Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


posted for dverse 8/3/2011


 Hopefully it is untrue what 'they' say:
if ya hang out in a barber shop
you're going to get your hair cut”.

(a spiritual axiom?)

because my favorite place
to plunk my butt in a space
and ponder everything
from near to yonder
is a graveyard

spirits all about

a cemetery where I'm
surrounded by weathered stones
markers of lives well lived--
and some not. not so hot.
(or maybe very very hot?)

spirits hovering gravely 

i'll not judge another,
rather follow god's plan,
that is—each be umpire
of their life. take law books
from shelves, and burn, burn,
as are no longer useful.

angels now in charge

in life after this
no soul will point
nor any hiss
and say, “he. that's him
who lived a life of sin”

my spirit forgiven

in the other world
language universal
mentally achieved
no more rehearsal
it is finished

sins forgotten

loving the peaceful
feel of this place
my favorite space
to ponder yonder:

angels multitudinous

universe was, is all
since before the fall
one is all there is
all is no more
all is now but one
total spirit
total love


a cemetery, adjacent to my Friday morning AA meeting is where I spend a half hour in meditation.  It is a high point in my week.


  1. nice steve...i can relate...i love going to the cemetary downtown...there is a lot of history there...and a really nice rope swing in the kids section...it is peaceful there...

  2. I really liked this, Steve.
    I too find the cemeteries a peaceful place.

    Good night.
    God bless!

  3. I used to have landscape duties in several different cemeteries as a horticulturist. They were always my favorite most peaceful spots, and I have never found them scary or sinister, rather always restful. Your poem is a meditation in itself. Thanks for sharing tonight.

  4. I like cemeteries, too. there was one down the street from my work and I would spend my lunch hour there, praying and meditating. I know those people (hopefully most of them) are with Him and I somehow feel that connectedness while there in the cemetery.

    as far as the spiritual axiom goes - sorry to say but I don't think it matters if you hang out in graveyards or not - we are all gonna end up there eventually (smiles).

    the last stanza is my fav - top notch summary!

    great write, Steve. Glad to have stopped by.

  5. I learned to ride a bike at a cemetery. My friends and I loved the manicured lawns and the well clipped pavements. It was a nice memorial park of course. We have a family plot in it and my parents' remains lay buried there now. Filipinos love to visit their ancestors' graves. They have a holiday called All Souls' Day and all the families pay their respects to their dear departed during this day by going to the cemeteries and offering food and prayers. Hope you are well.

  6. I, too, have always liked cemeteries - especially older ones, like the ones I used to visit in the Boston area - or some of the interesting spots in New Orleans. I can lose myself in such places.

  7. ...there is much peace in places like this... so close with the spirits of human and nature... i so reminded of one memory in HS.. a religion class wherein most of the classes were held in cemetery located inside our school at the side of the chapel and convent... there we would join a meditation with the spirits of those nuns who passed away so long long years... i love the feeling of it... thanks for the memories and for this adorable write!(:

    Brightest blessings!


  8. i so can relate steve - the cemetery is one of my fav places as well...esp. when i'm restless, this is where i get quiet again...

  9. Thank you for sharing this.

    I don't really like the place (because it gives me the creeps) but your reflections on life and the after life are beautiful.

    Happy day ~

  10. To be honest i have never been to a cemetery before.Have only seen them from far .Hindus cremate so...

  11. Funny how I used to love going to cemeteries when I was young and felt immortal. Now they only creep me out. Actually, just beyond a walking and biking path behind my house is a beautiful graveyard where in-laws are buried. It is a beautiful place, but I walk around and never tarry. I did read a lovely, lovely poem by a young Dutch woman knowing her life would be cut short and simply asking why while knowing it was really just because. Luck of the draw.

  12. If you ever come to Nova Scotia, come and visit me! I'll treat you to a tour of some of the most divine, spiritual resting places in the province! Been dancing thru them for years, and have even unearthed an amazing amount of forgotten spots, where generations of families were laid to rest, now overgrown with lupines and wild roses. Truly enjoyed your share, and have thus, found myself inspired! :)

  13. I think my favorite line is
    "my spirit forgiven".
    Once in a class at church we were asked to say what words in reference to Jesus touched us most deeply. Mine were Savior and sanctuary.
    I love cemeteries too. Nothing there to be afraid of except the living.

  14. Peace wherever we find it is good!
    used to do a lot of gravestone rubbings- mixing History, art and mystery!
    & pondering "rest in peace" although I would not hang out there as a spirit unless there were people visiting me-
    too many other places and dimensions to explore! Thanks.

  15. BRIAN:
    Peaceful place...to be awake...and/or asleep!

    Good night! (or good morning—grin!)

    Meditation poems are maybe like a prayer? Thanks for your words. Happy words!

    And I am also glad you stopped by—will go to visit you today.

  16. CES:
    Reading your blog and FB is inspiring-and (of course, rarely!) funny—grin! All Souls Day in US is November 2, day after “All Saints Day”. Many Peeps visit their loved ones who passed on. This was my family tradition as long as I can remember—well that's maybe not very long—grin! I am well, and thinking of your family periodically each day.

    Well, don't get 'completely' lost there Carmen. LOL Until you are ready—or God is! Glad to 'see' you!

    Kelvin, I respect so much your poetry, and your philosophy. So spevial thanks for your welcome comments here.

    Thank you. Yes, we all need to at times, “Be still, and know there IS a God!

    We see it differently and that is OK with me. I don't like standing on top of the Empire State Building, realizing how many feet it sways, back and fourth, back and fourth. OOOOHHHHH! Thank you for your comment.

    Did not know Hindus cremate. Well, I plan to “Do like the Hindu Do” and be cremated—not because of any belief though. Because those ants, worms and their ilk need to eat also. (UGH!). Thank you for reading. You have an amazing blog, I like!

    Well...Shhhhhhhh, I believe a part of us IS immortal, the best part. Our very soul, our spirit, our service! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

    I love lively life...and you write with enthusiasm—even in a simple comment! We should all BE inspired, by whatever is in front of us, whatever “turns us on” (so to speak, OK?--grin!) Nova Scotia would make a nice, summer-long bike ride—there and back, 5.000 miles—with a couple short side trips going and coming...I looked it up!

    I also like “my spirit forgiven” And in your comment I like “Nothing there to be afraid of except the living.“ We're thinking alike here, Peep! Thanks for reading....AND colmmenting.

    Good comment. Interesting thoughts. Wonder if a spirit cannot be everywhere or anywhere? Won't know until then, I guess. THANK YOU!

  18. AYALA:
    Thank you for writing here!

  19. Yes, I love walking among the peaceful. There is a beautiful graveyard a block from my house, and I visit it often. It is one of those places with signs "NO DOGS ALLOWED" with a picture of a dog, and a big red circle and slash across it, but Katie and I visit at dawn. She does nothing to disrupt, disturb, or destroy. She is my walking companion. I am sure that the dead don't mind.

    Thanks, again, my friend. You are an inspiration.


  20. I do relate to this. I've always loved cemeteries. Here in NV we have some very unique ones that say things like: "Hung for Cattle Rustling" or whatever. Glad you joined us at dVerse and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  21. ...oh, just today I spoke with my daughter about her father's grave,
    whether she on 15.8. (Death-day) give a bunch of flowers, to his grave? because I'm not here ...

    And we both know that he is not in the grave ... He is God in eternity ...
    But his grave is the place where we show the living, how much we loved him ...

    Thank you for the poem on the subject ... it inspires and directs the thoughts on the essentials ...

    very fine summary:
    universe was, is all
    since before the fall
    one is all there is
    all is no more
    all is now but one
    total spirit
    total love

  22. Interesting that there was a cemetery next to the AA house in Beaufort when I visited there for a week in April on the boat. Maybe the graveyard is there to contemplate what might happen should the alcoholic drink again--no coincidences with God.

  23. it is a serene place with a lot to ponder about.

  24. A little creepy for me at first thought...But your reasoning makes me rethink!

  25. One is all there is....a simple thought that many do not understand...until they step into the Fourth Dimension....thank you..bkm

  26. Just Jane:
    “Katie does not destroy, disturb, disrupt...” Jane, I assume this is not you next door neighbor (Katie)—grin! Seriously, Wonder what would happen? Do they arrest dogs?

    I really like dverse...did not know you are one of 'them'.

    What more could a poem-writer ever wish. That another's thoughts are inspired and directed bu his words? THANK YOU!

    Funny that when I'm sitting in that cemetery, I never think of dying...but of living. But I DO know what you mean! When I die, it will hopefully be as a sober Peep!

    It is a place also to “be still” in my mind, and let whatever comes in there, to be welcomed by my heart. Gotta look you up, visit your blog. Thanks!

    For me, reasoning...AND rethinking are seldom bad things.

    Thank YOU, bkm...from out here in the Fourth Dimension, wondering where 2nd and 3rd dimensions went? Hmmmm—grin!

  27. Steve! this is a beautiful poem, full of wonderful imagery, imagination, and just down right GOOD!

    I love graveyards, too..and find them so restful. Sometimes they are the only place to go to think...and find peace.

    Peace, my friend.

    Lady Nyo

  28. I couldn't agree more on burning the law books, Steve!

    And I LOVE cemeteries too, the older the better.


  29. LADY and JANNIE:
    You Peeps sure make me feel good! Like 'at home'.....(I'm in a hurry, OK?) BYE

  30. There's something very peaceful and spiritual to wander in and among the graves. It's one of my favorite places, as well.

  31. It IS nice to wander through an area of Peeps whose last words uttered about them was "They look so nat-chu-rel..."