Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, August 22, 2011


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Meeting Peeps, strangers, has become a life-love for me. Whether biker-Peeps gathered in that safe-and-dry space provided by an overpass, or in an AA 'speaker' meeting somewhere along a Blue Highway, I feel--I AM--home. Peeps, I am ready for another bike ride, but maybe it will have to be in 2012.


 Early-morning sun 
gentle yet powerful
warmth, daily

in friendly fight
with retreating night

say I: “why?”

the other half
to make bright

and I feel

cool, happy

“on the road again”
aloud I sing
i yearn to earn
the right to sight
new places, Peeps,

and to go
again be alive
hop a ramp
to I-75
beyond describe

i kneel
tell God
how i feel.

that He might grant
me one more ride--to
witness His creation

visit His peeps
bridge any chasm
with enthusiasm

once more.
may i
to be free
to be me

--Steve E
Image from Deviant:
Scooter Parked_by_jk1003


  1. nice thank you for the hit on jessies birthday...

    and wanderlust i know...if you come anywhere in VA please let me know and i will come find you and sport you a meal...seriously, let me know...

  2. Now that you've made your decision, I hope the universe will conspire to make it happen. :) Sooner better than later.
    I have traveling feet too. Being raised in the military is what I've always thought did it.

  3. Being the wanderlust that you are, you have certainly come up with very creative postings on your blog.

    Your travels both in your mind and physical body have been beautiful shared here - now all the different dimensions you present here are just so unique.

    Blessings, have a great week, Steve. Happy Birthday to Jess.


  4. You yearn to earn the right to sight
    new places, how about Malaysia?

    I'll be there waiting for you.

  5. Exploring we will go! what fun- Get out there and discover what this day has in store...thanks

  6. Another of your lovely tributes
    So Will you be on the road... on the ride again?

    That would uplift your spirit even more... if that were possible!

    hugs my dear friend

    Hey, I've got two 'invites', one to Malaysia, 11,000 miles and one to Virginia, 1,100 miles...Hmmmmm! really tough choice! I'll take lunch in each locale.....


  8. MAGPIE:
    Universe has been conspiring with and for me for many years now--but I did not know it. I DO believe it! For a long time I thought I was alone in my thinking--and find now that it is quite "universal" to believe that everything is somehow tied together with everything else.
    Thank you for elucidating. It is always great support you give.

    11,000 miles (17,702 km) from Naples Florida to Malaysia, and for me, time is running out on any trips over half that distance--grin! I've got to go see what you're up to on your blog--maybe I've already been there..SEE? See? Age DOES matter!
    PEACE (and sincere thanks, BTW!)

    So happy I am that you are still here, reading now and then. Wonderful, isn't it, to have friends who stay interested. Thank you for those nice things you wrote about who? Me? Bless you, in all the things you do, dear Lidj!

    One of my 'favorite' sayings is that I cannot wait to see what is around the corner, what is in store for me today. You put things so neatly in place when you write. Thank you.

    What endears you to so many--and me--is your positive outlook in your comments and blog posts. You tell each one so many nice things. Me? Eventually i begin to believe some of them! But DON'T STOP--grin!!!

    About these blogs, that support in our writings and of our poetry is what many of us need at certain times. It is almost therapeutic!
    Have a good ending to your summer, and please accept hugs from me, Steve! PEACE!

  9. What a beautiful gift! Thank you my friend!!!! XOXOXOXO

  10. One more plesant thing that i learnt about you today.You are a biker ! Awesome ! Will think of you whenever i see a 'bikeable' road .

  11. ..goodluck Steve! i didn't know that you are a biker... wow that's cool... i've always wanted to be considered one too but poor me.. i can't even ride a bicycle.. (now, i allow you to LOL..)..how i wish i could be as sporty as you are.. have poor-heart disposition so the only sports i could go with is chess.. hehe.. glad that you're reaching a dream! all the best for you!(:


  12. Wow sounds like quite the experience, you tell it wonderfully. Like the structure of the piece too, nicely done!

    But I don't know if my blog is therapeutic, maybe almost..haha

  13. I like your wanderlust specially these lines are touching:

    that He might grant
    me one more ride--to
    witness His creation

    visit His peeps
    bridge any chasm
    with enthusiasm

    Happy day ~

  14. Lord...tempt me with a road trip and there isn't anything I can't handle! know so well what you're saying here. That awesome sense of going with the flow, the awe inspiring appreciation that comes when you give your mind the time to take it all in...and the wonderful conversations to be found! Oh...these feet are itching to run now, right now!

  15. The open road has a magical freedom that nothing else can match. I hope you get there and have that clean wind blowing through your soul as soon as possible. Enjoyed, as always, your ever positive and life-affirming words.

  16. so you're going on a trip again...? remember the one you did last year. seriously, if the wanderlust hits you, you got to hit the road...smiles

  17. As someone who had to endure constant shifts and displacement, I never really looked forward to road trips or any form of movement (except dance) as I grew older. But your poem made it sound like such fun again!
    Thank you for sharing!

  18. JESSIE:
    Birthdays, they say, last only 24 hours. But I believe every day is a birth day. Hope yours was special.

    Maybe you misunderstood Kav. My “bike” is a motor scooter (it will do 193 k/p/h) and I like to go 1000 miles or much longer trips. So my 'bike' would fit as well on the Autobahn as anywhere else. But I'm glad at least you know it is out-door, in the elements. Ahhhh! Nature! And, well...I LOVE IT

    Yup. Life is beautiful, even during its 'hard' lessons. I share your sport of chess...but it has been quite a few years since I've been tested. Bobby Fisher was my idol—even have two of his books. (But I STILL want to take a good long month-ride before it really IS too late (age, ya know?!)....
    Take care of that heart, Kelvin. You only have one, last I heard!

    You really get around, Sir. To say you sort of like the structure of my writing here, is really 'far-out'. I'll confess to you now, that I in no way try to structure writing, like I might if writing a string quartet. )But I know at least something about the quartet—grin!

    It puts me near to heaven, when “Heaven” quotes my words back to me. It means you LIKE them, and I'm all in favor of that.

    You and several others in comments have addressed the inexplicable urges to “GO!” My spouse said she felt the same—45 years ago! So I just realize, I'm a late bloomer. Believe that and I'll sell you the Cincinnati Suspension Bridge (The Brooklyn Bridge is already been sold—many times...once to the same guy twice! (Me!)
    Nice to know that kindred spirits are as close as my commuter. Thanks.

    A freedom which is MORE then free. It is magical. YESSSS! That's IT!

    This year, in a Toyota RAV4. NEXT year on the bike. Actually one short 150-mile scooter trip
    in October this year. Will keep you posted, guaranteed!

    I will try to call “displacements” by their new name...”Replacements”? Anyway, while what one enjoys, another may love something different. Thank God we had Einstein, and Mother Teresa. Both gave. Both lived fully and happily

  20. Steve E...

    I heard via the Angel Grapevine YOU are one of His all time favorite best peeps!!


  21. Wow...hope he grants us all one more great ride today to enjoy His beauty and all the friends that He placed into our life...bkm

  22. Lovely homage to the ride, Steve.

  23. I too would rather take a road trip that a jet-plane trip.. we see "peeps" in their natural way..
    this was a fun read and I hope you make that ride in 2012..
    much enjoyed..