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Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey, my HEAD is stuck in here--Heloooo? HELLLLP!

Several mornings while I go out to begin my day--riding Suzuki, of course!--I see a man who lives in the front, the main part of this house in which I inhabit a small room in rear. He is working on his car every morning, noon and evening, sometimes with a flashlight (lantern? Torch?) at night. Oh, so many tools and calibration instruments lying all over the driveway!

This morning I questioned him with "Wuz up, Dude?" (I try to be 'with the times' and find I am 25 years behind, no matter what--grin!) So...I asked  again:

"Wuz up, Dude?", and he responded.

Well my car won't start.

Will the engine run, though?

Dummy, if it won't start, HOW can it 'GO'?"

Why will it not start? (I'm asking this as if I should be able to help--ME, a volin player. HA!)

I blew a head gasket.

Get a new gasket...

It cost $2000.

Oh! And the truck only worth about $500?



How did head blow? Did your engine ever run 'hot'?

Yeah, it overheated many times


Me, thinking: (So now I know who is the 'dummy', and it ain't ME!)
So why are you working feverishly (foolishly, ha!) on this piece of junk?

I'm just tinkering--it needs a new engine. I am going to 'junk' it, give it to whoever will haul it away.

I still ask you--why do you keep working on a dead corpse? Thinking it will come alive?

NO! And that's a good question!

And so I got on my Burgman Scooter--which never fails me, because I do not let it overheat!!!--
and rode happily away. While riding, thinking, about the foibles of us men.

Our behavior is like little boys...yes.
Is THAT one of those 'other' things girls 'see' in us, what they LOVE about us?

Listen now to me...I'm sounding like a little boy. And I am a SOBER little boy! In the body of a man who is young no more, except in his head--grin!

And yet...there is still time for everything, EVERYTHING!

Monday will be a conclusion to this post--a "Part II" which I did not foresee while writing this. Thanks for reading, and PEACE, Peeps!

(I hope you all realize that "Peeps" means very VERY special people to me.)

"Mechanic Swallowed" by peirrin
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  1. why you are always so funny, dude?

    I don't know if that's exactly what we 'girls' like about 'boys'... makes me go and think about it.... sorry but it'll take time.

    Love the last question...working on a dead corpse. hmmmmm- Some scientists and surgeons really need to work on them to find great discoveries...


  2. Maybe it's a zen thing for your house mate. Perhaps by 'working through some stuff' he is able to achieve some enlightenment about...something...

  3. I have a 1991 Chev Corsica that is in a mechanic's garage. It has been in there for over a year, he took it apart and has not had the energy to tackle it again. It has a quarter of a million miles on it, and I want it to run for another three quarters of a million. Unfortunately, we paid him in advance, so patience, foolishness, hope, all high! What can I say, I like value for my money. Cars should run, food should be delightful, vacations should be fun, and all that jazz. Smiles and Peace to you my new amazing friend. You are an inspiration!

  4. hmmm...makes me wonder what is yet to come...i do not tinker with cars...i usually break them if i try...

  5. Hey Steve. I gather you have gone through some changes in your personal life.

    All the very best to you my friend.

  6. As you can see, this is an older model car. You can't tinker under the hood of the newer ones...unless you have a computer degree of some sort. Waiting to see what is coming in Part II.

  7. MAGPIE!
    Hey, "what's coming up" is not really exciting--just more story, I'm glad you are here.

    Man, you are really getting around the blogs these days...branching out to the poetry stuff, etc. I am SO glad to see some movement in your life. --and yes, some personal changes, what a 'nice' way to put things. I'll write it all out one day.

    Me too..."if it ain't broke--I'll break it!"

    You are SO nice to undeserving me, but I Love it. I once received a plaque for driving a (handicapped) bus 250,000 accident-free miles. The next day I backed into a parked car!

    And you want to put 750,000 miles more on that veHicle? You know it's ONLY human, right? (I like the way Peeps say "VeeHickle"--grin!

    Monday I have two more hours of Buddha, and some discussion of Zen. The following Monday we rcv an intro to meditation, along with the practicing of a 20-minute session. I can DO that! It is easy to empty my mind, there's so little there to deal with. Hugs... Steve!

    I try to be funny, because then you will not notice how nervous I am.

    Now, be a good girl and go back to your Duality blog which BTW, is excellent in conception, design, content and unique and colorful header.
    AND...it's also 'sweeter'--grin!

  8. Love the logic-(yours)and obsessive persuasion-
    yah-but, if onlys, (his) sooo real...thanks!

  9. Steve, now why in the world would I make up words? Hahahah! Regolith is not only found on earth but in the moon, Mars, etc. Ha-ha "where do I go to find what you write?" Argh! Hahahahahha! Hey, I am sending your Baldbabybeingkissedbyanelephant next week. I am wrapping it today. Okay? :)

    Hahahahah! I can see you talking to this man and insisting to know why he has his head stuck in that hood. Hahahahahah! You are lucky you are charming.

  10. LOL... Resurection of the dead... I feel like I was trying to do that for years...I'm so glad God's the one that has miracles!

  11. JESS!
    Well, "God IS LOVE"..that's a definition. So I suppose that "love" is the greatest of miracles. And since everything comes from God's Love, maybe that is the ONLY miracle? Oh God, I'm digging this hole deeper, better say....

    Why is it I LOVE to make you laugh? Maybe it is a feeling of special connection, when humor is shared. Wonder which animals have that besides us? Monkeys? Elephants? Oh well let us laugh, LAUGH! PEACE!

    Oh yes, those yeah-buts, I am pagued with them...well, fewer now, of course--grin! Glad to see ya, girl.

  12. Life is so strange. God is a mystery. Sometimes what seems like a dead corpse turns out to not actually be dead.

    Guess that's why they used to make it possible for a corpse in a buried casket to ring a bell should he find himself alive.


  13. lol some people just dont know when to give up

  14. Working on a dead corpse (as opposed to a live one)....yup. I have seen that in any number of meetings I have attended as well. Some get it. Some don't.

  15. Boys and toys... and Danika... the races are in town here... but seems like an excuse for all the boys to get out their toys even if they're not going to the race. Or maybe it's that we finally have nice weather?
    Your neighbor - Is that what men mean when they say they're just "tinkering"? :)
    God bless.

    I don't know what men mean ...I just 'tinker'.

    Once I saw it in church also...maybe that's why I never returned? (Not true--return)

    You Soooo right, Janice. "My will be done"!

    Yes, I knew "dead corpse" is redundant...but if it's a corpse which is also dead--it probably won't breathe again. Then...there's that "God" thing--and that "bell" thing--grin! Welcome back to the blog world. Are you staying or just passing through?
    Love and Peace!

  17. ...Help! Men to understand it is a art ... I'm learning again and again ...
    cars are toys for men, whether they drive or not ... for me, the car is a tool to get fast forward...

  18. Hi, Steve, it's Tracey. I found my way to your new blog. Love this quote: "life is just like music, which is made more by feeling and by instinct than by rules." So true! Hope all is well in sunny FL.

  19. heehee...you think?
    ""Our behavior is like little boys...yes. Is THAT one of those 'other' things girls 'see' in us, what they LOVE about us?""

    nope, not this girl anyway. maybe he just thought if he talked, you'd help instead of get on your sweet bike and go on your way....makes me smile to think about it. xxx

  20. COSIMA!
    My belief is--aside from "equal this" and "equal that"--NEVER will the human female or male EVER understand the other. It was not meant to be. So I have stopped trying, at least for tonight!-grin

    Really WAS glad to see you here. Thanks for taking the time to read and drop by. I'll check out your place...about that quote, I'm betting you'd like Anthony De Mello. If you DO decide to give him a reading, start with "AWAKENING", my advice. It's full of short, witty, and SO true bits of Eastern philosophy.

    Well, I'll quit trying to emulate the "little-boy" crap--RIGHT NOW!--grin! Hugs! and PEACE!