Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, October 21, 2013


Published for Open Link Night, 
week #119, in dVerse Poets Pub

Pic Art--click ETERNITY


do you have a few minutes?
wait--are you certain?
how do you know if
there's time to stay...
or is it time to go?

Alpha, Omega

in between EVERYTHING,
this very moment--
it's where Eternity lives.
chocolate cookies,
soft breeze,
kind words, dreams,
hope, love.

below? above?

a loosened leaf 
floats onto grass.
yet ALWAYS is now!

past, future
exist not.

when time 
shall be stripped away,
neither before nor after
 left standing--
eternal, spiritual life
evermore. FOREVER.

no beginning!  no end!

...and joy, 
happiness therein
is but,
and only,
first and last...

--by steveroni


  1. there is eternity in chocolate chip cookies! i knew it! I tried to tell my mom that once....but NO....i could not have another bit of eternity....too much eternity is bad for your teeth evidently....smiles.....

    love is the glue that keeps it all together....though at times it seems like chaos might be to be completely honest with you....we seem to make it that way though...when we forget the other.

    eternity is one of those grand concepts as well that is hard to imagine....

  2. sometimes I try to hold on the time -
    but you can't stop it - it's going on and on...
    Greetings Lilofee

  3. And 'Love' is always now, if we so choose...

  4. Makes me appreciate my nine lives :) meow ... :)

  5. Eternity is a tough concept to wrap the mind around, but this poem made it seem simpler. Maybe it was the sneaky chocolate chip cookie reference :)

  6. Eternity in cookies? enough eaten I'm sure ... but love is all that we need.. of course .-)

  7. Very thought provoking...and philosophical too!

  8. Nicely said, my friend. Peace and light to you. :)

  9. The answers are in between everything and love holds it all together..

  10. Love is all there is and all that matters.
    And chocolate chip cookies sound good too.

    Such a nice poem,
    Thank you, Steve

  11. Very, very nice! Oh, eternity is such a nice thought! :-)

  12. I loved every word in this poem, Steve. It's all about the love. Your reminder that the past and future are simply moments in life, so true. And yes, love is a chocolate chip cookie, and now I'm hungry!

    So well put, Steve. One of your best. Amy

  13. I would like to add chocolate ice cream to the list.

    It is never too big to be squeezed between the lines.

  14. One of my favorite commercials was from the Seventh Day Adventist some 30 years ago. A boy asks from a tree "Dad, do you have time to help me?" The man looks at him and says "as much as anyone else"
    Good reminder, Steve, that happiness is here, and so is eternity.

  15. love first and last... it changes everything...and is even better than chocolate cookies..right..? smiles though i DO like chocolate cookies...smiles