Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

TIME? Magpie #189

Time...suggested by photo on MAGPIE for Mag #189

image by crillib 50


Woe is me!

Time is against me

Time is my enemy

Time is that troubling 
"dimension", which I
sometimes question

We call it morning (12 AM)
during darkest night.

Time...a calendar counter
measures everything;

sports, music, industry, science.
Then, there is:


Yesterday and Tomorrow--
are they part of time?
Is time a fundamental 
structure of the Universe?

OR simply is it

"time that keeps everything
from happening at once"?
(Maybe Eternity is now.)
Does this moment have 

no true beginning, nor end?

Forgive me, clocks, but I 
believe you're all phonies. 

Has anyone else arrived
almost before they left?--grin! 

Mind-boggling, I tell you!

Say "old man" if you like
but it's the body which is old.

Not me!  I feel like we shall all
"Live Forever"




  1. I AM timeless....so says I.............

  2. ha. time is a man made construct....so you are really right on time
    unless you give in to those imposing the ruthless time structure on you

  3. I like the voice of this poem. It makes me feel younger!


  4. How very philosophically astute.

  5. I love that ending! Time is a perplexing construct indeed

  6. I like this Steve.

    Tonight I wish I had more time
    "to walk the dog' but I am 'dog tired ' so here I sit and waste my time watching TV

    I hope 'time' will be very kind to you and give you much more time to keep us all entertained with your poetry.

  7. time is a fascinating subject and i like your thoughts here... i find it intriguing and one day it will be of no importance any longer... that will be cool...smiles.. hey.. the girl with the violin is on the way to you..smiles

  8. Less than a year ago I unstrapped my mother's wristwatch from her arm, shortly after she had drawn her last breath. I said with another woman's voice, Mother, you have left time now, you don't this this any more. Then I hung a pearl necklace around her instead. I guess she still likes to be good looking. I figure we are spiritual beings on a human thoroughfare. I'm looking forwards to eternity, but I hate the years threatening to make me helpless. Old should be another word for dignity, not a redundant shipwreck waiting to be chopped up. We can still help turning people's view. We're not there yet. Gotta go, got an important job to do.

  9. Yes, the spirit does not age at the same pace as the packaging! Nice Mag.

  10. contemplating time in various forms..time fills space in the journey of life...hopefully, we should live more in the moment as time is not promised to anyone..

    peace & light