Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, July 31, 2011




Once I asked the managing director (my former boss and friend) of a large hotel about the heavy-duty responsibilities of his job. Exactly what was it like?

He answered, “Oh, nothing to it. I say to one, 'Go', and he goeth. I say to another, 'Come', and he cometh.”

He was at once being both facetious and truthful.

Curiously, remembering that moment in reflection, I find in it references to my present-day life. In Alcoholics Anonymous I discovered the how and the why of it. In the drama of life, I failed as 'director' of everyone and every living thing.

No longer boss of my life, I now have a new Employer.
All-Powerful God. When I stay close to Him, and perform His work well, He provides everything I need. Usually when He says, “GO!”--I goeth. He says “Come!” I cometh. It can be that simple.

My new Boss is Kind, Gentle, Trustworthy, Loving. Mostly loving! I do not fear Him. And I do not want His job anymore! But I will do anything He asks. I'm becoming accustomed to using AA Peeps, you bloggers, and my AA sponsor to discern God's will for me. I don't think God is good in language, so He “talks to me” through you.

In sobriety I have done some crazy things—insanity returns?--grin! Somehow God turns my world right-side-up. It happens. I know. I have lived it, am living it. With God's Power in my life, and being conscious of His presence, I no longer fear anyone or anything. Nor do I fight, struggle. God does that for me now. (But I still do crazy things—not stupid. Crazy!)

Please NOTE: I'm not here to tell you how 'goodie-good' I am. Rather I would and do usually write how good I am NOT. My point here is to say that if I do behave justly, it is not my fault. It is simply that God has removed, one-by-one some bad behaviors, habits, obsessions, but He is long from finished!

I hate to sit in an AA meeting and hear Peeps talking about how good they are. I want to hear how bad they are/were, and what happened to insinuate a change in behavior. We are not perfect. NOBODY! (Well, I should not speak for you—grin!)

My Employer tells me this is a long-enough blog post. He also says it is bed time! And so I goeth!!!



(Next time PART III)

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  1. this is really amazing.
    great job :)

  2. So you are not perfect??? What a big disappointment- (grin!!!)

    This might be INappropriate but i must go on and say:
    HEy I was here. SEE? I read this long blog, and you know I do tend to leave them behind for another time...

    I like honest people, that's why I like you. But still disappointed..

  3. smiles. you are alright man...too much work trying to play perfect anyway you know...smiles. and submitting to the one...thats where it is at any way...

  4. I think you are so very human, both good and some days not so good. Unlike others you have chosen to stay on the battlefield, and that's more than admirable. You once made a decision and received help; now you are paying tenfold back.

    I also respect the way you give God credit for being in your life and helping you out on the stairways.

    Mr. Steveroni, you are a blessed man and so are the once who meet you.

  5. I loved the honesty of this post, and the one before this.

    What a blessed man are you to know that your life is not your own, even at this age of your life.

    Really, it all goes to prove that it is never too late to find God and trust Him as the Director, and Scriptwriter of our life.

    Sunday blessings to you, dear Steve.

    May the peace of God surround your heart as another week starts!


  6. MARGG:
    Don't see you often, but when I do, 'it' happens. Thank you a lot.

    You are so funny, my friend. Thank you for coming by and commenting --HA! (He says, smiling!) :-)

    Somehow, you help to keep me on the roadway--maybe in the wrong lane, but on the pavement, nonetheless! Thanks! Cool.....

    I'm hoping you are OK...don't know even why I wrote that.

    Anyway, thanks for your friendly support, and kind words. I guess we ALL need those. Ego? No! Just to know we are not insane.

  7. Ah! And I love that wise quote about cats and dogs...a really smart metaphor, I so much agree...

  8. DULCE:
    What's a metaphor?

    With prayerful Peeps of faith like you around Lidj...some if it has GOT to rub off. (God's Will, of course!)

  9. I like gOd talk. The more the better.

  10. KRISTIN:
    "God" talk. You and me both! And there's more on the way...thing about it is--it's all so true!

  11. None of us is perfect. I am reminded of that every day.

  12. I'm enjoying very much this series you and God are doing.
    It really is almost too simple. We work so hard sometimes at making life difficult. If we eat right and exercise, we'll live (hopefully - barring a bus accident) longer, happier lives. If we walk in God's will, we'll live longer and happier lives too. Doors open, our souls sing, and life seems effortless. What we have is what we need.

  13. Yup! Smiles and prayers, winks and giggles. It is all a part of growing.

    Thank you for reminding me.


  14. Smiled at the header quote :):)
    You surrendered to the right authority my friend :)

  15. Well when I was bad I was very very bad, and when I'm bad now it's awful :oP

    I continue to remember the words of a lot of great peeps who say, if I've made myself look bad (or really really sick) and god look good (really quite miraculous) then my job is well done. :)

    God's the good in my life, all of the Good is God. :)

  16. SYD:
    Perfection? I try not to think about it—grin!

    Never thought that God is doing this also...maybe parts of it are Him working through a 'sick' human. “What we have is what we need. You wrote. Hence comes that saying, “Practice being satisfied...” (with what we have!.) And yup, simple is uncomplicated!

    (JUST?) JANE:
    Reminding YOU? Ha! I just reminded myself, reading your sweet and brief comment. Thanks Jane.

    Thought someone might enjoy that quote...GIRL! Yep, when Gos says, “Lay down your arms, you are powerless. Come to Me in PEACE!” That's time to give up.

    If you insist on the word 'bad'...girl, that's your business. A rotten apple is 'bad'...but it feeds lots of little Peeps; ants, worms, birds, etc. So I'll use the word. If I were not bad, I'd never be able to help another who is 'bad!. Hmmmm...this could go on and on....

    Cannot disagree with you on anything. Yet, when you speak of God's Goodness, that sort of ends any conversation except, like, “You are SO right, Jess!”

  17. I am perfect, even when I am not. I am perfectly imperfect.

    Why do you have to warn people about God? The hell with those who think they cannot deal with God.