Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, August 5, 2011



This morning I received this message—a new twist?

Dear Sir and/or Madam
You are the only one I am writing...” etc.

Of course, I replied with my banking and Sociable Security numbers, neither of which will help them—because both are nearly depleted. But...well, charity begins in a London Barrister's office, right?

Seriously, I am such a gullible (I had written a more apt 'gulloible', rhymes with 'foible'--grin!) person. Why...I even believed, at age six, in God-with-a-beard, angels, Adam, Eve, and with no skepticism, a talking snake named Satan.

The serpent 'spoke' about an 'apple', a 'tree', 'knowledge', damnation, heaven, hell, and other things which I understood--NOT! All I really knew was that if I masturbated, I might as well stop living, because hell was my destiny, and it was warm there, even hot, very hot.

My teachers and 'God' were obviously unaware that I preferred hot, to cold, anytime...all the time! As blowing snow entered my bedroom (onto floor and bed) through rotting window sills, and drifted, I pondered these wild stories, and dreamed of hell...trying to 'feel' warm.

It was then when I began thinking that maybe all adults were not infallible—in matters of anything. Thus began a lifetime rebellion.

Later in life I realized that my many serious problems (issues—UGH!) were mine, not yours. What I did not know was that my only real problem was...WTF! ME! My Self-centeredness stood between me and everyone, everything else.

How about that—I had been a slave to myself! Sheeesh!

I turned my will and my life over to this Higher Power—God. Then, and many times since, because I am human, I've slipped into my old familiar insanity. In each instance He has pulled me kicking-and-denying, to safety.

In order to climb out of, away from this abyss, there were three requirements, told me by Peeps who I had asked for help:

1. Trust God
2. Clean House
3. Help Others

Almost too simple? Well, of course, for this formula to be effective, I had to stay sober—grin! (It became a habit!)

Gratefully yours!
Live and Love well...
Be joyful!
Steve E

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  1. I'm just catching up on blogs I have missed for the last while and as always, I enjoy reading yours Steve.

    All the very best to you my friend.

  2. If Adam had met Steve Jobs, his world, and our, must be very different.

  3. it is the house cleaning that gets me...i have bad habits on not picking up dirty clothes until their time and...oh wait that is a metaphor...hmm...happy saturday steve!

  4. Succinct and to the point. Thank God it's just that simple! ;)

  5. i like the simple formula. what is simpler is to just submit and surrender.

  6. Why are the simple things so difficult sometimes? It's that humanity thing, isn't it?
    I'm glad you've found the "habit", Steve, and are following the formula.

  7. Glad that you made it a habit.

  8. Yes, Steve, that's easy! ...
    But I have to decide each day new:

    ... I will trust God ...
    .. to clean the house and keep clean (my heart) ...
    ... and to help others ...

    ... hm, that's not always easy for me ...* grin *

  9. Andrew:
    You are one good peep to be here today. Thank you.

    Adam and Steve Jobs had stuff in common. They both made big mistakes.

    Brian Miller:
    Vacuum the carpet!
    WHAT carpet?

    I used to wait until dirty clothes picked themselves up
    PEACE, Friend!

    Jess Mistress of Mischief:
    Ya k now, we humans are so accustomed to 'difficult' that we sometimes stumble about on 'simple'--grin!

  10. Oceangirl:
    Seems as if most Peeps here are tired of 'complicated'

    Yup. ah'm wit you on this!
    Peace, girl!

    Me glad too, Magpie. Hope everyone here is following 'their' formula', keeping their good habits.

    Well, I have several good habits, one of them is stay sober...I can't remember the others—grin!

    Hey, you! It is written to “Keep it simple”...nowhere does it claim that would be EASY! And...Cos, you stole that * grin * from someone named steveroni???

    I approve! PEACE!

  11. and i am so glad you did-stay sober i mean....lovely to know you now, my sweet steveE...:)

    this is a great, if not very sad, post about your history, steve, and actually the fact is you were self-medicating the pain away and that is justifiable...too bad you did not have the support to be helped sooner but i suppose God has his plan, no?

    and this made me laugh out loud-problem was...WTF! ME!

    isn't it always ourselves? geez....such a shame too...♥

  12. Thanks for adding A Few Clowns Short on your list.
    I enjoyed your story. I'm guessing you are a Mac person or at least got that picture from a Mac person. Some view the Mac as a religion.
    We are all slaves to ourselves, we just need to be the right types of selves - things are easier said than done.
    all the best

    Only thought it made a good pic. I'm still in the dark ages of MS.
    Thanks for dropping by. I'll be in to see you, because I like your blog--for sure. (We all cannot be everywhere--until we become spirits
    and then who knows?--grin!

    You do not know how happy I am to hear you 'laugh' in a comment. We Must keep our humor alive. We are not a glum lot.
    PEACE to you, dear Linda!

  14. Ha! I love the Apple image in Adam's hand. Your three requirements are simple and wise.

  15. It takes a lot of effort and determination to move on that SIMPLE direction and you did it:):)And i respect you so much for that :):)

  16. Steve, I just know that the way you live your life, joy will always be a part of your life!

    You are an inspiration!

    Margie :)

    Ha! I thought you'd catch the 'apple' if you got over here...grin

    Remember, there is NO perfection here, just some minimal progress, OK? But thanks!

    Joy? YESSS! Inspiration? Well, I don't know about that. God may 'move' Peeps at times to be inspirational--but I think He has to be somehow involved.