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Monday, November 4, 2013


Posted on Open Link Night 
at the PUB on Tuesday at 3 PM.
Join us please, for week #121

St Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church

Naples Florida USA


In order to show my blogging friends one of my weekend activities, I wrote this--funny, at 2 AM it sounded pretty good. NOW I doubt, so it's time to PUBLISH!

Nearly every Saturday or Sunday, in front of that first tall window to right of the altar canopy, stands a man playing a violin--me.
In front of 1,000 seats, some with people--grin!

Eileen, a pianist/organist/choir director and a good musician besides, accompanies me. Four years we've worked together and so we pretty well click musically.

Example of what we will play this week:
the second and third movements of Vivaldi Violin Concerto (a minor).  Other composer favorites of ours (mine--grin!) are Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn (Songs Without Words), Schubert, Beethoven (from Moonlight Sonata--it is bee-you-tee-full!)...and more. Always more!

Virtual Sheet Music allows me--for a few bucks annually--to download and print literally thousands of all catagories of music. We have a steady stream of different stuff to perform, not all of it "easy".  This keeps me practicing. 

I've been playing violin seventy-four years (started at ahe 5 or 6), and so one might rightly say, "Isn't it about time to quit?"  Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein played violin (not duets--grin!) and functioned well until they died--did Sherlock EVER die?

Whatever.  It is fun and rewarding and actually helps some people to pray and meditate (again...me?) before mass begins.  Also I play for weddings and funerals--for the record. HA!

In a former life--grin! I worked as a violinist in Music Hall as a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra:

While sitting here wondering what work other bloggers do--everyone simply cannot become wealthy writing poetry!--I blogged my thoughts tonight.  Besides, the poetry muses amused themselves and bemused me until I said "HEY...STOP!"  ...great segue to
ending this post!

PEACE, LIGHT and LOVE, everyone!


  1. smiles...cool to see the place you're playing...and wow...so many years you play already.. the violin must be a part of you by now...smiles... i think it's wonderful steve.... ha..you know already that i earn my money with organizing customer seminars and trainings in a big company...just tonite i took 50 dutch customers out for a ride on the ferris wheel ha...that's how i earn my money..not bad at all, right... ok - ok - those are the highlights...smiles

    1. Hope you rode the "wheel" with them...and not just watch! (I'll gamble you RODE! What else? HA!

  2. an you play beautifully...hey that does not look like my living room...and you played there as well...smiles...when you do play it is easy to see the joy in your face as well steve....i teach...that is just the texture to helping kids though you know...helping kids is my profession no matter what i am doing...smiles.

    1. Yup I know you teach, but I believe it is more than a "profession"...
      it is ACTION, dedication, ervor, and caring, giving. (I better stop,
      or you'll believe you're special--even thogh WE know you ARE...

  3. Oh my, how I would love to hear you play Steve.
    That is a very beautiful church and I just know everyone loves your music.
    You must love the violin as you have been plating a long time, keep on making that beautiful music.

    Me, I used to teach pre-school and then 1st grade and when I had my daughter I became a Nanny and took care of 10 families in my Nanny career.
    Now I am Nanny granny to my granddaughter, the best job in the world.

    Really enjoyed this post, Steve.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Margie. I might have guessed you to have been a teacher (nurturer) of very young children.
      Your writings just come across that way, as one who really truly CARES for others. And now, a Nanny Granny! Lovely!

  4. I just love violin music, Steve. Both my daughters played violin and were very good in high school, but neither went further. I'd enjoy hearing you play. You should put a sound cloud video or something with your playing...that would be fun.

    1. Would love to do that, Mary...just need a little help with implementing.
      IOW...an Internet Tech...

  5. Listen to Vivaldi a lot ... my dad was an excellent violin player ... used to perform for ...well, people in the streets ... disguised as a clown ... often came home very drunk with very little money as a very viscous beast ... o mine papa, war eine wundervolle mann, o mine papa war eine circus clown ... RIP, dad ...

    1. One day I will explain how much I identify with that description of your father.
      Probably did the best he could. Sorry for your having to deal with all of that.
      O Mine Papa...

  6. A great gift and even greater when shared!

  7. It is time for me to go to bed. I cannot be wealthy just by talking to you.

    But I have the urge to play all my CD's that are in your list.


  8. You are a musician! So is/was my husband. First viola at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden.
    What do you mean : easy music? Bach, Mozart, Beethoven et al are great music but hardly easy to play.

  9. So fun!!! my husband plays piano/organ for a gospel choir on alternate sundays.
    So what do you think, do you want to be part of the gratitude quilt this year? Instructions are at the top of my blog… I hope you will!

  10. Right now Steve, I'm not earning a single penny doing anything ... I'm hoping that'll change soon. I hack about on an acoustic guitar in our church 2 weeks in 3 - the congregation couldn't take me playing every week.

  11. Oh I love listening to music.. and playing.. that would be something. I will go the a concert on Thursday... hmm Will be Brahms and Richard Strauss.. hope for the best. Impressive to keep up playing for so many years

    1. AHA! So many years...keep practicing, and don't die. RIGHT?

  12. This is great, Steve. You bring joy to others. :) Wishing you Peace and light :)

  13. Simply wonderful! I'm glad you posted this, and I'd love to hear you play.

    ps- thanks for the source for flute music! ~~~:)

  14. Very cool and glad that you are still playing. Great service that you provide to many.

  15. This is so fun and encouraging to me who am a month away from 70. Bravo to us for continuing to be creative. Though it's true, we won't get rich playing with the arts, we live rewarding, fulfilling life. And what a great intro you offer to those awaiting for Mass to begin. For me, music is a special form of prayer.