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Saturday, April 23, 2011


He was blind all his life, deaf the second half of his life. So, as you read the beginning excerpt of my father's  typed letter to me, remember that he could not see, nor hear anything. And yet I hope you—as I—will find JOY in his thoughts, and a ‘happy’ meter to his words.  Pop died one week after, on April Fools' Day.
Sunday Night March 25, 1978
Dear Steve, N., K., and J.
A happy Easter to you all, even if the weather feels like fall. 
The world itself keeps Easter day and Easter larks are singing.
The Easter flowers are blooming gay, and Easter buds are springing..
The Lord of all things lives anew, and all His Works are living too.
 Our crocus are blooming fine, and I noticed some buds on our daffodils and the tulips are still growing and the whole world is awakening with spring. A new birth for us all, including the wild animals and birds. Had a look at the pear tree and the buds are growing and the tree feels very much alive.
....<cut three pages>....
May the Risen Lord bless you and your family

This is my Happy Easter--to all you marvelous Peeps
With Love and PEACE! 

Steve E

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  1. Yes. Right now they are reserved for 24 hrs. Do you want some? I have more. Hahaha!

    Hi Steve, I read this letter this morning and it made me long so much for my own Father. I especially love the way your Dad describing the sprouting and the budding plants. I imagine a gentleman missing his children. This warms my heart.

    I must say that may you have a blessed Easter. I am so thrown off by Americans greeting their friend Happy Good Friday and such. Good Friday is the most solemn and holy of all holidays!

  2. Steve, Happy Easter to you. What a wonderful letter to have. Bless you, tonight, tomorrow, and always. Peace, Jane

  3. Steve, if I delete my blog, how many days is the grace period in case I change my mind?

  4. Does it keep the format? Does it keep everything including the sidebar?

  5. Have you tried it already and reinstated it again? have you exported?

  6. Thanks. I will check it out.

  7. Thank you. Goodnight. Don't forget your prayers! :)

  8. Just poppped in to wish you a happy easter.

  9. Steve:

    A well remembered prose
    Carried on the breeze fresh
    Sweet sightings, sweet sounds
    Spring time gushing,
    we hear a voice,
    long loved coming
    from the poets dwelling.

    Happy Easter, To you and all those who are in your heart, remembered.

    An afterthought to my comment above a quote came to my mind:

    "blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear; for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it." Matthew 13:11-17

  10. sorry Steve, I wrote that little poem so fast in response to your Fathers, letter and I didn't think about what I wrote to after i posted the comment, sigh... & it is 160 exactly, MM has me trained for Sunday, smile.

    Peace to you my blog friend..

    A well remembered prose
    Carried on the breeze fresh
    Spring time gushing
    Sweet sightings,
    Sweet sounds
    We hear a voice,
    Long loved coming
    From the poets dwelling


  11. If more of us could see what your father saw the world would be the better for it.

    All the very best to you and yours as we celebrate the Life Eternal today.

  12. What a wonderful Easter gift, the gift of love, gratitude and renewal of a relationship father and son :) YAY GOD!

  13. ... dear Steve, Happy Easter!
    Messages, words of loved ones .... remain alive in our hearts ... they are doing well, even after many years ...
    I also thank you for your blog messages ... they leave traces in the hearts of the people ....
    Shalom = Peace of Cosima.

  14. Steve,

    As I read your father's words to you and yours, I felt as if I was reading you. The happy meter to his words is also yours. How we take after our parents... in more ways than we realize.

    Hoping your day was filled with graces... and that your pop's love is shining inside you.


  15. hello there, young man..you have such a fine grasp of all those with 'loose' curls that fly in the wind... very good, almost impressive... the rest i will save for my comment over there not here as this is about this lovely piece of scripture you have offered here.

    to speak about this seems somehow to come too close to it, the wondrous quality that was your father that i hear in these words ...how lovely you have this to remember him by...made me cry...again. xoxoxo

  16. thanks so much for making us feel your heart in your words steve - blessings and hugs your way and happy easter

  17. Blessings on this Easter Monday, Steve. Reading your father's letter is so moving. I think I felt my heart swell. The rocking rhythm was so like the rhythm of life.

  18. What a wonderful keepsake you have in this letter from your father. You can hear his soul singing. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Your father had a wonderful way of coloring the world with words. Seems you inherited that trait too. Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter, made even more meaningful because of the timing. I hope you had a fine Easter full of blessings.

  20. Blind love is so wonderfully beautiful.... what a treasure of a note you received....