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Monday, November 14, 2011

Acrobats of the 4th Dimension

 No, these birds are not on that 'high wire' but I absolutely fell in love with this picture:
Two_birds__by_superlukie on DeviantArt


They were there, two
on that wire so high
standing close
so close...

And I saw them up there
those two--

Two by god sent,
now bent
their bodies together
in that kiss...
and on and on

under nature's tent.
Surrounded by friends,
deciding all
which direction to go.
Meanwhile the kissing—and I

sitting on two wheels
faced a light so red
it yelled “STOP!”
(traffic stopped, but not
high-wire kissing!)

Octane smells smothering--
yet I observed Peeps so
busy, busy, busy
in vehicle lineups
this wonderful display
(now they again kissing
each's neck-feathers!)

And oh! accompanying
most tender sweet kissing,
(I'm glad the red light stayed on)
even sweeter music, birdsong!

I listened to their tweeted tunes,
seeming to me from another world:

The greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved....
in return.”


(Quote taken from last lines of song “Nature Boy”)

6:30 AM. On my scooter this morning--stopped at a busy intersection
I looked up to see on a power line many singing birds—way up! I ogled two of them kissing and 'necking' as lovers. (They were!) So I felt inspired to write it down and

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  1. see life just got a bit better...steve is back writing poetry...smiles. nice capture of the love birds...perhaps a reminder for us to give love a chance...great to see you man!

  2. under nature's tent not so many are AWARE of what's going on beyond a car- lucky us who can stop and see...

    Creating through witnessing and loving eyes and soul... that's what I call poetry.

    Great piece, peep Steve!

  3. Wonderful...your words are so descriptive, I felt like a voyeur right along with you. :)
    By the way, Hello!!

  4. Funny thing; when you're in love, love is all around.
    I feel happy for you and the birds.

    I hope you keep on driving with your senses wide open.
    Youv'e got so much beauty to share.

  5. You're back! And brimming with romance. Your little sabbatical must have been just what you needed. ;-)

  6. Pay attention to the road, not the birds! heheheh. Thank you for your sweet comment. I just love it when I see your avatar. You always make me smile. Thank you.

  7. Your poem, so welcome this gray day, made me more than smile...it brought tears to eyes....and those birds!!!

    Steve, we miss so much in life, going about with our heads down, trying not to trip over our feet.

    Thank you, dear friend, for encouraging us all to look up.

    A wonderful poem that goes deep in the places it should.

    Lady Nyo

  8. ...missing
    this wonderful display....when we take a moment to see the beauty around us, we find magic everywhere.
    Peace to you, loved your comment :)

  9. isn't it amazing how poetry can jump out at you in the chaos of life? love this one! nice work, poet!


  10. Guess you truly went to the birds today..haha...great verse, always fun to see what can inspire.

  11. Beautiful Steve...we all have something to learn from a couple of sweet birds and sweet kisses...bkm

  12. Birds are always a high point of my commuting. I especially love the flocks that fly in seeming formation over the dry cornstalk fields. Love your little glimpse of the lovebirds. Beautiful.

  13. I think if you can't stop and do what this poem does, savor the smallest and most unobtrusive links in life to beauty and peace, you are forever stuck in poverty, no matter how much of the $$$ you've accumulated. Always enjoy your words, my friend. Good to see you writing.

  14. a great pic for sure steve...and the kissing...hmmmm...think i should go and kiss my husband...so stupid when we get so busy that we forget to love...thanks for the reminder...

  15. I love to watch the birds on my morning walks. How wonderful to spot such an open display of affection between two birds. It's like the Universe expresses love everywhere. Nicely done Steve.

  16. You have a keen eye for love and harmony...what you have seen is indeed lovely, kissing birds or more.

    Great to read your words again.

    Hope all is well ~

  17. A beautiful moment captured... thanks so much for sharing.

  18. This is so sweet! I've never seen birds kiss.

  19. such joy in this piece... it made me smile.

  20. your words painted a nice feeling.. I have always enjoyed seeing this moment... and have stopped to take in... and your words gave me that moment again...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  21. Gosh, I haven't posted for 2 weeks. The first day I put up a short poem--and I have about 20 comments.

    Sure is a good feeling to know you all cared enough to come here, read, and comment. Thank you berry, berry much!
    Steve E

  22. Love is the greatest thing and inspiration can be found everywhere in nature. But you took the time to notice- good for you and thanks for passing it on.

  23. Awesome, such joy in your words. Good way to pass time, observing nature where you find them. :) They are in their world, where we are the background, and a noisy distracting one we are with our noise and lights.

  24. So! There's a bit of kissing going on over here too, I see. Ah, well you know what they say, that love makes the world go 'round.

    Or was that money?

    How serendipitous that you were there to witness these two love birds, that you should happen to look up and they should happen to be kissing right then. You have a sweet way with words, Mr. Roni!

  25. Sweet morning on a power line, fun to be the observer of love.

  26. Birds, birds, birds! Nice one-poem and picture. I have become friends with someone who notices EVERYTHING
    BIRD...song, colors-
    I just saw a show on 'Nature' about turkeys-tis the time of year!

  27. Good golly, you are RIGHT! There ARE a lot of Jacks in children's stories and nursery rhymes. Why is that????

    Nooooo, please don't tell me they cut your mo! Quick, grow a new one!

  28. :O) it is the greatest thing!!!! :)


  29. wud it be very very sick if i say that all expressions of love make me sad in a strange way???? makes me feel alone and...well... i dont know...

    but you sure got a keen eye to find love around...
    good for you steve...
    Jess has written "yay love! yay god!"

    wen u find love, you find god...

    and hopefully you wont ever thinking of takin a break after seein the response that your poem got?

    we love you 'beri beri' much :):p

    or.. if i have to say that in my style...

    Blub you :)

  30. and yes that comment is full of mistakes. wow!!
    shud i blame it on the "1.30 am" ??