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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Posted--a day late!--in dVerse


This is one of a thousand fond memories

About five years ago I was playing (violin) a gig on the top floor of a newly-constructed-but-not-quite-finished luxury condominium.  Prospective wedding clients of mine--she and her fiance--drove there to audition me on penthouse balcony overlooking miles of sandy beach and sea.

I passed the test!  They hired me on the spot, and paid me half the fee in advance, to play the music for their wedding.  Two months later, the to-be bride called me.  Through tears she said the not-to-be groom had jilted her.   She asked if I'd return her deposit. I usually do not return deposit money, but she melted my heart--not a difficult task--grin!--and I sent her the check.

Two years later she asked me to play for her "for sure" wedding (another groom!) to be celebrated on the beach.  She recalled that I had returned her money.  I told her my fee had risen...by one dollar--she laughed.  As we were talking, I jokingly mentioned that she probably "...won't remember what I look like, but I'll be the fellow wearing a tuxedo, carrying a violin."

Her instant response, "Well, you won't remember me either, but I'll be the girl with the sweaty armpits!"

(She became a most happy-and-pretty bride on the beach at Naples' Lowdermilk Park that day, May 14, 2005...and nobody realized she was wet under her arms, except the violin player, me--steveroni)

<a certified reworked re-post--Steve E>


  1. grins - sweet recollection ~

  2. oh i'm glad she finally found the right guy to marry...and cool that she wanted you to play for you again... i would hire you any time you know... even though i have no sweaty armpits..smiles

  3. i am glad she remembered your kind gesture...and might want to hold off on hugs with pits like that...just saying...smiles...i am glad too she found a happy ending....

  4. Aww a lovely ending to the story, a happy for ever after. Well done Steve. My favourite instrument is the violin.

  5. Nice story, Steve.
    I love happy endings :)
    And only 'the violin player' knows the whole story but he's not telling.

    My hubby and I were in Naples in 2004 and loved it there.
    Take care, Steve.

  6. Sweaty armpits?! Hilarious! Such a cute story with a happy ending! :)

  7. I scratch my head so hard and wonder why her sweaty armpits have then become mine.

    Sole coincidence?

    Or we have communicate too much?

    The frequency travels more than 15000km and still grows strong.

  8. What a wonderful story. It gave me a good laugh. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Such a cute story :) she was smart to call you back- the sweetest violin player with a heart of gold.

  10. Truly heart-warming tale, and I'm sure you too were in fine fiddle form in the end!

    Also, much thanks for the great story and hearty laugh over your Willow Manor Ball postscript comments. I replied in part, having thoroughly enjoyed the reparté. Cheers

    1. I will return there and see--shhhhh! I forgot what I wrote hehehe!