Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Returning from Tampa Florida, 
I came across Mile Marker 191, 
stopped, took a couple shots, 
and was inspired to post about 
the 'true meaning' of Mile 191
Note: This is NOT
the original 191, as is
depicted in her story


Once upon a time a girl—age 9--was being introduced to sex. It was, like, 'all in the family'; predator-rapist: her sick, sick stepfather. Locked in her closet for periods during many years, she suffered all the physical pain and mental torment one could, or could not, imagine in that situation.

When her little sister became age 9, the stepfather made advances toward new new younger one. So big sister—to protect her baby sister—let herself be 'used' by the stepfather until one day he was forced to move out.

Their mother would not accept reality of the situation, remained in denial, blaming the girl(s) for everything, even for the stepfather leaving them.

Prayer Girl and I 'met' older sister (recovering from many things) 3½ years ago on her blog. Recently we have been again in touch. For a real-life, heart-hurting story of evil, and an amazing account of recovery, I give you her BLOG as it is today. Her introductory link of November 2008 (brief) is HERE.
The 'real' story begins with THIS specific link.
LOVE and PEACE, my friends.


  1. nice pic of you man...the story, just turns my gut...and makes me very sad....but i will follow the link...

  2. Just return from the link.

    As we joke around, there are sad happenings over many dark corners.

    Hope there are peaces over the places.

  3. Sick Sick Sick. Rape and incest should be punishable by death and so false rape accusations and false sexual abuse accusations should likewise be meted with the same. Okay, you just altered my Saturday course. Steve I have met many depraved and perverted people. Our government protect their rights. Their victims are left to suffer. This is a sick world. Humanity is cursed.

  4. nice story with excellent pic
    spread the love

  5. Steve, loved seeing you...just in case you pass by my neck of the woods.

    thank you for casting light on this horrid issue. most want to look away. .. i will not be visiting as i am triggered but she and her sis are in my thoughts...actually i rarely do not have this issue too far from my own mind. :(

    may she and her sis be at peace and find whatever help they may need to recover and find their heart again-after this, sometimes it has gone to pieces and is never found again.
    much lovexxx

  6. Pretty amazing these stories of what people go through, and the recover that can happen as the result of a loving God!

  7. BRIAN:
    You are a kind man. Thanks for going there.

    There has GOT to be 'peaces' everywhere, in the homes, on most of the streets. It seems not to be found in the halls of governments everywhere.

    How did I alter your Saturday course? You mean you were having so pleasant of thoughts, when I threw this post at you? I cannot apologize for that—grin!

    “Humanity is cursed”...maybe so, but the one doing the cursing IS humanity. Certainly not God. Is He? Again, what the heck do I know? (Just what I like to know, that's what I know!) Thank for coming in this morning, Ces.

    Thanks! But...what the devil's kinda blog you got over there? Look like one big real estate advertisement.

    Gosh, why cannot I find your blog...got to do music jobs today, promise to get there somehow. You sent me the link. Guess I don't know when you post.
    Really, it is good to 'see' you, Linda. No Matter Where it is!

    It is story of lives like my post which help me to stay SO grateful to God for His gifts. (You have probably commented on her blog over the years, esp at first...2008 Holiday season.)

    Yesss. I read again this morning that “God is by definition...LOVE!”
    End of story!

  8. A very sad and deplorable circumstance. So many innocents are treated wrongly and live with the trauma all their life.

  9. Oh, Steve, this brought back all my years as a forensic nurse, doing rape exams, going to court and interviewing children. Such horrible tales I have heard, so few of them successfully prosecuted. Thanks for bringing the issue of child abuse to the forefront where it should always remain.

    I'm home from my four months in India, with a five day stopover in Hong Kong...trying to save money to go back again.

  10. SYD!
    Agree, a most despicable of the human acts.

    Welcome back to 'our world'. In Alcoholics Anonymous I hear a lot of peeps sharing about their earlier lives in abuse situations. Always a pathetic story...but they GET WELL!

  11. Oh man! I am too tired to think of something clever to respond to your ditty. Have a wonderful Sunday!!! Ugh, don't apologize for life. It is what it is. It should be wonderful but some people are just sick. That is why I believe in hell. I am going to get pissed when after all the evil deeds, God will just forgive the rapists and murderers, Hitler and the terrorists among others.

  12. This is a story too often enacted with results that are permanent

    That is a mile marker you would wish no child would reach

    Thanks Steve for the wake-up

  13. Steve, I suspect we are on different faith paths, but we agree on the fact that God is LOVE. Jesus pointed UP, not at himself.

    I was molested as a child; I write about it on my blog, so if you'd like an example, here it is. Sometimes I write in the third person, sometimes in the first, once I got the courage. Thank you for tackling this very sensitive subject. Part of my calling is to help remove the stigma and help "victims" become "survivors," so they don't carry that horrible burden all their lives. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  14. Thank you for caring enough to share this story. My heart goes out to this older sister. My daughters and I have a rule. We never leave their children with any of, their grandfathers, Uncles or older brothers. When my granddaughter sleeps over at my house, I sleep in the bed with her..we never risk anything happening.

  15. CES!
    I'm sure glad I ain't God. All that 'forgiving' would wear me out! And I'd piss off Peeps like you...FRIENDS!

    ...and it is HAPPENING ALL THE TIME...CRAP!

    I'm praising God for giving you the grace to face reality, and not fear talking about it, and for your acceptance of that grace. For therein is your healing Power.
    Thank you for your comment. I read your own 'story', commented there, and sent you an Email. My heart is happy for those Peeps like you who can fight back evil, by using God's gifts.

    Several years ago I posted similarly re Mile Marker 191. Inspired again to post her story--by passing our own MILE 191 on I-75 100 miles north of Naples. Figured God wanted it out there again! Thank you for commenting

  16. Hey dear friend Steve E! It's me...mile :)

    THANK YOU for sheding light into my closet and for sharing our story.

    As you know I have healed a LOT from this world of supportive blogging, and I am dearly thankful for every comment and cyber safe (((hug))). Life is so much better down this road than it was when I began sharing my story.

    I believe in the power of words and in the comfort that comes from those willing to listen by reading and I am thankful for every word of support.

    I have much to write, and when done with finals this next week plan to share my own pictures of the origonal Mile 191 (i went back to ponder, to heal).

    I also have a fun share about my favorite flower....a hint on my blog.

    Thank you for your friendship. And EVERYONE here for your comments. I plan to stop by your places when I get done with my papers.

    sincerely, mile191

  17. my POST back atcha!


  18. Ohhhh. Oh nooo. My stomach is turning and my blood is boiling from her story. What an incredible life of survival and sacrifice and triumph. That you are choosing to smile at your Mile 191 says it all.

    Thank you for sharing this, Maestro.