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Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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she drops something, a purse?
every day I see her
on my way. I greet her. (wave!)
she, shuffling along--
while speeding in other direction
me, singing a song, or whistling

a few seconds, I make U-turn,
picking up heavy, sagging bag.
strap it on and ride
to catch the caravan.
six smiling children and mom
escorting to school the two...

beautiful sight to behold
and I think of you.
family needing shoes and shorts,
as tears slide down your cheek.
no fancy satin, lace, 
(but each--clean face!)

I observe how
in warding off early morning sun
each older holding finely made (gifted) umbrella
over heads of younger--they all move as one.

first fearful, (children often balk),
each has to climb my bike to see
if their feet might reach the walk.
none.  but leaving "presents" for me
by rubbing faces on leather seat

speaking in only language we know:
laughter and smiles everywhere,
mom happy with her bag. oh's and ah's
from kids. mom's only refrain


walking away from me,
seven flower-pink umbrellas


Every morning I see near a dozen families 
walking one or two children to school--but   everybody--young and old gets to go, enjoy the morning air, sunshine. Mother and little ones pushing other littler ones in carriages.

Our neighborhood is multi-racial and multi-national, many immigrants from S America, Cuba, Mexico, Portugal, Haiti, Jamaica...and we all get along. 
daily, these meetings are my morning prayer

Poor, yes. But rich?...OHH, YESSS!


  1. poor but rich...for sure....what a wonderful neighborhood...so much flavor and culture...and to have a group that looks out for each other as well...you are def a rich man brother...

  2. The sentiments in this poem are beautiful, Steve. I enjoyed especially the stanza about the family needing shorts and shoes, but each child has a clean face. You have showed the love that exists between family members and also the feeling of community of your neighborhood. I love the way the children left 'presents' for you after you returned the mother's purse. Though poor, they are indeed rich in ways few are.

  3. oh wow i love this steve... if so many nations live so close together and there's such a sense of togetherness and peace...very cool....and yes..certainly rich

  4. That was a sweet read.
    I'm happy this was the last thing I read before going to bed.
    It made me smile.
    Thank you, Steve.

  5. Steve, what a vivid picture. I could tell somehow by the pink umbrellas that yours was a multiracial neighborhood... guess it comes from having lived in Puerto Rico.

    Your comments about your environs explain a lot about you, and the "poor... but rich" comment, that's how I feel. We may not have cable TV, but we have family, friends, three hots and a cot... and of course God. Thanks so much for a reminder of the richness of a life well lived. Peace, Amy

  6. You are a sharp, yet mild hearted observer and co-liver. I´m happy that you don´t keep a distance, but are involved, to the extent of letting the children touch your precious motorbike and even deliver what was lost. You make each other rich.Some 15 years ago Mother Theresa visited Norway, receiving her Nobel Peace Price. Her speech made us speechless. She pitied us. We were poor, because we only had things, but not people around us. That little Lady wasn´t only mild; she was sharp as a razor blade and she was right. I know you are rich, Stevie, caring for and loving so wholeheartedly the people you meet. I bet Mother Theresa is looking down on you, smiling.

    1. Surely Mother Teresa is smiling, Fel, but at ME??? A sweet thought.

  7. Thank you for sharing. iT is good to know there is a sense of community where young and old of any race has time for each other!

    1. Community, yes...and I now believe this community could be the human race--in peace!

  8. Steve, this is beautiful and a reminder that though one may be poor they can be rich in the beauty of life and community..well penned and speaks volumes..

    peace and light always..

  9. Lovely prayerful and colorful aubade. You always make music with your words.

  10. All with an pink umbrella.
    That see no poor or rich.
    But beautiful.

    1. No poor, no rich, Rainfield61...only God and LOVE is what matters--
      expressed in helping others, one-at-a-time or otherwise.
      My Opinion!

  11. I love this :) made me smile :) peace my friend.