Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, August 25, 2011


AMENDED: We are now receiving rain and 25 m/p/h/ 
gusts so far away (200 miles) from the storm center.
Significance is that we can tell even more, 
what a dangerous lady is Irene...12 noon Eastern

Dear Peeps who live on the 
eastern seaboard, and inland
it is time to be responsible to yourselves. Please do not act from fear, but do whatever you are able to protect your lives first and then property.

My urgent prayer is for your safety in Charleston, SC and on northward to Maine and beyond. I ask that God will spare you any tensions and stress which are not necessary of that..

Already this Thursday morning at 6 AM I felt strong breezes from this Hurricane Irene, and we are 200 miles to the west of her inimitable forces.

With LOVE, I wish for all of you...SAFETY and PEACE!

Steve E.
Image of the gold cross is my own, 
which I wear for you Peeps in way 
of the storm this weekend.....S


  1. Thanks Steve. I think that we will be okay here. But the folks in NC may not be so lucky.

  2. think i have to watch the news...haven't heard about this yet...but so good to know there are people like you who pray

  3. thank you brother...covet your prayers and hope this rides out...without too much damage...

  4. i have been very out of touch and only concerned this 'might' hit land with a small gale...seems i am very wrong and i join you in your prayers for all those in her path, be they mammal or fish or bird, all the same, living things, please be out of the way.....i am off to turn on the weather channel..be well, my friend....xox

  5. SYD:
    I (ahem!) predict that you will get very wet before tomorrow morning. And I hope that is all.

    No must watch news--I shall supply you with what is going on in the world--grin!

    1. WWII is over
    2. WWI is finished
    3. This is a fine year for chocolate--everyone loves it!

    PEACE! (I am brain-dead today.)

  6. BRIAN:
    This storm, although it will be history in a week, is not the "ride out" type. It is the "GET OUT"...

    Did not mean to mislead you--WE here in Naples are not in the projected path of Irene. I am so thankful for that (Been there, etc....)

  7. Praying to you too, we are hoping that it won't hit us too terribly, sometimes we get a lot of residual rain and flooding, so far just rain and humidity. Keeping you and the Eastern Seaboard on my heart and prayers.


  8. you are so good, such a great peep, giving advice and praying...

  9. My prayers to everyone who will be affected by the storm.... All the best ~