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Saturday, July 2, 2011



Ever since my yout' I have experienced affinity with grass, weeds, stuff growing from, and in earth. As a child, I went through a period of not walking on grass, for fear of 'hurting” those glistening green blades!

My recent fondness for and love of trees, and other 'objets de la nature', is due in part to faithfully following the life and work (through her blogs) of C.P. Adorio, my most-preferred (without reservations) artist-Peep.

Pigma ink on 9"x12" Bristol Board
C.P. Adorio's "Miladysa's Glen", long my most favorite, stimulates my awareness, consciousness, of peace, serenity, nature, God's gifts.
Drawing, right, was inspired by photo, left.
Interesting rationale


You've seen one redwood, you've seen 'em all, right?

How many times, really, can we wander through a patch of redwoods and be silenced by the sheer beauty of these 2,500-year-old things? How many times does staring at a tree that was around when the Romans ruled the world make our lives seem irrelevant? How many times can we be flat-out amazed by the sheer tenacity of redwoods to survive for 25 centuries?

Every time, actually, if we have a soul.
Seen one redwood, seen 'em all, right?

I must get a life. Hug a tree. Get a crick in my neck. Be humbled. (No need for my arms to reach all the way around the tree--grin!)

For a VERY informative short video about how these giants are measure, and the importance of that, please click on TREES

Redwood photo from Google Images


  1. Oh wow! Thank you Steve> Wow. I am humbled.. I was 5-month pregnant with my son when my husband and I visited the Redwoods. Oh my God. If I were an atheist then, I would have believed in God then, but since I was/am a believer, I just started having contractions from so much excitement. It was difficult to hug the trees, first they were gigantic, secondly, my abdomen was in the way but I made sure I rubbed my belly against the tree so my son will grow up loving trees and nature. He does. Thank you for this. You honor me so. I do not deserve it but thank you!. Tsup!

  2. I haven't walked through a forest of Redwoods for a long time, but my son and his GF did a few weeks ago. She being from Florida and never before in the Sequoias said it was magical. I told her that I always felt like I was walking among ancients, and I'm not New Agey, just Celtic. :)

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Casa's wonderful page.
    Such a beautiful thought .I am going to hug a tree soon.Thanks for the inspiration both of you :):)
    Have a happy Sunday .

  4. Peace to your world too Steve. How apropos to use the Redwood, one of our oldest living beings here on this planet. When I was young I use to sit on the floor of the Museum at the Botanical Gardens and sit in awe of this huge slice taken from a Redwood tree,and I would study it for hours and count the rings - years later it was no longer given the center display but stuffed in a corner in a side hall, it sadden me very much to see this, When my partner & I was traveling from NY to the Redwoods we stopped at a particular tree stump and a sign a few photos told of it's fate, it was the same tree, I felt very humbled in its presence.

  5. wow steve, it's gorgeous here tonight and yes, those amazing redwoods are something to hug, sit under and mostly gaze upon- UP on.....they are so big, it takes away your breath...very beautiful, not too far from me in petaluma actually......thanks for the amazing peek at CES' art too, beautiful drawing. xoxo

  6. I've only ever seen photos of the redwoods and grand canyon, I hope someday to see them for real...

    There are many places in the world I'd like to see in person, because of the sheer majesty of the photos and awesomeness of the wonder as people describe them.

    I love nature, it's the best reflection of how much love, detail and majesty go into Gods creation!

  7. Steve, I have to admit... I also have a fondness for grass and weeds (and especially weeds) and trees (and especially tree trunks that are all gnarled and twisted with age). There is something about the life inside nature that reminds us, it seems, about the life inside us. We so often get carried away by the rumble of our busy lives and we forget to stop and see what's really around us.

    On this Sunday morning, I'm so glad I swung by to visit and share with you this humble... and humbling... moment.

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, Steve!


  8. NEVINE:
    Your comment brought me JOY! To share like that is why I blog!

    I believ that is the whole point, as you brought out--God's Creation. HIS Gift to US! To use, enjoy, and PRAISE Him! Thanks.

    Wondering if you have painted any redwoods. Of course, not much color is there, but YOU would flavor it with splashings, I KNOW!! Love. PEACE!

    Yup, I think those giants are there to help convince some Peeps that there IS a Higher Power, and His Name is God!

    Oh! Thank you for 'hugging' a tree. Even though only symbolic, it stirs something in my heart when I am thinking of the "LIFE" all about us, which is not human, but.......

    Well, I hate to admit that I am CERTAINLY not 'new-age', but I now have an awareness of Creation, which I had not 10 years ago--or TEN WEEKS AGO-grin!

  9. C.P.Adorio:
    I did not 'set out' to "HONOR" you so much as, well, just to write what is...IS! I joke a LOT (too much) but serious is just that, a time for deep honesty, how I think and feel, and what of so much I DON'T know.

    That said, I am happy, JOYFUL, that you allowed me to copy and post some of your work, writings, and URLs. Oh, I forgot! GRATEFUL!!!
    Steve E

  10. I've run out of ideas for comments, Steve, especially when I have never been to one of those redwoods... or have I?
    But I can feel the powr of a tree no matter how old when I hug them... that I really love to do:-)

  11. Great stuff, Steve. Love that b & w drawing. Has an almost ominous look to it compared to the soft colorful photo. Redwoods are a sight, aren't they. Does truly make one feel humble.

  12. DULCE:
    Your comment "I have never been to one of those redwoods...or have I?"

    That is one grand and astutely deep thought put into 12 little words. Who is to say where we have been, or where to go? We simply just do not know the immediate.
    PEACE. Enjoy the holiday!

    Missed your "Sunday", will try to remember next week. Hey, I just thought of something--WHO planted those 2,500 year-old trees? OR....whence came the acorns?

  13. They are spectacular. I hate to see trees being cut down. The timber beasts have been active on my small island.

  14. Hi Steve E. I've been hiding lately. Not posting too much at Benedict Notes for the moment but have a couple of things you may find interesting on my main blog if you find your way in that direction.

    I have long had a love affair with Redwoods. I've been privileged to live near them my entire life. Next month we will be driving up in the Sierras for a visit and will be stopping in at our favorite Big Trees State Park. Endless vistas of glorious Redwoods.

    Happy Fourth, Steve,

  15. Have A Happy Independence Day Steve !

  16. It's amazing when things are put into perspective how truly insignificant we humans are. Maybe not insignificant, because all God's creations have significance. But we're not as "all that" as we sometimes think we are. Happy Belated Fourth!