Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


At age six
I ran away from home.
It's hard to 
run away from home
when you're not allowed
to cross the street.

Then, until age sixty-six
my life, a flurrying blur of
fact and fiction, avowing
to all the Peeps I meet--
I had crossed many a street

 Nearing age seventy-nine
and Oh yes! I feel fine!
In unison voices, aloud,
hear them? Listen! 
“Run away, Peep.
 But don't cross the street!”

Hear sweetest bird-sounds
and a violin in the woods.
See tombstones of the dying
and ashes of the dead.
And someone said,
in foreign code,
Do not cross that road!”

April 2012

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  1. I don't want to cross that road yet either.

  2. A life well lived...and no don't cross that road....not for a long time :)

  3. take your time getting there man, you got plenty of time left, but treat every day as precious...

  4. nah...don't cross that road too soon steve...though i'm sure you will love it once you get there...smiles

  5. So very very charming. You sound extremely young (at heart anyway!) Thanks. K.

    We'll cross it when the time comes. It might be then that I grow up!

    By the time I cross that road, someone will have to come and take me by the hand (I hope!!!)

    You KNOW every day for me is precious. I wake up, anxious to see what God has in store for me this day, who (new) to meet, what encounters, what 'happys' what 'sads', and always what JOYS!

    We will ALL love it, Claudia. What I KNOW is that NOBODY knows. How can we imagine an existence minus Pride, Ego, Fear, Concupiscence, Greed, Sloth? Nothing...NOTHING but Praise and LOVE? (Hey! I gotta come back to earth now—PLOP! Good...HERE we are again!

    Of course I am young, K! Why...I'm not even allowed to cross the street yet—grin!

  7. Love this, Steve! So glad you stopped by my blog. I'm not ready to cross that road, but when it's my time, I'm not scared. I love the peeps, it's one of my favorite words. So cool. Peace, Amy (PS Sorry I'm so late getting here. Have a backlog of comments, trying to catch up...)

  8. "Its hard to run away from home when you're not allowed to cross the street."

    Best thing I've read all week.

  9. KRISTIN!!!!
    I am SO happy someone else likes that description of young brain activity. YOU DA GIRL!!!

    Gotta go see what you're writing this week--or IF!

    Blessings, my Friend

  10. We'll all cross that road in our own time. Until then, do as you do and enjoy each moment given.

  11. Funny but my mom used to tell me the same thing. Now, I cross the road by myself, eager to see what is ahead. But as you day, live one day at a time ~

    Cheers ~

  12. If you ever cross the street, will you still update your blog?

  13. I am curious, what marked your life at 69?

  14. Hi Steve, dear,
    Ah yes! I can kind of relate to this...

    I keep saying that and willing for me and also you to do it...do not cross the road ... and yet- damn it!...
    We but gave it a try! So often then and so many 'thens'...

    *Hear sweetest bird-sounds
    and a violin in the woods.
    See tombstones of the dying
    and ashes of the dead.*

    how did you know TODAY I would find the time to vist and read this sweet so beautiful piece, ma' peep?

    Thank you, even if I am wrong...

    Anyway, my dear brother in the ashes sends you his love, and so do I.

    And I am sorry for all you know i do- and I was going to write something to post today.. but! it flew away with this bird sound and the violin...

    Hey! 79 is a number!


  15. MAGPIE!
    "...enjoy each moment"!
    Have done
    Am doing
    Will do!
    Thanks, friend!

    Crossing the road is easy, educational, and FUN...until I come to the 'crossroad'--grinning!

    Remember the line..."Wherever I go--there I am"?? (Or something like that!) Well, whatever roads I cross, my computer is there, unless it is taken away from me. And then? Well, So WHAT! (It says here, heheheh!)

    Age 69 is not mentioned in the post. Probably age 60 would be more accurate (but who would know?) as around that time the curtain which blocked all light from my brain, was just beginning to part. If that makes sense--OK! If not, it is all I have to give. Each alcoholic can only--ONLY--speak for her/himSELF! We do NOT have a 'president'--grin!!!

  16. this reminds me a bit of brer rabbit and don't throw in me in the brer patch. crossing the threshold is classic rite of passage. i like your playfulness at work here.

  17. DULCE!
    Thank you for reading and commenting. C'mon! You never wrong! Glad you got to come by for this one. You always say the nicest words to make Peeps feel good...OK. Been a long day--my bedtime. One more response.
    Take care, Sweeter!

  18. ED!
    Always amazes the different perspectives brought into play in commenting on a post. Me, too! I relate stuff to my own experiences.

    So...you been in that rabbit hole, eh? Yes, I like to play. A LOT!--grin! And "playfulness" IS a part of that.
    PEACE to you friend.

  19. Hmmm. I read this to mean you were first forbidden to cross the street because you were so young. Then as you were older, you were still warned not to "cross the street" so you didn't take the chance. And now you still haven't gotten around to "crossing the street." But of course, that doesn't seem to describe YOU, but maybe writing for someone else...I like the message for me!


    It really means that I was ALWAYS told--from early until today, "Do not cross the street." But the fact IS that i never did what ANYONE told me to do, then...or now! (Exception: how to stay sober! Answer to that: "Don't drink"--grin!)

    I have "crossed the street" no matter what! And so you ARE correct. How you perceived this post, it was NOT like me!--grin!
    Love, Peace, and SOBER!

  21. I am chicken. And you know what chickens do....

    Speaking of chickens, you ATE HUMPTY? Hahaha! That's cracked up, man.

    I thought donations to the Egg Hall of Fame were tax deductible.

  22. NO, BELLA! I do NOT know "what chickens do". Do they cross the road, to get to the other side? Do they taste good, fried, on a Sunday nite?

    I used to be "fried" as I ate chicken fried, on Sunday nite--or ANY nite, or morning.

    Are chickens (and their ilk) the ONLY things we can eat BEFORE THEY ARE BORN?

    (And what WTH does 'ilk' mean, anyway?)

    Enough questions.

    Hope you are without ANY anxieties, Girl-Peep! HEY! Isn't that how baby chicks talk? "Peep-Peep"?
    Bye now.
    Love and PEACE!

  23. No, silly. The do the chicken dance!

    You used to be fried? Eleven herbs and spices. No wonder you are so flavorful.

    Other things we eat before they are born....hmmm...caviar?

    Peep peep! :)