Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, October 24, 2011


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One of hundreds photos from our October 2011 trip...
In fluffy cloud i see your face

in busy crowd i watch you
everywhere--you are there
as if

your feet steps
i could not veer
even if

from your youth
your truth
tried steering away
as if

you will not
no matter what.
It's as if

you precede me
until in every place we meet
again and once again
as if

in breeze softly
your sighs i hear
these and so much more.
as if

each floral smell
reminds of that scent
you lent, dear.
it is as if

what i ever touch
becomes that same feel
as your skin pressing on my own.
we are as if

so tightly bound
albeit unsound
as if it is
as it is...



  1. oo la la...i know a young lady that might give you an extra kiss tonight...smiles. like how everything takes on the scent and feel of the one that has caught your eye...and the slight variation at the end leaves us with a smile.

    great to see you brother...

  2. It's beautiful, just beautiful,
    as if.

  3. This is so lovely ,Steve .One of your finest poem.

    you precede me
    until in every place we meet
    again and once again
    as if

  4. The perfect title for this one. Beautiful.

  5. ... a very beautiful sculpture ... it stimulates ... and then you write about a very beautiful poem ... thank you Steve ...

  6. hmmmm - may i say this was very nice and intimate dear steven..much enjoyed...smiles

  7. very lovely.. and i do like the repetitive words...nice to read you again ~

  8. that same feel
    as your skin pressing on my own

    ah.I know that one. *happy sigh*

  9. When love stirs, we finds its shape awaiting us in all manner of places...

  10. Another wonderful weave...you just keep getting better and better!

  11. What a lovely gesture and poem for this great flame in your life! Entirely wonderful feelings Steve, and I wouldn't say entirely unsound......

  12. I keep bumping into you everywhere I go...

  13. sweet, hopefully, you will meet her today for a beautiful time.

  14. I love this poem, I hear you and I like the rhythm.

  15. Steve, you are such a romantic! This was the loveliest of poems!

  16. It reads as if the two are fated to be. Really enjoyed the romantic mood and sentiments of this one.

  17. Steve, you do something wonderful here...you open up the heart and senses and this is so beautiful.

    I have been reading a lot of the Manyoshu, and these taken as bits have some of the same 'feeling' as many of these wonderful (8th) century poems.

    Shows that the human heart, and desire, love...doesn't change over the centuries...

    Loved these, and they are wonderful as individual poems, and all together.

    Lady Nyo

  18. I imagine you on stage playing your violin and the crowd is amazed ‘cause it was that old fiddle of yours which transmitted the feeling involved in this poem….. and you are also amazed because they are cheering and throwing roses at you after such a performance… one of those roses is mine, babie, coming from my chest, my heart…my blog!!!

    Peep, You’ve got that way with words ‘as if’…

    Should I add ‘beautiful’?----


  19. I always enjoy your poetry, Steve, for the lilt and the happiness you generally bring, this is no exception, even if it's warmer and more tender. Enjoyed it much.

  20. A wonderful read!
    Thanks for your visit to my vintage signs post.

  21. you do know how much i love this poem.. :) dont you???

    well... sadly i couldnt comment earlier...
    izdiher has already quoted my favourite verse...

    this is one of the most beautiful things i have read in a long time steve... i aint bluffin... but this gives me a feeling like.... mmmmmm... floating in the clouds....????
    not that i have ever 'floated' in the 'clouds'....but.. well...
    this is a heavenly verse...

    and again i hate sounding like a copy cat.. but i second izdiher in saying that this is definitely one of your finest pieces....('one' of ur finest coz i havent read everything you've written.. otherwise i'd call it THE FINESTEST..)

    have you read Coelho's "The Zahir"????
    it talks of 'the presence' of someone in a very controlling way...
    while u describe the same presence in such a ....well....'floatin in the clouds' kind of way....

    i like this better.... the way you write it....

    the way 'he' is present everywhere.... his scent .. his words.... his touch....
    and the way he precedes me wherever i go and then meets me there again.....

    Cheers!! to one of the most beautiful poems in the world.... :)