Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


And we have never need to ask one another
About "how much is it you love me...?"
Nor "WHY???"

It is an entity simply known
Whose happenings are blown
From the sea, through sandy wind,
Of which none dare deny
Despite a concern to fly
Away, find another place to
Stay. Just to move, not fade.

And yet...yet I see in your face such
Calm, possessing mysterious beauty
And more mysterious serenity
You nod, ever-so-slightly, with grace

And yes I know, now I know for sure
I've not forever seen end of your sweet
Allure. Your avid, even thirsty desire is
To live, to be one with the universe.
Your wise counsel abides, and above
All that...your undying love.

 This is my One Shot Wednesday

IMAGE: 1. Levan_diarios de mis amores_01 
in Deviant Art


  1. smiles. you see much in this person...and the love that binds..nice steve...

  2. hello...i enjoyed your poem very much and the painting above expresses the depth and emotion carried throughout your poem...your sensitivity poetry allows you to celebrate love...always...very nice write...

  3. There is nothing more wonderful than to look into the face of your loved one, and see their unconditional love shining back at you. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. BRIAN!
    When I stopped 'seeing' so much in myself--that is when I 'saw' SO much in others. So much dedication, spirituality, sobriety, peace, and love--God Himself in others "deep within" (p 55, BB, for those who know what I mean!)...BUT you ARE correct in what you wrote, ya know? It's just SO much more!

    Again I am having trouble finding your blog. But I sure appreciate your visit and comments. Thanks, girl! PEACE!

    That is the first time anyone anywhere called something I wrote "great art"...but I'll take it, in gratitude to God for His gifts, and to you for being so kind. We'll meet again, I'm sure of that!

    Yessss, Patti, there is no finer mirror than the face and eyes of ones who love much! Nice words. Thank you!

  5. wow, i'm quite speechless, this is lovely!!!

  6. SHADOW!
    If YOU are 'speechless' I am HAPPY! WAIT! That didn't sound right...oh, well. Love ya, girl!

  7. Steve:

    a beautiful 'love' poem. You are right no need to ask "why" for the heart knows what the heart wants.


  8. This is a lovely, lovely love poem, with great resonance.

    I like the way you started it out, too. Different, and the poem, in its totality, is haunting.

    Good poem.

    Lady Nyo

  9. Sounds like a scene from a book...

  10. JOANNY!
    thank you! I am wondering, though the heart knows what the heart wants--does the heart know what's GOOD for it? Hmmmmm!

    My heart would do fine, if only my brain would stay out of the way...

    Lady Nyo, Steve-o thanks you for your sweet comment. Trying to find your blog...or your own writings, for I feel they would be very worthy, no matter what your name might be. Please?
    Anyway, for you...PEACE!

    Quite a compliment! Thanks! ...But what book? did it sell? I'm not a writer, but I enjoy doing it. Guess I do not understand your referencing "a scene from a book..."

  11. I think I'll take Wolfsrosebud's comment a bit further :) I'd say this would be a piece soon to be IN YOUR book. Very beautiful, Steve!

    My Post Is Here

  12. oh wow....just....sigh and stars blinking in my eyes...beautiful steve - you're such a romantic..

  13. This is really beautiful, Steve.

  14. What a beautiful piece of writing and expression of love and its moments forever blessed to memory....truly lovely....bkm

  15. AAAHHh--- Lucky is the One who is loved your way, that way only you... I wish I had someone by my side who considered me as such, who respected me and took me to heaven with words as these only you, sweet peep, can write.

    YES you are a beautiful romantic- no doubt about that, Steeeve.

    loved the picture so much... as well!


  16. This is exactly how a person loves another unconditionally and there's no real reason to explain why...Love it! :)

  17. ONE with the universe is The Way to be indeed!

    Undying love.

    Abiding faith.

    from Anonymous Jannie


  18. VINAY!
    YOU, girl...are TOO nice, writing glowingly. Thank you
    and PEACE! MY book? Shhhh--I won't tell anyone you wrote that--grin!

    I've been trying to make stars blink in your eyes for many months, and finally...FINALLY--grin! Thanks!!!!

    Thank you for YOU!

    About love: It is a simple topic, since I believe when all is said and done, in the final analysis, there will be but ONE item left, one 'being', a living, thinking spirit called LOVE. Nothing else will be, nothing else will matter. And we will ALL be there. At least that is how I can wrap my head around it.

  19. DULCE!
    Oh gosh, you are so full of praise for my words it is almost embarrassing--but not quite--grin! So DON'T STOP!!! You wish...but dontcha know girl, you may have a love like you desire already. Right there with you, day and night...and do not yet recognize it. So keep your eyes and your heart open, in receptive mode. Happenings happen! OK? Thank you SO much for the sweeter words you commented here.

    Yes, 'why' should be in the 'dead language' box. Except for scientific research, what purpose does it serve. "WHY", you say? Just a part of "what, who, when, where, and how?" Thank you also for your more-than-kind comment. PEACE!

    Yes, that number, "ONE" has haunted me for years. We are all one with a Creator/Universe, or we are nothing. A part of, or apart from. And LOVE fits in there somehow--but I won't ask "Why?"--grin!

    Thank you for the xoxo! Don't get many of them (don't give many of them either, I guess!!!) It is nice, and I like! Maybe I'll start. PEACE!

  20. that love so tempestuous, holy, surreal and forever...

    Steve you have the romance thing going
    Yes I have missed you!!,

  21. The perfect love...beautiful.

    Well...love IS, right?
    Love is ALL there really, truly is...right?
    A world sans love is nada, OK?

    Now, that 'romance' thing--something else--grin!
    Thank you, Leslie. Thought maybe I had offended you, but that could not be...

    What a lovely, lovely comment!

    Well...how can I disagree with YOU? (Besides, you are correct--grin!

  23. WoW!! My jaw has dropped.
    That was perfect!

  24. I often wonder how it is that a mere mortal man can have such depth of feeling and insight into another human being....but can't pick up his dirty socks. :)