Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Part of the house is empty
All is quiet on that south side

Never close, but near
Hardly even knew her
Once she asked for a ride
Climb on back
No fright
Hold tight

First, I saw from afar
She--loading up her old car
Under cover of moonless night
She slipped away until out of sight--

Unspoken, yet well-stated
Is it not?
When a generation of 'things'
Fit into rear of an old VW.
A whole life resting in there.

This week, my turn--moving--
"Petite", my rear, corner room
Which I'll be leaving soon

My small truck is filled.

Hesitant, I'm ready to go.
In one bag--everything I wear

Sad--yet glad--that life,
Unyielding to delusion
Winding to conclusion
Can once more
Face a reality...
Which is truth, you see.

But so sad.


(Not dying...just MOVING!!!)

This I am posting on One Shot Wednesday


  1. have moved far too many times steve...

    did you say your rear is petite? snort

    it is sad to leave the memories contained in the walls...all the more reason to make new ones..

  2. You've said it Peep, not dying... just moving - a better life you can foresee if you leave behind what does not belong to 'now' anymore... All moves are hard, like dying a little, but you must well know that yesterdays as yesteryears will never come back, but the light at the end of the tunnel... that will be there forever, full of new chances, challenges, LIFE and love too
    And good night from the Canaries...

  3. Best to you as you move all you possess forward - hope you get a chance to take in the horizon behind you

    Wishing my friend peace

  4. i've been pondering on moving for the longest time... moving on is easier said than done. i did that once (at work) and i went back. there's just no place like "home."

    thanks for warming up my blog with that very nice comment of yours. :)

  5. Sometimes I want to move...but do not think I can do it...hope yours is a good one my friend..take care...bkm

  6. Moving is hard but for the most part in opens up new avenues and all experiences help you to grow as a person. Good luck!

  7. Oh, I'm glad you clarified that you were moving and not dying!

    Moving is an adventure, and something I have been toying with for a while. But we get stuck in our ways, or our life, and it doesn't happen.

    The best to you on this new frontier, Steve.

    Lady Nyo

  8. I really meant to say that I liked your poem. And it follows in terms of "Voluntary Simplicity" too.

    Lady Nyo

  9. Brian and his quirky comments! Petite rear?!?!? Yours, Steve? No way.

    I just like the feel of this place. The sea seems to spray its saltiness on me. Will you sit with me on that bench and play a nice tune?

    Joy always,

  10. Looks to me like that first load is trash-
    wonderful photo!
    Moving ? where to ?

  11. Moving always holds a sense of emptiness while at the same time anticipated excitement in the future. I really enjoyed your poem. You have a wonderful way with words!

  12. When we move we have to decide what is important and see those things we keep but only revisit on moving day

  13. I'd love all my stuff to fit into one bag! Well, plus the guitar, of course. Minimalism -- give me lots and lots of that!

    happy moving!


  14. I love this - it feels kind of numb almost which is how I felt when it was finally time to move the last time (I was too exhausted to thing about it much). I wrote a poem about our move too - called Grief & Great Joy. We were moving from Fairfield (just north of Cinci) to Xenia.

  15. I liked your poem, Steve.
    I always found it very hard to move.
    May peace love and joy foloow you on your move!
    Lots of luck to you, Steve.

  16. BRIAN!
    "Rear petite"...well, it's better than saying "My FRONT is petite", although........--grin!

    So YOU the great pholosopher! And you wrote once: "Poetry is not necessarily what it seems." Well, I suppose neither is music--or art work.
    In the eye
    Of who comes by...

    Thanks for your good wishes AND your good work on these blogs. You're a winner, girl!

    New friend, Thanks for weighing in here, your support is appreciated...much!

    Barbara. It's a 'right' move. Thanks!

    These things I see only when moving every 20 years--do I throw them away? What about these tax forms from 1950-58?--grinning!

    Lady NYO, I love your blog, and WILL be there, even though I'll be 'taking a spring break' from blogging. But will still read and comment, sooo....

    Susan Deborah!
    I am 'on' that bench, and with my 'petite', I do NOT take up the whole bench--grin!

  17. OLD OLLIE!
    In deed, and in reality!

    Moving back 'home'. Still in Naples, FL.
    I'll still be with my 80-90 'friends' each morning at 7 AM--could not leave them...guess that's one reason I did not move away.

    Thank you! I don't believe we've 'met' prior to this exchange. But I'll certainly visit your blog now! (Especially after those nice, nice words--grin!)

    Thanks, and how TRUE! Time to down-size, hmmm? I must come visit your blog!

    Nice to 'see' a minimalist--maybe some of that will rub off. Nah, that ain't the way it works!

    THE BUG!
    WENT to your blog,enjoyed, will be Bach! Thanks for your visit, and comment!

    You are so nice with your encouraging words. Staying in Naples, but doesn't matter. omputers don't know where we live, and don't care! OR DO THEY??? Hmmmm?

    Me wants to thank ALL who took the time to be here with me for a moment or two. Thank YOU ALL.
    Love...and PEACE!

  18. I'm catching up on your posts and am glad I didn't miss your move. I, personally, have moved so much in my life, that I love the adventure of starting again. Must be some gypsy in my history somewhere. Hope your move finds you looking forward with hope and backward with fondness.