. And a heartfelt congratulations to dear Anna. Please give her my best :)

  6. Congrats Anna! Beautiful perspective Steve, Loving all of it this morning.

  7. Support groups of any kind, unconditional love, and a happy Prayer Girl...I think your life is complete.

  8. MARGIE:
    It is Peeps like you who are inspiring (Ha! I've been 'reading' you!)...well, maybe one inspires another, while it is really God working in all our lives. Hmmm? Thanks for the nice words, Margie.

    Anna stopped posting in March. She paints noe—in acrylics. A beginner, but she spends lots of time at it. A good thing—any hobby. I'm going to take an “Alleve” tonight. Maybe muscles will stop throbbing, and I can get more than a few hours sleep. Good luck with your own, in that regard, girl.

    Yeah, I heard that recently, spirituality IS service. Made sense to me...

    Thanks a lot Sir. She is a double winner—on your side of the fence also, you knew that? 6 Years.

    Yes...and Yes! I knew you'd understand. And thanks for commenting! PEACE!

    You supply me with many—and timely--“good thoughts” one favorite Peepster. And I'm grateful, because I know whence they come!!!

    Thanks for being here, 'support-man'...PEACE!

    Of course—as with everyone here—you only know from what I write. But, in any case, YOU are correct, also. Full life—and happy one! Maybe the fullness contributes to the “happy”? Wish that SO many Peeps I know had this contentment in their lives...busy contentment!

  10. Hi Steve, I've just read all three parts ... thank you for your thoughts ...
    I think we have the same boss ... work for him is easy, if I listen and do what he says, then I am fine and he can bless me, even those who belong to me., (but I'm not always good ...* sigh *)

    Congratulations for your Anna, this is a feast for both of you ...

    This is a wisdom that has good consequences:
    If you don't drink, you will not get drunk!

    Greetings from Cosima.

  11. COSIMA:
    I love your greetings, and you English is better than my next-door neighbor. (All my street is Spanish-speaking Peeps--grin!)

    Let's both say "Hello" to our Boss tonight, OK?

  12. I like your thought: if I don't drink, I won't get drunk, and more...

    How about a cup of Chinese tea?

  13. You are wonderful, Steve...and what a great anniversary for your wife! 26th. AA is so important. I have referred so many people there for help and it has been a real life saver for several people I love.