Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, April 28, 2012



Sonnie is her sweetest name.
My first really hottest flame.
She played the piano--and sang.
That big bell in my head—rang.

I'll drink one more to-ya!"
(Reader, I wish you to know
this was so long ago...)

Recall loving on the beach,
smelling...the warm salty spray,
sea-oats that bent to sway
as we each twisted to reach

place of seldom-known bliss
--which started only with a kiss.
We had fun, and like a couple mating bees
ended up with four very sore knees.

Sonnie, remember we toweled sand from one another?
And that most beautiful night, you became a mother
to our future first-born, a baby girl. She survived...
You died--on that terrible morning she arrived...


Sonnie, only one ever shall match your beauty:
Yes! Right! Our little girl, our darling cutie.
As living still—YOU!
named “Sonnie-Too”


 Image:   Love is Over
--by gilad in DeviantArt


  1. this is painful steve...the loss of a love like that...i am glad you have the daughter to remember her by...a rather bitter sweet poem for me man...hugs

  2. What a sweet memory of those warm salty blissful spray. Then the sadness and the reminder of a beautiful love. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt write ~

  3. Gah! Never Kiss and Tell! I tell you!

    About kneeling... kneeling at this point would be highly sadomasochistic.

    I am listening to your advice.


  4. Oh wow, Steve... this is so believable and sad.

  5. I keep all the jokes away today.

    But tomorrow will be brighter.

    That you should already have everyday.

  6. the making love on the beach..nice...the sore knees made me smile...and then..the loss...heck..didn't expect this...so sorry.. but glad there is a daughter ..you must love her much

  7. This is really touching Steve. it must have been very tragic, losing the girl you love- like that....

    but am happy that she gave a part of herself to you.... a symbol of your love for each other....

  8. My heart breaks...each time you share another piece of your journey...all fire for the tempering of strongest steel. Bittersweet memories for sure. Blessings, Steve and Sonnie.

  9. Gosh, how beautiful and then, so sad. She will never grow old and, you have your daughter to remember.. and yet, its still never the same is it?
    You probably relive this many times. and you wonder, how it could have been..
    Much love sent to you and Sonny.

  10. I really admire Sonnie... It was going to happend the same to my mom, every doctor told her to abort because she could possibly die giving birth to me...but she decided to be brave and here we are..both of us. Its a sad story Steve, but at least you have your daughter, a part of her, and your love to her. Im sure you still seeing the firt Sonnie in her eyes. Lot of hugs to you!

  11. Sonnie-Too. This name will stay with me here onwards now.

  12. True story, Steve?

  13. Ohhhh, Maestro. This makes me so sad, yet full of heart at the same time. You have been through so much in one lifetime. I like the photo you have chosen. I can make out a heart in the clouds.

  14. BELLA:
    Funny! The heart was first thing I noticed when picking a picture for this

    And yes, a LOT of living happens in every lifetime, I suppose. We just do not read about some Peeps' private doings.

    Living won't stop ever, I'll just go one like so many others--to the next phase of life. Hopefully. (If there IS such a thing--grin!)

    Love your "JUMP!" pic. Scary to me, but I'm certain children would fluff it off as fantasy. But be sure to wipe the water off their chairs as they leave the room.