Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, April 14, 2012


This almost didn't get posted.
Some force pushed to publish:


"...follow the yellow brick road..."
Scooter trip Friday to Tampa was like a dream. You can believe this or not...while riding I prayed for two Peeps who are having rough times this week. As I meditated, three hours passed as twenty minutes. (That was exaggeration—grin!) OK Peeps, I'll get down and personal, got nothing to lose—grin!


I contemplated, my mind felt like 'in training'. Much more than one of 'those' moments. Emptied of all busyness, God's Goodness settled into my brain. Gratitude—not for specifics, but for the Gift of all life--overtook Suzuki's 85 mph.

As mile markers tried to catch Suzuki and me, reflection kept me in a state of --difficult to explain--like experiencing grace, a feeling of safety, not from natural disaster, but, well, I felt suddenly shielded from the enemy, e.g., from concupiscence. If I followed God's Will, I'd be 'untouched', so to speak? What I needed, wanted, was faith. I received a blind faith during this travel-time. “The gift of Faith”, I've heard and read. Indeed! It is so--a gift!

Is it finally—at last—time to let God take over my life, run the show? So what happened? I lost my driver's license, not misplaced... LOST! Prior to this day, I would have panicked. But it did not happen. Peeps, this is big-time for me! So...first test passed!

Later, still in relaxed mode, someone asked me if I lost my DL. They had found it! It seemed as a reward (I KNOW this ain't so!) for passing my first-day exam. Will let you know how this works out—truth will be posted in 30 days. Meanwhile, I'm sober, happy and free...and that IS truth, OK?



  1. I am really pious when I'm flying from take off to landing I'm in prayers!

  2. glad you had a good trip man and made it all fine...glad they found your DL man...and i bet the trip on the scooter is pretty amazing giving you great sights and time to think

  3. nice hearing about your trip...and maybe god put your DL just in his pocket for a moment...smiles...def. sometimes hard to go that path of faith...sometimes you have no choice..and that for sure is a good training

  4. I know it has become almost a cliche, but when you "let go and let God" things happen this way. We are not to worry...like the birds in the air from where our next whatever is to come be it a meal or a driver's license. :)

    Piety has/had NOTHING to do with it. Nor fear, just floating in an ocean of peace. (I KNOW you understand, just wanted to be clear.) I had an experience, that's all. Other bike rides--one, of 3 thousand miles--were kind of hard on the rear...because I had not that same attitude.

    I DO believe it's a growth thing: Step forward 3, then back TWO!

    Yup, thanks! Ya realize my experiences are happening at age 78...NOT 28! That has something to do with the whole 'reflection' thing?
    PEACE, Mr Genius--that is NOT written facetiously! YOU ARE GOOD!!!!

    My "training" is beginning so late in life, I may never get through the first grade! But--in the end--it is STILL FUN!!! What I wrote at the end of comment to Brian, goes for YOU too, Babe! YOU ARE GOOD!

    Ya got me thinking, girl. "Let go and let God will never be a cliche, because it is EVER changing within each human, in a ratio which has something to do with acceptance! (My opinion!) PEACE, my friend!

  6. Driving 85 mph in that scooter of yours must be pure adrenaline versus (or- as you say- PLUS) God's goodness...

    Why! I believed God was protecting you in a different way? So that you lost your License for reckless driving... and for life!!!

    Ah You, my dear peep go beyond "all that's lost is captured..." and you might not know what I mean, just:


    "Be moderate in all things,
    including moderation."


  7. sounds like a wonderful adventure. I'm glad the time folded and the beauty was revealed! :)

  8. Sounds like a great meditative state! Like being cupped in His hands during your travels. I'm so relieved to hear that you made it safely (85 mph without a ton of steel between you and the road makes me nervous). And what a story about your license! WOO!

    Happy, sober, and free. You make me SMILE and rejoice. Thank YOU, dear sir!

  9. BELLA!
    You are so nice in your remarks and, I sure, in your person!

    Thing about 85 mph is that everybody passes me, they gotta be doing 90-95.
    (Well, NOT 'everybody'--grin!)

    About meditation, yes, I admit that through feeble attempts, i AM learning how. Never realized it had to be learned, practiced. An SO easy once the secret is cracked--just don't think of anything! HA! (Easy for ME!) thanks again, Ms TALENT GALORE!

  10. JESSIE!!!!!!
    Yessss, YOU are the one who knows
    E X A C T L Y what I talking about. When I read your words "time folded" my heart skipped a beat, as if to say, "Thank You, God. At least ONE other knows with me the 'bending' sequences.

    It has not happened so frequently any more with me...but maybe Meditation is one answer? Whatever--but it seems to affect the passage of time. GREATLY!

    You quit reading, writing, commenting, or so I thought. How nice of you to drop by with your ever-mystical thoughts. Nice thoughts!

    It's called adrenaline 'rush'. OK?

    There is a corollary statement to the 'moderation' line. It goes like this: "LESS IS MORE" and that is SO true.
    Love and PEACE, girl. Glad to see ya!

  11. Ahh- the call of the open road!
    yeah I do some of my best turning-it over-and-letting-go, when driving. Glad your DL is back; sometimes HP takes keys-or other needed items
    to test and stretch our faith !

  12. thinking of you and the miles you go! be safe, and god bless. I am so happy to know someone so happy and free and sober!!! when i think of places i want to go, someday i want to see your mile191!


  13. IZZY!
    You got it all correct, IMO. We are tested. Some believe Adam and Eve were tested, and they both F'kd up. Did you know the shortest poem in the world, written MANY years ago:

    Adam Had'm

    You can Google it, if ya don't believe me...

  14. Mile 191...there are SO many places I'd like to go, but I should have thought of that 50 years ago!!!

    You still young enough to get to some of them.

    By now, you must know I sent you a couple photos of Mile Marker 191, which I found on I-75 from Tampa south to Naples. WHAT a coincidence! Hope you like.

  15. Glad the DL was found. An excursion on the water is a lot like your excursion I imagine. I am traveling the blue highway instead.

  16. prayers for faith are always answered.