Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Let MONKEY MAN know that you wrote a 
Flash Fiction using exactly 160 characters 
for the popular SUNDAY 160

By the sea, the calm sea
Nowhere I'd rather be
Want to say now
Wish to stay now
Here one more day
To love none but Thee.

At sea you'll bury
Say goodbye to me
in Deviant Art


  1. Oh Steve,
    This is so full of love and sadness and LIFE!
    Despite the farewell, the eagle will learn to fly again...
    Great 160!

  2. A very serene Sunday 160. Nicely done and thanks for playing.

  3. I only counted 149 including spaces. Ha!

    Oh Steve, what is the point of counting the characters. Your poetry is sublime with or without restrictions because they are soulful.

  4. love being by the sea...to hear its crash...maybe there i will find my rest one day...

  5. Sadly beautiful, Steve. How are you?

  6. I am also wondering how you are Steve.

  7. The photo is striking.

    And so are your words.

    I know Steve... as you keep searching for Truth and Peace, you are already finding it.

    So blessed to have visited your blog today.


  8. LIDJ!
    Believe me, I am blest when you read and comment here, Lidj. And I look forward to your inspired (and learned!) words. That is how I see it.

    Looking for the 'right' photo sometimes takes longer than to write the post. In this case Deviant Art has 1,216,705 pictures filed under title "The Sea" and this one "spoke" to me. Thank you.

    Reminds me, Zen lessons tomorrow morning! If you drop a line every Sunday, I'll never forget my commitment.

    It is lovely to me that two of my really good friends, who I've met, are concerned. And I am still same ole Steve--but there have been some changes, which I could write you one day soon.

    How am I? Best answer is--as yours might be also--LOADS better than before I sobered up!
    Really enjoyed you blog yesterday--looking back a few years, hour-by-hour. Even with some life changes, I am fine. Christmas Day was the last day I 'isolated' (completely!)! Blessings to you Kristin my friend, and PEACE!

  9. BRIAN!
    When I sold real estate, a Dr bought an exquisite property right on the beach in downtown Naples. And...In summer he was happy to let me and wife and children move in for a couple months. So I know, REALLY know the joy of waking at 3 AM, hear the almost silent (swish)...(swish) of the Gulf.

    Probably the greatest compliment for me is you writing that my poetry is sometimes 'soulful' ...because YOU are without doubt the most soulful person I know--well, there IS Lidj, from Philippines, of course! And 1 or 2 more??

    Serene?... WHAT Serene?
    What's THAT supposed to mean?
    About as serene as a teen
    So now you have seen
    All not always as it seems....

    Hey, you ALWAYS get the exact, correct idea. The
    eagle never dies--or never lets another see. So
    he returns, as some other? Who knows? It would not, NOT surprise me. Nothing will surprise me.
    Your comments are always--well, usually--grin! SO nice, they bring great pleasure here. I am truly grateful for knowing you, Dulce!

  10. ...quite speechless, in the beautiful way you've described this.

  11. Reminds me of Robert Lewis Stevensons poetry. LOVE IT!

  12. Steve,
    Your poems speak gently to me, even milder that your comments!

    I am born and bred by the sea, and I cannot thrive or will not die anywhere else.
    Maybe that's why I find love in your poem, where others find sorrow.

  13. SHADOW!
    I am speechless over so many things, and your work is one of those. Honored that you come here.

    Thanks, man. You and I go back a way...and have witnessed many 'beautiful scenes' on these blogs. ..and SOME of them are ours--grin! Humbly said!!!

    R.L. Stevenson--WOW! What a life THAT guy lived
    Bet if he rode a motor scooter we'd have one more book in our libraries. You are nice!

    "Gentle poem by gentle Peep?"--humble grin! In the morning, I 'must down to the sea' again, the same salt water is in our Gulf of Mexico. In the fogginess--which I enjoy each morning it is nothing if not inspiring, peaceful.

  14. Very peaceful and well done my friend :)

    Ahhh! For a piece of PEACE! Thanks, Gurrl.

  16. there's something magical about the sea..beautifully written steven - makes my heart yearn for blue waters..

  17. ... live and die so close together ...
    ... life is beautiful ... every day is a gift from God ...
    ... I enjoy today ... with joy in my heart ...
    enjoy poetry ... your words ... Steve thank you ... and the photo of the sea ...
    sink into ... now and forever? who knows? Joy has no end ...

  18. Love this Steve, and so glad to see you back! :-)

  19. Oh well, I don't know how to count!!!

    Fine fine fine fine!!!

    I am going to select the winners this evening.

    You are so impatient!


    Typical Gemini! YOU!!!!

  20. Gemini did I hear? Hello fellow.hehe... saw your comment at the blog today after ages .. thanks a tonne for stopping by..next time i shall ask you for some "tea" Indian Hospitality sake..:)

    Love the post here.. love the fact that you are a violinist..i just own one..dont know how to play... duh... nice blog...looking forward to new posts..