Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, April 3, 2011



Couple years ago I 'met' in the blogs, Artist Extraordinaire MANON DOYLE and have then and ever since LOVED her work, and her soul!  Manon sketches her very own heart carefully into every piece. Please, for your enjoyment and a "lifting up", visit her blog
Blessings have descended upon me from this chance meeting, and through Manon I've been led to some of the finest artists in the world, some of whom I'm trusted to call 'friends'. Imagine--me, the farmer-boy-violinist (no longer a BOY--grin!)

My Poem For This Week
Samantha is her name
She stopped, stayed--
Made her claim.

My name is Samuel
Nearly the same,
As I'm the guy who am
In "Sam and Sam"...

We met, fell in love
Lived a while in La La land
Played naked in the sand.

She began to speak of
The fallacy of our love
"Fantasies are not from above.
They're like an unhurried shove
Toward confusion, illusion

So please
Enact no rule
For the school
Of life.

Always shall be memories
Which become histories.
They are our mysteries:
The past will last
Because it becomes
Our present--
Our future.
--Steve E


  1. You really show such a love and appreciation of art of all types. :)

  2. Very sweet and true Steve! Loved the picture and the poem....

  3. times and people change but memories linger don't they?

  4. love the verse...and a little love in the sand never hurt...smiles...but our past we cant out run, but just dont let it weigh down our tomorrows as we walk into the setting sun....

  5. JESSIE!
    In graduate school I learned in the philosophy of music that there IS a philosophy of music--grin! (And all of the arts, poetry, prose, painting, drawing, architecture, etc., etc.) These have the function of raising the minds and hearts of mankind to a higher level of God-awareness, appreciation. Lifting us all from any depths to where we have descended, to a closeness with our Creator. Thanks for coming here, my friend! Blessings and PEACE!

    Thank you for being here, and your kindness.

    Could you agree--or imagine, that memories are the only 'book' one has when sight and hearing have so diminished? If I rid my life of the bad, I might have a pretty good book to carry with me at the end!

    You are so smart about these things--everything? I really DO heed your words, friend. The parts of my past which could weigh me down I left on the stairway, precisely on the Fourth and Fifth Steps.

    If you didn't drop by, I'd have to write your buddies and find out if you were sick!

  7. so lovely your words, a love story, and also love your quote up top...isn't manon's work beautifully felt upon seeing? that, i am not good at. xxx

  8. Hi Steve,

    I want to thank you for your sweet words. You are so kind.....they made me smile.
    Loved your poem, my friend. It's beautiful.
    Hopefully I can get back to painting soon. Your post has inspired me.
    Thanks again, Steveroni!! : )))

  9. I always loved La la Land...As I loved 'Sam and Sam' and will- always, for real LOVE, once it comes to our lives is past, present and future- and for sure no other school than that of Life teaches us how to learn about its mystery...

    I am liking your love poems more and more,Dear Sweet Peep!

  10. Forgot to say...I love that Manon's painting and tribute...
    She is soooo good, and a sweet person too.

  11. Lovely picture- love rolling with hearts in sand-
    I watch and remember from a little distance now;
    Thanks for helping that process!

  12. It is a beautiful piece of art. The stars appear to be balloons on strings.
    Your words are heartfelt and sad.
    "Always shall be memories
    Which become histories."
    In the moment we're making memories, we're very rarely thinking that they will become our histories.

    HELLO! Pssst, I'm happy it's not a 'wrap'--grin!

    I KNEW you also loved Manon's art--you are a true blog-friend

    It appears (to me) that artists, musicians, writers, poets, each have their own little world, with their own disciplines, and their own 'lingo'. I am now totally in love with the ART world FINALLY! and others, but poetry still seems beyond, out there somewhere. I am trying, DO like it, just cannot be satisfied--grin! (Maybe we just cannot 'be all things...') THANK YOU for allowing me to publish "Where Goes My Heart".....

    Hello and welcome back! You, and few others tell me they like when I write, but I'm not convinced. I KNOW when I have played a good concert, but have never had that feeling (well, maybe 'two times'--grin) of 'job well done'. Know what I mean?
    Thanks for mentioning Manon's fine piece..she was my 'Muse' for today.

    Since we never turn our backs on the past, we DO back away from it, one-day-at-a-time. Thanks for showing me that--here!

    Your comments--here and elsewhere--are forever astute...as if you always 'have been there, done that'. And you write sweetly
    Thank you. PEACE!

  14. Greetings to you, my fine friend! Manon's paintings are truly as beautiful and vibrant as the painter herself.

    Love is imperfect, 'tis true. And trying to make love perfect is often disastrous.

    Ces told me I should put you down on the list. Maestro! You are too generous. Thank you. You are a treasure. :)

    ANY list compiled by a Peep like you--well, I want to be ON it! I don't really 'know' you as well as I 'know' Ces. Realizing that you, YOU, are her true best friend is enough for me to be glad we have an acquaintance.

    When you are ready with information on "Project J." let us all know--I almost broke the anonymity of your project. Thank you for coming here and comment!

  16. Hehehehehe. Can I have fries with my Big Mac?

  17. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your poetry with us Steve...I just love reading it.

  18. Aww, TSUP to you too. Big Mac is still in the shop :( But hopefully it will be home tomorrow.

    G'nite! Tsup!

  19. What a beautiful painting!!! That moon...looks like it jumps off the page! Thanks for sharing! And Steve, you have a knack for putting words together...they have such a rhythm to them (must be a musician thing!). Your poem left me wanting to know more about Sam and Sam...what happened to them? You also have a gift of encouragement!!! Always uplifting!! Bless you!!

  20. First of all, Manon's art is truly as beautiful as she is.

    Secondly, I was sooooooo exhausted last night and had to say an early goodnight to Bella and what do I see here this morning? You and Bella played while I was paying my sleep debt. See what I miss if I go to bed?


    Thank you for your kind comments maestro.

    It's too early to be tsuping, you know? Tsup!

  21. I loved your poem, Steve.
    I was wondering how long you have been writing poetry now as it's getting better and better.
    keep on writing!

    And, Manon's art is incredible!

    Great post!

    Margie ( nanonano is hubby, I'm on his computer right now.

  22. You really are an artist at heart Steve E. Your choice of pictures, and your choice of words...

    one can tell you are not a surface person, but a deep one.

    I love the background for your blog - the ocean with the waves going up to the shore. Really speaks of depth.

    This morning I was visiting blogs, and I thought of you. I don't go to my dashboard to visit blogs... I visit blogs by feel... go with the flow. That way, any blog visit I do is intentional, not because I have to.

    So here I am, and I again read up on past posts I have missed since I was last here.

    Thankin God for you this morning, Steve.


  23. gudmorning.

    do you think my love is imperfect too?
    i am a mess without him.
    something beautiful with him.


  24. Hi Lovely,
    thanks for stopping by, friendship for you, always waiting. Loving your Just Because in the margins and the yearn of love in the centre. Beautiful soul.
    And yes a gorgeous painting.

    Happy loving,

    Sarah *