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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


MLK and GANDHI    
"I thought that spirituality has nothing to do with politics", said a somewhat shocked disciple when she first became acquainted with the Master's political activities.

"That's because you have no idea what spirituality is all about", the Master said.

Several days after, observing that she espoused an opposition party he called out to her and said, "You have no idea what politics is all about either."

Pieced together from Anthony De Mello: "Awakening"


  1. wonderful, i will need to track down who/what this is.... you are making me feel un-well-read!!! love that photo up top, gorgeous.. xox

  2. Spirituality move the world and that includes politics...it has throughout history...the greatest politicians know that and honors it....

    this is a great post...now you have me thinking..bkm

  3. Anthony de Mello: You know how I enjoy his works.

    Joy always,

  4. FOrgive me my ignorance, I have probably heard the name Anthony de Mello, but I don't know what he stands for. Maybe I will read up a bit on wikipedia (how convenient, a quick read!)... but the picture is lovely.

    I believe that politics (righteous governance) and spirituality can go together.

    Thanks for this post, Steve.And thanks for visiting my blog place today.


  5. Wise, very wise. As a wise man once told me, as a comment to my blog, politics are fiery. Smiles, and Peace to you!

  6. Well, at least, everything should be spiritual.
    I see you have a quote by that well-known author, Brian Miller....hmmmm. :)

    i like that...
    hmmm sorry.
    Spiritual politicians?
    I have no idea waht this is about.
    Cultural issues gap?

    When you write 'Excellent' I feel like my teacher has graded me A+...

    Hey girl, just go to demello.org and there find a Mother Lode of useful spiritual stuff, even a 'daily quote'. It is truly my ONE place to go for guidance. De Mello was a Jesuit Priest (India), died suddenly in 1987. But his writings are reminiscent of what a Buddha guru might have written 500 years B.C.

    You GO, girl! I think the 'greatest' politicians are outnumbered HUGELY by the other kind...ya know? Now, you have ME thinking!

    We not talking 'future' here--because most politicians think of 'future' only in terms of staying in power, my opinion. My excerpt was a joke, for even the 'most spiritual' of people may be diametrically opposed--politically--to other 'most spiritual' people. Right?

    Yes, Sweetie! I know! It is the ONE place for me--to clear my head of stinking thinking.

    Please look up "demello.org" and let me know what you think of this Indian Jesuit.

    You are one of those 'special people'. I recently read some of your archived posts. You might consider reading about Father Anthony De Mello S.J., at demello.org and possibly it could be helpful--especially with anxiety issue.
    Thanks for reading...and PEACE!

    Yes...everything! But sometimes I have a little trouble with that word 'everything'...granted, it is MY problem. Hey De Mello--HELP!

    Mistakenly typed "MADPIE"!!! Hey, that well-known author IS pretty good, ya know. Only thing I really know about him is HE NEVER SLEEPS!
    "Always Fair Weather When Friends Get Together"--You are one of them....

    I KNEW you'd like this! Any words of DeMello seem to be the way "we think"!

    Hey, YOU! I think you read too fast--the meaning, the essence, is quite clear. There are SO FEW politicians who have anything on their minds except to stay in power, no matter the cost in lives or suffering of the people they govern Look all over the world at this. Selfishness to the extreme quite often.

    There are those few like Martin Luther King, and Gandhi who could be both spiritual AND political, at great sacrifice and suffering to themselves. Might be a 'human' gap, not cultural. Or maybe your opinion differs, which is O K A Y. I am happy you gave me the opportunity to explain. Thank you, for reading, commenting, and for your patience--IF you read this comment(ary)!
    And for Sweeter Duality--PEACE!

  9. two of my fave people...MLK and Ghandi....politics = life changes

  10. I remember being in grade school and our entire school went to see the movie "Gandhi". It had such a profound effect on me. Few people really know what it is to stand for your beliefs, same with Martin Luther King.....

  11. oh BUt of course! MLK and Ghandi, that is why they were killed... whomever is a spiritual person is eventually killed. Shame on us humans.
    Either you are a politician or a spiritual person, both are not good combination.

    Thanks a lot for the explanation

  12. SARAH!
    You are SO right! What I detest in politics is the sometimes--often--waffling, back-and-forth, to please everybody--which NOBODY can do.

    But of course, you and I know there are many others--thank God--who are anonymously working honestly and tirelessly for their people. But TOO many who are definitely NOT!

    Hello again! Gurrl, I know YOU know these things, we all live with them daily. A N D I must not forget that sometimes the people are .........wrong! (How 'bout THAT?)--grin!
    Hugs back!