Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, February 21, 2011


APOLOGY: This post is not the one 
promised (Men and Machines II) but 
the following was on my mind tonight:

Someone who barely knows me, asked if I would speak Thursday morning 8:30 AM at 24-Hour Club in Naples. Of course I will. In all these years I have never heard a real alcoholic who is serious about recovery, say "No!" to any request to serve the fellowship which saved my life.

Several years ago I spoke, and just prior had read an article in which I learned that one can lose immediately 2 inches (5 cm) around the waist line if they but stand up straight. I tried it. It worked! There I stood before 150 people, to 'humbly' share my singular spirituality, my great strength and hope, my awesome love of all things, my total sobriety, and how all this happened. Well, I stood up, nice and tall. Yes, I immediately lost 2 inches off my waist. Also I immediately lost my pants!
Instantly I transformed into "Mr Humility" Or is that called Mr Humiliated? All the Ego stuff I had planned--what a wonderful recovering alcoholic I had become-grin!--flew right out the window. Honesty took over. Somehow it just seemed appropriate.

Thursday I will tell them what it was like as best I can recall--when I was drinking; what finally happened, what changes took place, and what my life is like now. I must be honest--for this, my program of Alcoholics Anonymous is how I stay sober, happy, and live without my crutch alcohol.

Oh! What an ugly story--my alcoholic progression--from earliest memory.

To tell what my life is like now will be a challenge, because sharing the singular lurid details is not required. But how do I sift them, cull them from the flock of my activities? Some people's stories are based on "The good I have done, since being sober!...ETC!"

I have never awakened thinking, "Well, I'm going out and 'do some good' today!" I wake up happy EVERY day, no matter what. I don't know why--it is a gift which I appreciate, accept, and use. I look in my book to see where I must be and when, and then put one foot in front of the other...that is, after attending to my one last(ing) obsession, blogging.

I know that God is working when (Example):  in a long line at the market, one lady in front of me is vocally unhappy about everything, so full of negativity. I 'mentally pounce' on her, full of smiles, and smiling remarks. By the time she leaves, she smilingly thanks me for helping brighten her day, or some such. And I KNOW God purposefully brought us together for those minutes. These happenings really, really occur. Frequently. Daily.

Not to give an impression that mine is a 'perfect' life...far from that. But I DO enjoy life as it unfolds, or as I unfold it. And I see humor in places where laughter is absent.
Inappropriate here is mention of the good, bad, and the ugly of me. But I will disclose these attributes at my talk on Thursday. Also I will ask God to allow me to say one thing--in any event--which will have meaning and consequence in the mind and heart of at least one person maybe just off the street, or one old-timer still suffering in some way.
And this to you I swear: I WILL keep my pants on!

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  1. Yes Steve, you are living life large.

  2. I thank you, Steve, for brightening my night.

  3. it is what is inside, that bubbles to the outside. and that is why you are such a happy person and make those around you happy too. me for one...

  4. You will be great. You are a wonderful storyteller and you speak from the heart. I wish I was there to listen. As for your question over at my blog I am pasting my reply here:

    Steve, I wrote this on Martine's blog:

    "...For the amount of time I have spent on my art, it has not given me any financial gain, not that I am needing it, but one would think that there must be something utilitarian. Alas, not. In fact it is a burden for me sometimes. I feel imprisoned by the desire to ink. I hope I am rid of that desire soon. I miss painting terribly so. Drawing is a sort of therapy for me right now, a nervous habit..."

    After this series, I will stop drawing, perhaps, stop art altogether. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and painting since I was 19. I think it's the right time to stop. Goodnight, Steve.

  5. whew! (on keeping pants on) i like letting life unfold as it happens...i can totally see you in that moment with the lady in line and when we are genuines thankful and happy i dont see it being hard at all to lift the spirits of others...

  6. Your stories continue to inspire and encourage. Actually all of those wonderful stories from Alcholics do. It's so amazing that both good and bad experiences, both hardship and plenty can pave the way to help someone let go of the gates of hell and climb, one step at a time, to the light. :)

  7. Good that you keep giving back. I think that is the only way to keep what I have.

  8. Oh, lovely you. I barely know you but I understand the struggle and joys you have had (and are still having) living life in such a courageously chosen way. Pants on or off, you're tops, IMO. Just next time wear a belt to your public speaking engagement. LOLOL

  9. A perfect read for me today. I'm speaking tonight too! I will ask to stay humble, honest & a conduit

  10. Thanks for sharing..feels good to read it!

  11. I like the way your positive spirit spills out on everyone around you, Steve.

  12. smiles...what a moment that must have been. But I'm sure it allowed you to make quite the impression on your audience. :)

  13. ... a speaker from the fourth dimension is found with or without pants the right words ...
    ...I think of you on Thursday ...
    please tell us about it ... I'm excited ...

  14. ANDREW!
    Well friend, life IS big. Right? Glad you are here, friend!

    I hope also your days are brightened. Wherever you are, the sun shines...

    Happiness is more contagious than any of the diseases--grin!

    Oh Ces! I track you everywhere you write--even Martine's blog. Only YOU know when time for resting has arrived. An only YOU can do it--or not. Please do not cut yourself away from us--that is my real concern! Solitude and Isolation are not the same...RIGHT!

    Isn't that totally true--about life unfolding. Enthusiastic gratitude for happiness IS contagious...

    I know only a few of your stories, but I DO know how you think! And it is GooooD! Your influence is spread, not thinly, but with ampleness. Love and Hugs to you both, favorite people. PEACE!

    You are the Master of using few words which mean many. Thank you.

    Visiting you as soon as this commenting session is finished. A belt PLUS suspenders--have to buy them--ar my attire Thursday...and trousers, of course!!

    NOW...I went there and shall return, of course. Very interesting and easy reading--your words, almost as if you are speaking (I CAN hear a voice there--do you sing bass?--GRINNING!)

    Oh I KNOW your sharing went fine--God is always in charge of those things, amazing! Humility? Honesty? Really? And I also must strive to be a conduit? With GOD'S HELP, your talk, and mine. PEACE!!!!

  15. TAM HESS!
    Thank you for visiting. Feels good . I dropped in to you blog (just now) and WAY too much beauty to comment--yet. Need to spend some time there...and I will! Another of wonderful artists for my list of MTP (Most Talented People!).

    They listened to every word, but I believe they were waiting anxiously for something ELSE to take place. It did not, except where it was intended to happen. Know what I mean? --grin!

    You are so dear to me, I don't know why...your openness? Your honesty? BTW, your English is excellent, I hear the accent when you write--grin! I hope to blog it, if there is inspiration. Thank you for visiting, again!

  16. Seriously? You lost your pants? heeheehee Now that is funny. Aaahhh, we all have our list of embarassing moments, don't we. I feel like the lady at the grocery store right now so people like you are a breath of fresh air, Stevilicious! Thanks for the comments on my blog, my dear. :-)

  17. i think i remember you from somewhere...

    oh yes i do remember you now.
    from somewhere.

    i used to say "see you in a hundred years, in another life!"
    is this another life?
    a hundred years already?
    time flies so fast.
    as fast as the cold travels.
    i thought you were leaving me and Ces.

    ps: yes please keep your pants on... :D