Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

TRIP 1 (Pre-trip)


One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready

Thursday we will drive to St Augustine FL, eat, attend a meeting, sleep, another meeting in morning, then drive to Charleston SC. And I am SO excited, really! Get to see one of my favorite “Fella-da-Peeps”, Jessie (that was Italian—grin!), and her husband, and several different rooms-full of members at meetings, and at breakfasts, dinners (restaurants!).

Beautiful city, lower humidity than Naples. I've been there (on my scooter!) Septembers of 2009 and 2010. Those experiences taught me this will be a FUN trip, of AA meetings, and meeting new Peeps. And of course, being with our friends. And all inspired by these blogs!

Jessie and S. have a load of crab feet—I mean crab legs--planned for Friday night after meeting on the outside cooker. It is a 'tradition' at their house to do a meeting-after-the-meeting every Friday where they live—with food! Maybe I'll bring a pound of butter, don't crabs always go good with butter? Now you know what a great 'cook' I am.

But I'm taking my own violin this time. The borrowed instrument last year left a little to be desired in quality, and other...but it was fun, at least for me!

Jessie can spend some time with us Sat and Sun, so I'm saving one of the following week-days to tour the WWII aircraft carrier pictured above. (Unless that interests Jess??) That's another thrill for me, as I only saw it in movie theater newsreels, as it was under attack by planes with circles on their wing—the Rising Sun. In early 1941-45 who could ever foresee that one day we'd be taking our vacation in a Toyota RAV4?

And yes, it is still a crazy world. That might be another post's topic.

For now, I can easily predict spiritual holidays ahead for us, even serene—grin! And yes, I know “God does not change flat tires, OR drive cars!” But He does everything else, if we let Him, and cooperate with Him...so I've been told!

Those of you who are Alcoholics, stay sober with us, and a prayer won't hurt—as we pray for y'all also. (Gotta get used to talkin' 'southun'! Pronounced “suh-thun”--grin!)

We also plan to visit North Carolina, then zip back for a couple days to St. Augustine Florida (more AA blog-friends there) before returning home October 25—then leave again October 28 for 3 days.

Who said old, retired Peeps don't have fun? (It's just that we take siestas in between!)
Bless you, all you blog friends.
Love, and PEACE!


  1. This is amazing ,Steve.I am sure you would have lots of fun and crab feet ;).


  2. ah st augustine is amazing...we used to go there every year for vacation...love that place....travel light my friend...

  3. BRIAN:
    Good advice, I'll pass it on also to Anna--or not!

    Your good wishes WILL go with us, Eastern Girl! Thank you.

  4. Have a super trip, Steve, and be safe. Say 'Hi' to Jess for me.

  5. Steve ... hello ... I'm just back from my trip ... now are you going? -:)...
    I am pleased that you have a wonderful time ...
    ... yes, even in old age we can enjoy and be happy, because every day is a gift from God ... a good trip and enjoy together ...

    Yup. I'm REALLY looking forward to good times ahead. (We will be 'talking' about you...hee hee hee!)

    Safe, Sane, and Thank You!

    The description of YOUR holiday inspired me to 'see' mine as nothing but pleasure and good clean fun! I am glad we are friends!

  7. Steve, It seems that just about every time you come this way, I am either out of town or on the boat. This time I will be both! We leave Thursday for the wooden boat show in Georgetown, SC. I hope that you have a great time with Jess and all the other AA's in the area. Charleston is a great town. And the Yorktown overlooks the marina where I keep my boat. Imagine that!

  8. How I love your adventurous spirit!
    Always ready, steady, willing to set off.
    I am gonna miss you SOOOO badly!
    LOL - But hey yes I will!!!

    Travel safe and enjoy yourself, my dear friend, Steeeeve.

    ♥ and :-)))

  9. The only time I spent in Florida was in the very early 60's at Eglin AFB. I was a little tyke and only remember the sand and sun. Oh yea, and my little brother was born there. Did I mention I was supposed to be the baby of the family? I finally took a liking to him though. :)
    Enjoy as only you can!

  10. Safe and fun journeys, my lovely friend!

  11. Oh! You are going to have a GREAT time, Steve! Next time you do the 'loop'....consider stopping here in Atlanta....We would love to meet and see both of you!

    Butter goes well with everything!

    And yes, bring your violin....and bring it to Atlanta, too. I would LOVE to hear you play. You can take my Japanese fiddle (pretty good sound, amazing!) for a couple of spins...

    I have a lovely German cello of a -
    '30's cast, and you can play that too!

    As for the USS Yorktown...amazing boat...my son (23) is on the USS Bainbridge...a destroyer...for the last two years. God bless all these sailors!


    Lady Nyo

  12. Safe trip, my friend. I hope you have a wonderful time. There is nothing better than to be among your favorite peeps, celebrating the strength you found within yourselves.

    And thank you so much for being a loyal visitor to my blog. It makes me smile. :-) [That's me, smiling.]

  13. well, you know the old saying, use it or lose it! i see you make sure you aren't going to lose it. :)

    and yes, definitely butter and sourdough french bread if you can find the real deal down there-kinda doubt that. so go with butter and crab, lots. xxx

  14. my my ! That's some travellin you are gonna do :) But it's good really . . . I would love to go somewhere . . Anywhere. . . No chance for me :( :(
    were you in the forces earlier? ? ?

  15. Steve, you have yourself a fabulous trip. I will be looking for a photo or two in the future!

    HAVE FUN!!

  16. Thank you so much, Steve, for being on my profile so often, it is a blessing to me, I hope yoy know me more then I can show. I am sure of that. Thank you.


  17. In Charleston same week as you. Viewed the carrier as I ran the suspension bridge one morning. Flew kites on the beach at Isle of Palms and saw dolphins as we kayaked off Foley Beach. Great to be sober, and Joyous and Free.
    Sure wish I could have run into you. Would have been the frosting on the cake. See my blog posting.