Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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Open Link Night--WEEK #120


finish the job, pick up your toys
gonna be a wet afternoon
let's beat that rain, angel boys
she's comin' mighty soon

(always fixin' things
forever repairing, 
replacing pieces, 
fitting, placing, faring;
wish supper bell 'ud ring)

we're gonna get wet, boys
ya got about a minute...
c'n feel the drops now
damn! we're already in it

(puzzle scene incomplete, 
took too long to find that last piece.
funny--how small missing part,
one slight blemish will thwart
perfection of all universe)

rainin' good and hard now
don't fly away and leave me.
(I), archangel tells you angels
what to do--when--and how
so that's the way it'll be...see?

God sent us on a mission, so
by God, we execute, wet or not.
Slip that piece-puzzle into place
let's go now, back into space.

job's done, heaven's waitin'.
rather than common angels
i'd sooner be boss of satan
...oh well, wonder what's 
next to fix? 
good lord'll have us
layin' bricks
on mars,
repairin' lights
on stars.)

bye, earth.  we'll be back some day
us angels just cannot stay away



  1. Oy.. wonder if those angels are ready to come in .. there are some serious repairing needed for sure. Came directly from reading Pirate's piece on Afghanistan... sure needed there.

  2. ha smiles... always something to do for them... and you know... i'm glad they're not staying away....smiles

  3. Interesting point of view. >KB

  4. ha i imagine we keep our angels quite busy repairing our mess to be honest with you....
    though i imagine we as well could give them a hand with
    resetting creation more towrd the light...
    what you say..

  5. This is so clever, so cryptic, so lovingly expressed...a delight to read :)

  6. Glad someone is busy fixing creation as we try to solve the puzzles of life, seems mankind has made a bit of mess.

    Peace & Light

  7. I know I have an angel (maybe even 2 or 3)
    that watch over me.

    Love this Steve.
    So creative

    Joy and peace to you.

  8. Interesting little twist. I like it.

  9. Nice, Steve. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Glad that all is going well with you.

  10. sounds like lyrics ~

  11. Lovely to read tonight Steve ~ have a good evening ~

  12. LOL ~ at least not forever as we once thought ;-)

  13. A most interesting and enjoyable piece!

  14. Oh, the last piece is full of dirt.

  15. took me a couple of reads to get. I am not very smart when it comes to poetry or anything else for that matter. Very clever. Nice dialogue between angels fixing our universe and putting the pieces back together until next time because we'll find a way to mess it up again

  16. What a whimsical piece about some hard-working angels. I wonder if they are union angels? lol Great fun. And I also like your violin/ landscape picture at the top of your blog. Lovely!