Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, August 20, 2011



If you knew me personally, there would be no doubt the following is true. Beginning last Sunday, I was kept awake by a softly humming voice from a single mosquito in my bedroom. He kept whirring about in darkness until I thought he was asleep. (Actually he whirred until he thought I was asleep!)

Next came the 'ear game'. In which ear would he play that high-decibel tune now? This battle-for-bed continued for two more nights. I became all-day tired, stayed sleepy, and was definitely off my happy routines. Peeps said to me, “Where did all your enthusiasm go?”

Ah! A bright shiny-white new ceiling fan will do the trick! Trick was to install the damn thing. A bit--a lot--of plaster fell on my bed as the old (long-dead) fan fixture loosed from the ceiling/attic. Me: hoping that the whole ceiling would not cave in.

Being the clean-sort of guy, I gathered all those plaster pieces and whatever else, ensconced a couple shovels-full into a nearly-filled plastic trash bag, and dragged the bag all through the house. Then it was I discovered it had several slight holes. You guess! Fine, sandy plaster stuff left a trail all through the house.

Being the clean-and-dumb sort of guy, I swept all those particles again, dumped them (again) into a plastic bag already filled with trash. You guess (again)! Yesss (again) right into the same bag, with the same leakage, with the same result.

I can say with memory intact, one of the first sayings I heard in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings was, “If ya keep doing the same things, you will probably achieve the same results.” And I remembered thinking, now just how stupid a remark is that? (Stupid is as stupid does.)

The mosquito? He is in heavenly happiness on earth, swirling around in his private wind-tunnel. The male pronoun I have used because I was not bitten by 'him'. Male mosquito does not bite humans (I call him "no-prick"!)...only females need animal blood. (Bet that someone who is reading this did not know that?)

The fan works perfectly, I keep it on 'low' because all the old western-and-Mexican movie-drinking holes had a couple ceiling fans twirling ever so slowly. I found that is more cool a setting than 'high'.

All this began with a single mosqui...mos...ZZZZZzzzzzzzz!


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  1. Yes they are called pests for a reason!
    I have a plethora of roosters and turkeys in my yard- should I wake at dawn
    there is no returning to sleep- even now the turkeys are cheeping for breakfast...
    I am glad the fan is now working!

  2. So is the moral of the story, tiny irritant encourage big winds of change?


  3. JESSIE:
    That's FUN-NEEE! Thanks for my Saturday laugh.

    My father--after losing the large farm, settled into less acreage, and raised turkeys. He neither saw nor heard them (deaf-blind!). I recall him 'turning the eggs' with precise regularity, etc...YOU know! Thanks for the memory, Izzy!
    PEACE! (ear plugs?--grin!)

  4. female mosquitoes having fun, without fans...
    The event made a story... ah- peep so much there is in one's life... no matter how tiny the thing it turned up from.

    Hugs and sleep well .-)

  5. Your choice of artwork for this tale was amazing. Isn't it funny how sometimes such little things make such big changes in our lives? I'm thinking of splinters, blisters, pimples (think prom time), runs in stockings...on and on the list could go.

  6. haha love it steve...agree on the artwork as well...danr mosquitos wait til i sleep and bite me on my posterior...no real moral to that but sure chaps my...ahem...glad the fan is working too may need it today...

  7. DULCE:
    Don't your own words let us believe there is NOTHING 'tiny' about anything? When I see how tiny that mosquito—or that bird, and realize all the ramifications which ensue from their behavior—it is then I come close.

    Closer to 'see' that to God, every grain of sand which ever was blown by a gentle breeze is meaningful to the One Who made it all!

    Knowledge of this alone is enough to encourage (hugs, and sleep well) my Faith and Hope and Love. Thank you! Ya know, it is seldom recognized (I fail at this also!) the work of painting, drawing, or photo, which is painstakingly chosen bu a blogger. I shall try to become more aware. Thank you again. I think sometimes of that proverbial 'grain of sand' in one's shoe being more bothersome than a rock...PEACE!

    Thanks for everything, especially your work on
    'dVerse Poetry'. And very especially for coming here every time I post! YOU are the “man”, man!

    Whenever I see a ceiling fan blowing, I picture 'time' suddenly stopping. Next I picture a Japanese warplane--dive bomber--diving straight for me, then stopping about one foot before it shreds my body. Everything is silent.

    NOW....go to sleep, Steve—grin!

    (Jessie's comment made you laugh!)
    ME, TOO!

  8. Of all the American items imported to Norway, the electric ceiling fan is the most ridiculous.Gosh, I have friends who have ceiling fans in their living rooms, but they never run. Norway is so cold, there's simply no need for fans or other forms of air-conditioning for that sake.
    Even so, we have mosquitoes and they bite, must be females, all of them. The trick for keeping them away is a plant called bog myrtle. It helps keeping peace on rare out door evenings, as well as in the bed room, or in closets for protecting woollen clothings. Non toxic, very echo friendly, free, but perhaps not available in sub tropic climate.
    I wish you and your protected species a good night.

    Hey, ya made it, girl! thanks for stopping here once again!

    I have heard--and also read--that certain tribes living in the Andes Mountains enjoy a salt-free diet. It is claimed by some scientists that this is the reason they are not 'consumed by' mosquitoes.

    About 50 years ago, I stopped adding salt to food, and seldom do I receive a bite--while others nearby are literally covered with bites.

    Just sayin'
    PEACE to you Fel, and I hope that the remainder of year 2011 unfolds more simply for you!

  10. Steve, what a wonderful quote at the beginning of your blog. I plan to read all Mr Emerson just after finishing "Walden" by Thoreau. Do you know this book? I've just discovered it and am so very happy about that. I am taking it with me for my oncoming holidays.

    Take care, my Friend.


  11. I locked mosquitoes inside may car, under hot sun, more than 40 degree C.

    They still survived at the end of the day.

    I wonder how good they are in a freezing weather.

  12. Hmmm Steve I can hear you composing a piece just for the mosquito - maybe it would lure "her" out of your domicile

    Love ya
    have missed you my friend

  13. MAGDA:
    Have a much fun, much relaxing , much safe holiday, girl! Next you might write where you are going?

    Thanks Mr Man! For the visit...

    Did you leave some food and water for those locked-in mosquitoes?

    Compose music? Interesting! Just one hour ago I listened on You-Tube to a Butterfly Concerto for Violin--as suggested by the fellow right above, RAINFIELD61...

    Coincidences are running rampant here tonight! And You dropped by? WOW! Hope life is good for you, girl!

  14. Haaaa .I am wondering what would you do if you ever come to India .... land of mosquitoes .
    hope you are doing good Steve :):)

  15. And the blood is used to provide energy for making eggs! More mosquitoes when the female sucks.