Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, October 31, 2011



This past weekend our Central Florida hotel rooms were surrounded by luscious splashings of green:

Green has brushed its way to be a favorite of mine. Well, maybe an exception is clothing-- e.g., shoes, jackets (except in the golfing winners' circle!), trousers (except on clowns!)...hope I've offended only those who wear a lot of green other than during the octave of St Patrick's Feast.

As you might guess, with absolutely nothing to write—I'm empty. Taking some time off from blogging, but will leave this blog open. Please know, I'm not seeking bunches of “Return soon!” comments. From time to time I'll spend one hour most days reading and commenting your stuff—not writing mine. OK?

Happy Peep is me, going to tend to long-neglected living. And I wish you all feel as good as I. A sense of connection,  attachment and love for each Peep who has ever wandered into the “Fourth Dimension”...has been a gift to me.


At one time I entertained (played violin and told stories) with a group—well, a group of two! He and I sang a ditty when we took beer-and-smoke breaks. It went like this (oh, I wish I could sing on this machine):

Gotta go...gotta go...
'Tis th'end of this p'ticular show.
Be back in a while
with a song and a smile
but right now (click-click!) it's
really time to go-o-o-o-o-o...”



  1. Later tater. Don't go too far :-)

  2. I like the green woods that I look out on each day. Thanks for stopping by. Hope that you will continue to comment. I appreciate it. Each of needs a break!

  3. I so understand the need to do a little life living. Enjoy yourself and your friends and family. We'll be here when the muse visits you again.

  4. Thanks for letting us know what's going on. Enjoy a change of pace.

  5. Hey Steve! some days, weeks, months it's RIGHT to take a big and long break from the usual of writing...composing...and just sit and read.

    That's what I am doing for the next week. I'm going to start a volume on Auden....someone I have never really read, and I guess i will find out soon enough why. Or not.
    I love green, but this time of the year, even in Atlanta.....the touches of red/purple/orange and gold makes me a magpie. I want all the glitter!

    Later, dear, dear friend. You enjoy life.


    Lady Nyo

  6. HKGK:
    Sound like this from Verena—maybe? Anyway, all colors break the blk-wht monotony...but I just began to go from lacking to liking...GREEN! Thanks!

    No doubt about that...even if it is next August!

    OK, gator! But isn it not YOU who keeps moving farther away from us? (Maybe I'm wrong—sure is not the first time—grin!!!!)

    I like where you dock your boat. You probably use that place more than most—see ya around.

    I would hope you be here...and I like term 'life-living'. Thank you for all your kind words!

    Been on a couple “working” vacations. Now going to tend the home fires...WAIT, we don't have need for fires in S Florida! Only those 'wild' ones. OKAY, the real truth is I never know if I'm coming or going. It's in the genes.

    Thanks, Carol! It's only fair to communicate, when we've all been 'reading' one another for months and months!

    I'm Sooo glad to be alive and blogging, and meeting all these wonderful Peeps. An you are CERTAINLY one of them, a great writer with great understanding!

  7. Stay happy and at peace, my friend. There's living out there to be done, so go do it up fine. I know I'll see you around from time to time.


  8. Dearest Happy Peep...

    My pants are green!!!!! I kid thee freaking not. nice velour warm forest moss green.

    8 days of St. Patty's, eh? We Irish know how to party.


  9. Dearest Jannie-FUN-Funster!

    Green pants? Well, hello 'clown' LOL Just kidding...all of that about green--grin! Except that I'm liking it, OK?

    Yep, about St Patrick's Day. I was always told the greatest celebrations take a full 8 days and nights to properly complete (and compete?).

    Thank you SO MUCH for straightening me out? on being judgmental when it comes to how Peeps attire themselves

    PEACE to another happy girl, Jannie--YOU!

  10. Hello Steve! It is almost 4 AM your time, no 3AM. Ah another hour for you, Sleeping Beauty! Thank you for your comments and visit dear friend. You are the sweetest!!! I love green. Especially green bucks. Hahahah!But now they have orange specks. I like the poetic ending. Sleep...ZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZZZ

  11. Come back soon .I love your blog.Your blog's new look is incredibly awesome.

  12. ... ah! Now I'm here to read - and I'm amazed ...
    Steve, now it's easier for me to make a break in the blog ...

    ... The green is beautiful ...

    ... We will see us ... here or in eternity ...

  13. CES:
    Green with orange specks—that's earthy...or 'earthereal'? A visit from you is like warmth in the damp, cold blackness before that first blink of light. I'm grateful.

    Thank you for clicking over to see my new header. I am becoming accustomed to having time to do other things, without sitting in front of an electronic box most of the time! Would like to blog again, but I fear (dread?) the commitment.

    I like your words “...We will see us...here or on eternity...”. Please do not make your break too long. Hey, we could just agree to post once a week, as some already do? Think about it!

  14. Steve, thank you for your sweet comment. I love it. I also love your Emily Dickinson quote and the background of the lonely boater!

  15. CES:
    You are so nice to follow me here, and comment on the new header and quote.

    Believe this: I c h e r i s h your art--EVERY piece, drawing, squiggle,
    your writings about family. And you live life with a pure heart. A good example for the rest of us.

    And your friends...LOVE 'em!

  16. Steve, happy sabbatical. My India trip keeps getting postponed but, December 1st seemed like an auspicious day so I'm flying out then. Four months later, I head home, with a five day stopover in Korea...free, thanks to flying Korean Airlines with my mileage.

    Hope you are enjoying your nice locale ( or any other ), making beautiful music and soothing your soul!

  17. I was just thinking I hadn't heard from you in ages- and now you are breaking away again! Have fun.

  18. now... i wasnt expecting this at all.....

    but, well... if you need a 'time-out'... you should take it..
    after all...
    "what you do feel is what you should feel" :)

    still...hoping to see you bounce back soon.....(from wherever it is u r goin....:))
    lots of love... :))

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