Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, July 29, 2011


My Recovery—Part One (of three)

My life was self-directed for many years. A life of utter chaos! I would have been perennial winner of the “self-will-run-riot” award. When I arrived at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous, I had been beaten down, driven by a hundred forms of fear. So sick mentally, physically, and of course morally, I recall just standing there and mumbling something about “I'm DONE! Please, someone help me, please tell me what to do.”

And I really did surrender myself to these sober Peeps—and the program of living they worked—and was ready to do anything to stay sober. A stranger at my first meeting said to me, “AA has many 'promises' for the Peeps who work these Twelve Steps. But I have ONE unwritten promise on which you can 'bet the farm': If you don't drink, you will not get drunk! If you don't believe me...try it!”

This happened in Naples, Florida. I was a bartender. I attended one meeting a week. That first dry day was not easy. But that night...I had one (God-given) moment of clarity, which many Peeps experience. Somehow I knew I would never take another drink. And I have not. That was March 18, 1974.

I never looked back! 

--Steve E


  1. glad you got that moment of clarity brother...and i hope many more do as they read you...

  2. I would love to hear you at a speakers meeting.

  3. :) I love this reflection and all the other reflections you share about what it was like, what happened and "establishing your relationship with God" :)


  4. Love to hear from three friendly Peeps!

    Yup. Often after a meeting (AA) I wonder at words and thoughts which were shared, and the far-reaching possible consequences. Awesome!

    Speaking is not a simple task for me. Always ask myself, "God, why are you making me do this? Where is that "power to do your will" that I'm constantly hearing about?

    Love your "YAY!" whenever I read it--I can hear your voice! BTW, "relationship with God" is still being established--DAILY! Thank you for being so supportive, my friend.

    Re: your blog:
    HARD ASS? I saw you as a gentle, kind and courteous, helpful, loving human who, having received the 'Power' is always "carrying it out" --the action!!!

  5. good to know
    will be waiting for 2nd part
    inspirational for everyone

  6. blessings, my kind friend...thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us. your life seems filled with miracles from this first brave step.xxx

  7. I'm glad that you finally found yourself low enough to see the only way out was up and that God placed the right Peeps in your path.

  8. SM:
    OK! Ya DID it. I was thinking, "Who wants to read all this crap about moi?" And maybe forgetting to write Parts II and III. But now I WILL. They'll be brief and painless to read! THANK YOU!

    Glad to see you here--you know ;-) And thank for that "miracle" thought. The Universe Itself is a miracle, as are your own life's struggles, and powerful attempts to keep above all that.
    God bless you, Linda!

    YOU, girl, really 'get it'. An addict has to really hit the bottom (different for different Peeps--for some it's death!) before reaching that turning point (inspiration?) to start the climb out of the pit of pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. God IS the solution AND the answer, if we cooperate. Thank you SO much!

  9. Glad that you surrendered. I have heard similar stories of those who were ready and asked God to relieve the urge to drink. Miracles and grace.

  10. If you don't drink, you will not get drunk! If you don't believe me...try it!”- GOLDEN WORDS.

  11. Sunrise picture is so apt for your this post.