Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On a day of days I dreamed a dream
of meeting face-to-face,
who God might chose .
Before everything happened, God picked
a soul to merge with mine, to
become WE for endless eternity.


On windy, winding river bank
I walked. And talked
with a snake, snail and a shell.

Not complaining about the sandy mire
in which sunk my feet,
I spoke of what
my mind thought and soul desired

Our conversation continued
as they said to me:

"All life is twain:
One, a frozen stream;
the other, a burning flame.
And that burning flame is LOVE!”*

Far distant, I saw one
heavenly being approach me
from another direction.
Her feet did not touch dirty sand.

"What is your name?”
No sound, but I heard, “LOVE!”
Vision beautiful said, without speaking,
"God sent me, lent me, to you.
You are me.
I am you.
One are we.
Friends in body, mated in soul.
Our union—blessed--shall not end with time.
Eternity is now, this moment, which IS 'now and forever'. 

Nothing must be counted--ever--after this time.”

Poem by steveroni
*Quote by Kahlil Gibran in “The Prophet”
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  1. Friends in body, mated in soul.
    Our union—blessed--shall not end with time. eternity is now.

    love that...and it was meant to be for you to find love and love to find you...there was nothing you could have done about it if you wanted...smiles.

    hope your travels are going well.

  2. An amazing write, Steve. Abstrct, but yet so profound and true. I like it.

  3. I specially like:

    Eternity is now, this moment, which IS 'now and forever'.

    Hope all is well with you ~

    Cheers ~

  4. Oh, you know you have me pondering..."with a snake, snail and a shell." Glad you've found your true love.

  5. I love this, Steve--so full of what Love is all about. And it's a fine thing to get to that place where you can stop counting.

  6. it's just magical when we meet soul mates..isn't it..everything's just clear and warm then...love it steve..

  7. Beautiful! The soul is the absolute truth in someone! God is good!

  8. Steve, every time I come here, you and your writing fill my heart.

    I love this tribute to love and endurance...for that is what this poem meant to me.

    I leave counting my blessings, Steve, and that is a miraculous thing to be able to do from a poem and a blog.

    Love and Peace,
    Lady Nyo (Jane)

  9. Love this, Steve. Beautiful :)

  10. BRIAN.
    Hey guy, “nothing I could do about it? What ever happened to FREE WILL? (Always KNEW there was something phoney about lwaving us jumans to do whatever WE wanted!--grin!

    Abstract? ABSTRACT??? Yet 'profound and true? YESS! I agree with three words and their application to my piece.

    Enjoyed my short your of your back yards and neighborhood.

    Thanks for dropping by. I respect and enjoy your talent very much.

    That summer day on the 'drunk' river bank, I STILL swear I DID, I DID saw a putty-cat! No! A snake, snail, and a shell. And...I don't know if “soul-mate” fits perfectly—or necessarily “true love”. Hmmmmm! Have to think on it. I love so many Peeps..”truly”, ya know? Hey, thanks for your thoughts, girl!

    Wherever we are, there we are. (Saying in Italy—stated in Italian!--grin!). If YOU like this, I do too!

  11. CLAUDIA!
    I'm glad you pluralized “soul-mate(s)” because I certainly believe there is not that limitation of ONE ONLY. And YESS! Clear and warm! Than ks!

    ...and sometimes only the soul really knows—lonely as that may be. But there remains that “clear and warm” of Claudia's comment above. And beautiful...YESS! It IS! Always.....
    Special prayers for you...and PEACE-wishes!

    Lady NYO!
    Yup, be sure to count your blessings, Jane, because they are MANY! All gifts to be used. Funny, how it is SO seldom we're allowed to know when, if and HOW our gifts are being used. Let's pray for one another!

    One favorite Peep! glad you dropped in and left a comment,
    my Pakistani friend. PEACE!

    Thank you for supporting me with your presence—and your words!

  12. Aww, that is a touching and tender piece.

    Do you really think there is only one soul mate? I cannot decide. Sometimes I think yes. And then I wonder who Elizabeth Taylor ended up with in heaven.

    Thank you for a glimpse of beauty.

  13. Dear BELLA!
    A few comments above, I responded to Claudia, in the affirmative re 'more than one soul-mate'. In the end, God will take care of all that and everything else. So I'm not really too concerned.

    Answer to unasked questions: YES! I have more than one soul-mate.

  14. Enjoy your blog, Steve!
    Keep writing ~

  15. I have a friend who believes that if two who are truly mated in souls come together there will be a cataclysm

    God sent and lent - that I can believe

    Hugs to you my poetic and feeling friend

  16. I like to think I married my soul mate.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  17. DJ!
    Thanks for saying that. Sometimes I think if you Peeps would critique more, and 'praise' less, I'd learn more how to write. But you ARE supportive, so that I keep on--enjoying it!

    CATACLYSMS? Maybe THAT'S why all the Tsunamis, other Quakes, Earthly eruptions, Forest fires, Global warming (or is it now 'freezing'?), flooding, etc., are happening?

    Lots of "soul-matin'" goin' on heeah!

    Thanks for following. I'll be there--wherever 'there' is--grin! Question: Mom to EIGHT...how do you find time to blog????--grin!

  18. Nick's wife, KarenApril 24, 2012 at 8:31 PM

    You always inspire me, Steve!

  19. very impressive, reading to khalil Gibran in Arabic is something natural but read to him in English!! thank u 4 this emotional poem.

  20. I loved this poem Steve, really :)
    am waitin for my own sacred moment....

    more than one soul mate? yes...i believe in that.... but, wait... wat IS a soul mate anyway???

    i dont know!!!!

    so how can i possibly believe in one or more than one soul mates???

    and true love???? what is a false love?????
    if it's false, is it love?