Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, July 23, 2011



Probably one lone Peep in the whole world has been found asleep while viewing a Harry Potter film. Nobody heard me snoring. But my grandson suspected my lethargy, when he saw the box of chicken and fries fall off my lap onto the floor.

Grandson, age 12 (the violinist!) picked out an activity for us this Saturday. He enjoyed it immensely.

Harry Potter Part 2” is the eighth and supposedly final film in the series. I have not read any HP books, nor seen any of the movies prior to this one—the end. I knew not who were good guys or bad guys. Lots of explosions—actually constant!—and filming tricks, altogether quite boring for me. Sorry, you Harry Potter Freaks Peeps!

Everyone I've spoken with said that I must either read the books, or begin with movie #1 and see the first seven before tackling the last film, the end. Also they all let me know how much they love Harry Potter. Did I take their advice? Of course not!

I am happy to have seen this one, the redeeming factor being that it let me know I'll not see another or read the (how many?) books. “Contempt prior to investigation?” Yer dammmm right! Once a year I allow that—for just a half 

The SILVER SPOT CINEMA in Naples is fairly new, sporting cutting edge technology. It took me a half hour to figure out how to buy a ticket (exaggeration), and is complete with restaurant, huge leather living-room-type theater seats, tiered so every row has perfect view. A real pleasure to visit this place for an afternoon--no swimming pool! But there IS a thousand-mile beach one mile to the west--grin!

Back to films. I'm more of a “Godfather” or “Goodfellows” type of movie fan, and...truth be known, I'd much rather be sitting in front of my computer reading blogs and commenting, writing one now and then. Or chatting with a friend on Google-chat! Or attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and feeling like, well...useful...or well-used?!

Most Peeps who might read this do know I am not a chronically dissatisfied Peep. In fact I try to practice being satisfied with whatever I have (key word...practice).

Going to bed happy, because I know getting up will be fun. It always is. Can't wait to see what the day will bring: Happy, sad, frustration, serenity, peace, joy, maybe a dose of each.

Have a great Sunday, Peeps!
Love! And PEACE!


  1. nice...i have never seen a one myself...i did read the first couple books just to be in the know...eh...have a lovely day when you wake...

  2. I did watch a couple of those movies on video. Not bad, to my taste of fantasy.

    I like Van Gogh's Starry Night better though. And the song Don Mclean wrote on it.

  3. No Harry Potter for me either. We actually wanted to go to see a movie the other day but nothing decent was playing. I had to laugh about the chicken falling off your lap.

  4. I shall put it as a month in order to figure out how to buy a ticket.

    This is why I call myself gaga.

  5. My daughter and son-in-law are big Harry Potter fans!
    Even though you feel asleep, I'm sure your grandson was happy to have you there with him!

    I love how you love life and are at peace!

    Margie :)

  6. BRIAN:
    Enough fantasy is in my head that I do not have to read books, or see the movies--grin!

    You are 'down-to-Earth' Peep, so no wonder you watch another writer's 'fantastic' story. Bless you, man. Stay happy!

  7. SYD:
    We can just 'observe beach microbes' while others are in Harry Potter movie with their chicken and fries--grin!

    I get the "month" thing...but don't understand the 'gaga'. My favorite GaGa-Peep does not buy tickets to the cinema--grin!

    About once a week I click on a blog where I have never before been, just for fun. Guess what? YOU are always there, in the 'follower' squares...and/or in the comment areas! So now I click on blogs, and expect to see you there--grin!

  8. My daughter is one of the Harry Potter Peeps. We did a marathon movie watching prior to the last one coming out, but alas have yet to go see the last one. I haven't read any of the books...maybe that will be a project for the coming Ice Age. :)

  9. MAGPIE:
    You are such a faithful reader, and your comments are almost like "chat". Thank YOU!

    Ice age: Do you mean next winter? Or the year 9oo5?-grin!

  10. I guess I am always the one swimming against the stream.
    After my daughter had read the books,) gifts from us, if she read them in English from she was 13) she would follow her friends to cinemas in London, Oslo and Haugesund.
    After that, she still wanted the DVDs, and then it was me and Gunnar's turn to share what was important to her.

    I admit, I have only seen a few, but while seeing I've learned a lot about old English language, I've tried to run through to wall at Platform 9 1/2 at King's Cross Station and visited the dining hall at Christ College in Oxford. (Ask your grandson, if you don't get it).

    My daughter knows so much about animation, film directors and above all, her hero author JK Rowling, whose work was rejected by most known publishers until Bloomsbury acknowledged her talent and made a fortune on her.

    I feel privileged to get so much in return for just being the Mom in the Harry Potter area.

    That doesn't mean I have never fallen asleep while watching.

  11. I have never read a single HP book but have seen few movies,in fact i own a dvd set .Got it for my kids .Initially they were ok about it but now they don't like it at all.
    Lol on falling box of chicken and fries.
    I love Bourne Ultimatum kind of movies....seen all in the series .And i have surprised myself by watching long movies like Ane Of Green Gables.

    BTW ,my eight year daughter is learning Violin for the last two years:)i told her about you :)