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Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday: THE FAST LANE

Below is my humble contribution to
MR G-MAN who hosts every Friday
a 55-word Flash Fiction--Come join the fun!!!

OH! The trust placed on another!
The faith which I have for each
Who--careening--drives toward me
At death-dealing rates of speed
And I—moderately (ahem) ride
Opposite other side.
Why so fast, out of gas? Will it last?
Finally see woman speeding toward--
--WHOOOSHHHH! Oh, My God, is it...
It IS!!! 

IMAGE: Speeding_by_Brukhar.png


  1. Snuck the surprise ending in on this one. I like fun endings.

  2. mother? be careful out there steve...i wonder if my mom would swerve?

  3. Wow! I love the car and what an exciting read, but...how terrible -- to turn out to be "mother"! I'm a mother and that hurt more than you know. though...it was still lots of fun!

    Click here to check my 55 out

  4. Don't nobody distract that woman while she's driving! Hey, I'm a mom. I can say things like that.

    Love the ending on this one.

  5. This is not the way to spend more time with mom. Just get up on the curb--you'll be fine. Thanks for the smiles.

  6. I know what this is about...
    My Mother The Car!!!!
    Remember that show?
    Anyway, Loved your 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Easter!

  7. Are you saying "Mother" is the little old lady from Pasadena? Brother!

    - Alice

  8. Hey, it was good to hear from you. Don't worry, as soon as the book gets published, I'll let you read the whole thing! Right now your visits are helping me towards that goal and ...the writing is just as good through the whole 363 pages. Cheers.

  9. I didn't see the mother coming here at all! Sounds like a scary (and twisted - lol) game of chicken!

  10. hello Steve how are you?
    do you still remember me?
    the child who always annoys you?


  11. Oh Steve you go from one kind of hot to another
    Watch out for that hot mama

    Hugs my friend

  12. sorry ive been away.
    taking a break from the internet.

    hope youve been well.


  13. Great unexpected ending! (Makes me wonder who's really busted in this scenario)

  14. LOVE this .... an uncle once told me I had two speeds (driving) ..fast and faster!

  15. Steve, that was too hysterical. I can see some senior citizen mom, with goggles, and a black scarf, flying down the highway, outrunning the highway patrol!

    My Friday Flash 55 is at:


    Happy Easter - have a great weekend.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA! Girls just gotta have fun, man.

  17. lolss
    That was funny for sure! A nice 55..

  18. LOL!

    Why shouldn't she have her share of fun!!

    I can so imagine the look on my face if something like that happens to me!

    and it's making me LOLer!

  19. Too funny! This reminds me of something our Defensive Driving instructor taught us years ago in high school.