Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday I wrote a poem about Wanderlust. I have been riding motor bikes or scooters 64 years. Wanderlust is certainly not a whim-of-the-moment nor an old-age fancy. One of many stories of my 'ride' in 2009 follows. Photo below is simple a joke--grin!-- OK?

August 2009.
Two years ago.

I was riding my scooter on Blue highway US 301, headed north toward Richmond Virginia. Destination: Charlottesville. Enjoying the morning air, sunshine, I had been riding for four hours, and, stopping for a red light, heard my cell ringing. I spotted a vacant gas station, and stopped there to answer my phone and maybe relax a bit, get my GPS bearings, and make necessary use of a tree behind the building.

While I was talking to the caller, a well dressed man walked out from the garage area, and I saw him checking out (admiring!) my bike. It turned out he owned this newly built, not yet open, station. He went inside to bring me several bottled waters. Me...gratitude!

NOTE: On the rear fender of my scooter is a bumper sticker which had been sent me 3 years ago from a blogger named Scott (anonymous!). The sticker in bold letters pronounced “SOBER”.

Across the street we bought a couple sandwiches, played a chess match (which was no match!). Since I was wayyy out of practice, I was royally defeated in battle, but a winner in spirit.

During this time together we talked about his business (built just two years too late), about my bike trip, about Naples Florida where I live, and his (and of course, mine) favorite topic, Alcoholics Anonymous. I spent two hours in that town, Stony Creek, where most of the Peeps were off to work in the big city, Richmond. Where nothing much was happening.

Nothing much, except a chance? meeting of two strangers. Two men, one black, one white, one gay (not me!), both recovering alcoholics--instant brotherhood... He was sober just over two years.

Imagine my thoughts during the next 80 miles! A thousand miles from home, an inopportune phone call, unplanned rest-stop, a random mini AA meeting. As for me...

I had come from (years earlier) THIS: “...we knew loneliness such as few do..” to THIS: ”We will see where our experience can help others.”
(Both quotes from the book Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book”)

This bit of a trivial moment in my 17-day bike trip is one of at least a hundred (really more!) similar stories which meant—and still mean—so much to me. Each day I expected some nice things to happen, and they did! Each day I asked God (while riding!) to just let me be opened to His will, and He did! And I did!

Peeps, what a wonderful life awaits us, if we just “Let Go and Let God”! Easy does it--but do it. Live, Let Live, and Forgive...

Love and PEACE!
Steve E


  1. I used to travel 301 every year from MA to FL and back, before that behemoth I-95 made it nearly obsolete. Three or four years ago, I did the trip the old way, and was shocked at how 301, and the towns along it, had withered. There were places where weeds were actually growing up through the pavement and miles of road with no cars in sight.



    I love your "chance encounter" stories. They always brighten my day.

  3. nice...have i been reading you that long...this story seems familiar...cool who god puts in your path...

  4. Funny what this spinning ball of mud brings our way. Great tale.

  5. Great story and no coincidence I think.

  6. We like to travel.

    I do not own a bike, but I am going to drive my car round Peninsular Malaysia with my family in 7 days, for about 1300km. The journey will begin this coming Saturday.

    Now that is a long trip. Naples FL to Bangor MA 1,700 miles. I thought also that US 301 might have seen better days. But on a scooter I'm just happy to be riding...

    Yesss, you sure do remember!

    Ya know Kristin, I believe we all have many 'chance' meetings with peeps. It is difficult to always take the time to develop a fast friendship, even one so short-lived—but living in memory!

    I posted about the trip, of course. But you may be remembering the 2010 trip. I do not recall writing about this encounter before, but, who knows? Thanks for checking me out every time.

    Really, I love this spinning ball of dirt, and all the 'stuff' hanging on to it.

    There are no coincidences, they tell me. Always wondered who are those smart Peeps we call 'they'.

    Gawd! Do you really have motorcars and roads in Malaysia? --grin!
    Seriously, enjoy a safe trip, smell the roses and see the sea!