Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, February 11, 2011


To boil a frog,
Grab him off the log and
Drop him into a pot of
Bubbling, boiling water! Right?

WRONG! He would only jump out.
Set him into a pot of warm water though,
And very slowly turn up the heat...
Voila! Delicious boiled frog meat.

Isn't this also the way we humans react?

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  1. Even non-conformists can get caught off guard in the right temp.

    ribbet ribbet

  2. yep, most definitely we do... this is why i always take a very hot bath. xoxox

  3. yea. give it to them sloooowly!

    But I am not sure I would like to eat frog meat! The frog painting is beautiful though... :)

  4. a little bit of guile goes a long way...frog meat is not bad at all mona...

  5. I'll take the legs . . . they are soooo delicious!

    Without Words is my 55 this week.

  6. ::sigh::

    An image I won't be able to get out of my head all day....

  7. frog meat is sure delicious...
    in some country, it is forbidden to eat frogs because they are good animals killing harmful worms in the rice field...

    playful 55.
    Happy Weekend.

  8. You and Confucious were buddies I hear...
    Loved your philosophical 55 Steve..
    I just LOVE Ancient Wisdom!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Tastes like chicken-I can remember holding that little leg...
    slow and sure wins the race -eh? Thanks.

  10. Your words are frightening in their truthfulness and implications. I'm sure some days I am slowly being boiled...

  11. Yikes! I like my frog deep fried. Not boiled.

    You are right! Or is that write? Or...how do you know? ribbet ribbet! LOL

    A hot bath? Not too often, I hope. You'll contribute to global warming--take that any way it sounds appropriate--grinning!!! You are SOME GOOD artist-girl!

    Girl you are ("yea. give it to them sloooowly!") FUNNY! The only time I would not like frog legs, would be if they were from my pet frog, who has a name. (Froggie--grin!)

    Yep 'guile' is one of my favorite words, it is so beguiling.

    You a 'leg'-man. I knew that!

    Sorry Babe. Think of something nice when you go to sleep, like 'frogs jumping over a hot stove! Oooops! Hey, come back, Kristin! PLEASE come back. Oh, I did it again.................

    Wonder if the worms think frogs are harmful? LOL

    Hey, you know an awful lot about old and ancient, Mr Know-It-All. When I lived in that time, they said to keep it in the now, all we have is the present. And I believed them!

    Girl, you 'got it'. As usual. Ho-humm! --grin!

    Word 'implications' (another favorite of mine) could be cousin to Brian's word 'guile'? Glad you stopped in today. Thanks!

    Me too! fried, not boiled. Shaken, not stirred!)
    ...bu=t 'fried' just would not have fit with the lesson. You knew that!

    Not a frog-eater? Well, SOMEBODY has to do the job. I promise to change the premise, called a 'premise-promise' in future

  13. Frogalicious. I didn't realize humans were so like frogs.

  14. And, if you're gonna fry them, cut the tendons or they'll jump out of the pan!

    Here we go again--grin! Which came first, the frogs or the Peeps...ooops, I meant 'people'! (Was asked by a blogger to not say "Peeps" anymore.") But I'm still a Peep...OK? Dammmit!

    You are SO right! And nothing is more heartbreaking than a half-fried frog...OUCH!!!
    The same with humans? Not the 'tendon' thing ...the 'half-fried' thing!

    PEACE to frogs AND humans. Sorry, Kermit, about all this frog-joking. You're accustomed to it?

  16. yep - much wisdom in this steve..
    ..and the french it frog legs all the time by the way..it's a delicacy - but i've never tried even if i live so close to the french border..

  17. Why does it make me smile when a German girl begins her comment with a VERY 'American' "Yep!"?
    Frog legs taste like real food, unlike 'some' delicacies.

    Thanks for dropping in Claudia.

  18. But whatever you put into boiling water dies ipso facto, my dear Steve...

    I've found I love contradicting you... must be this long ♥friendship♥ of ours which gives me that priviliedge? :)

    Great 55er

  19. Mr Steve E, thank you so much for your kind words at my gardening blog. I rushed over to read your profile...I like you...like the way you think and share your heart
    and I love the violin
    Have you ever seen the work of an Indiana Artist,Franklin Booth..ink artist..his work has been compared to hearing of violins
    I had that same reaction when I saw the rendering of trees ...it is a God like experience..the hearing of violins
    what's it like playing one?
    cheers, blessings and Joy
    and my comment on your 55
    yes..and isn't love that way too
    before we now it we're cooked?
    happy valentine's day Mr. Steve E
    love your photo of yourself...says alot
    give thanks yes

  20. I think about the three frogs on a log. How is PG?

  21. SUZ!
    Booth reminds me of my good artist (who draws trees, leaves, acorns, people with some fine pens and fascinating imagination. She is sending some of us envied original pieces. I KNOW you would not waste the few minutes to click HERE and check her out--lives in Texas.

    Glad you visited!

    PG fine.
    Hey, at last count there were TWO frogs on that log...mmmm, good!

    To contradict me is not a privilege...it is a dangerous challenge--grin! Take care, and

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  23. ACK! ACK! BE A VEGAN. I am not vegan, not even vegetarian but must you eat a frog? Ugh.

    Hey Steve, thank you for your kind comments. My goodness, man! You know how to make someone happy. I have to keep touching my head to make sure it has not enlarged.

    Really, thank you for liking my art and for your enthusiasm.

    I was thinking after that comment that had me giggling (about looking for an easy job) I thought to myself, I wonder how I would draw him and then this image of this praying man keeps popping to my head. Tell me again, who is the artist who painted that painting you are now using for your avatar? Aside from violin, poetry, motorcycle and an empty bottle, what else gets you going? What makes you happy and what interests you? And where do you want to sit? At sea, in the forest, mountains, river, plains, dessert? Where?

  24. Hmmm I thought I left a comment but I guess the frog eat it lol ;)

  25. Boiling tends to strip the taste out of stuff.. ;-) Makes it blaaaaaaaand!! Me thinks 'FRY'!!

    Cruel...but what you said here is really true!! And very well expressed in the form of this poignant little 55!!

  26. .. I'm late with my comment, but I answer anyway - "grin":
    .. yes, it's nice and warm, the water in the pot ... It is a pleasure...
    ... and slowly, very slowly it is getting warmer - oh a hot bath ... wonderful ... and then it is cooked ... unable to leave the trap ...
    ... how many people in this way, slowly cooked ready? ...
    ... until it's too late to hop out of the pot ...

  27. Ces, I'll try to find out about that 'old man' I hope he's praying for ME today!

    I thought a 'Vegan' was a model of foreign automobile

  28. COSIMA!
    You 'got it' girl, exactly as you say. And if we hop out somehow from the pot, after it is too late--we are already dead anyway....Glad to 'see' you here, Cos.

    Ohhh--Me too I hate 'boiled stuff, unless eggs, or cabbage and corned beef--Ummmmmm! But you got the point, and so well you stated.

    Your comment must gave been so nice, the frog thought it was dessert!