Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is she or Isn't she?

Girl in photo might be protecting her anonymity by hiding her face. I wonder if she is indeed a violinist? (Answer at end of post.)

Many of us violin players are dually addicted: music and alcohol. Together, they raise my spirit level to a totally higher stage...music and alcohol!

Ethyl Alcohol deadens the central nervous system, so in combination with violin playing, I never knew which it was made me "feel different, feel good"--grin! To that extent I often drifted apart from the real world, unfocused, lost in the activities--a symphony of empty bottles.

Playing violin and drinking booze walked with me hand-in-hand during half my life. The music lifted my spirits--the 'spirits' made me think I played OH! so good!  LOL!

With time, in my unawareness, those two drugs, music and booze--my two lovers--subtly began to quarrel, one whispering that it did not need or want the other to 'make' me happy. That was then.

Sober now--those days are long ago, seem far away. However, the ghost of the dead drug might return at any time to haunt the house. That is why I continue to go to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, to help myself and others to steer a course through safe waters in that channel of sobriety, the sea of life...under the care of a Loving Creator.

For certain I do not know if the undraped violinist in the photo is an alcoholic (doubt it!)...but I DO know she is a violinist! How do you think I can tell? Well, blow it up a bit--I mean "enlarge the photo", dammmit!

Maybe only a string player would notice this: the fingernails of her left hand are neatly trimmed, while her right hand is sporting some wildcat claws...Sorry I do not have a link for you to the photographer. (I think she is 'nice'--grin!)



  1. Enticing picture. I thought maybe it helped to practice naked.

    I think it is good that you help "newcomers" to AA and I'm sure that helps you, as well. Is there a point in time that one stops going to AA,feels it no longer necessary - or just restarts for awhile when one feels the need of a tune up? I'm not being funny, I want to know.

  2. you're pretty observant... and nice post. we do have many more 'drugs' in our lives than the purely chemical ones, don't we. i'd have to add quite a few now. and that just when i thought i had it all together, heee heee heeee. love you lots!

  3. I went to take a look at Gunnar's hands. The nails were neatly cut short on his left hand fingers. (He's still playing the guitar, alone, in late night hours). We've been together for 24 years, and I hand completely forgotten.

    Musicians in general must be (my assumption) overrepresented when it comes to drug abuse.
    Since music is about presenting feelings as well as techniques, I find that understandable.
    "I've gotta have something for my frayed nerves", a friend apologetically said.

    Old fiddlers ( not violinists), were thought to have a special contact with the devil himself.
    There is a well known Norwegian folk-tune called "Fanitullen" devil's-tune,
    where you can hear the old man with the coltsfoot sitting on the top of the beer barrel, playing.

    All the great fiddlers have Fanitullen on their repertoire.
    It's to be found on YouTube, if you're interested.

  4. ZABERSAT ,BIG GRIN .I don't know anything about voilen,and music .I do listen music and just that .Your observation is good .I enlarge the pic and left hand's fingernails are trimmed .O_O.
    Best of luck for AA meeting .Lots of people need you there :) xoxo

  5. All intoxications are lethal. Balance is the key, I reckon. BTW, Steve, do you everr practice like that girl (in the buff, I mean). Well, grinnn.

    Joy always,

  6. Nice- I am glad you are back to posting. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of Spring...change is in the breeze-

  7. i think she is a beautiful violinist...smiles. oh and i got my addictions...

    I did not recognize the ID, Ms Ver. How glad I am that you visited! True!

    Glad you thought you "had it all together". That is the place I must begin from--EVERY TIME! LOL

    I did not even know the word: "Fanitullen". But you bet your booties I'll know much about it before the sun goes down! Thanks!

    Oh! You came BACK! It is nice to get to knowing you, grrrl. I like your blog, and have become a 'regular' there. I'd like you to meet some of MY blog-friends (Peeps!) Click on anyone here and say "Howdy! Steve sent me"--grin! Love.

    YESSSS! Even today! But I do not answer the doorbell, not even the phone. Ya never know...grin!

    Change is in the SPRING! And change is really ALWAYS and everywhere, as you will see when YOU get past age 75!!! Thanks for coming by!

    Well, I am a real REAL 'human' every day, no matter how I prayed last night!

  9. I am glad that you have found your way on this sea of life and are there for others who need guidance, support, understanding, and sometimes just a compassionate ear. I am hoping that you have landed safely and our making your new place a home and haven.

  10. think we all have our addictions of whatever kind...always searching...always longing...if it's music or writing..the pic is absolutely beautiful - even though i think it would be even nicer if she'd hold a saxophone...smiles

  11. That is one wildly sensual violin image.

  12. For anyone who has posted a comment here, I thank you much. Google has removed all of comments from this blog--but DID restore the blog, for which I am grateful, for I myself like it. And that hardly ever is so.

    Love...and PEACE!

  13. Let me comment again:

    Steve, any kind of intoxication beyond a level is a bit dangerous. Balance is the key.

    Steve, have you ever practised like that girl (in the buff)? Grinnnn.

    Joy and peace,

  14. SUSAN:
    Question #2...Ans. YES! Even this very morning! Sorry if that is disgusting--but truth is truth! (Only when I am alone, or.........--grin!

    JOY for you too, GrrrL

  15. Steve, what a poetic way to put the conflict you experience between alcohol and music! I've smelled alcohol on many a musician's (and conductor's) breath! The worst was when I sat in the front desk of the 2nd violin section, downwind of the conductor's alcohol breath...he had a tendency to sing and spit when he conducted. Gross! I'm glad you quit!

    By the way, I can tell she's a "real" violinist by the way she's cradling the neck. Her wrist is just right too, not "broken" like most people who've never touched a violin would hold it! :)

  16. ...oh, I saw only now that the break is over .. looking forward ....yes, and your commentary on my blog has been removed ...

    ... creative art yearns for higher levels ... the desire of many more, better, more brilliant to be .... can be addictive ... then the other addictions the door opens .... alcohol, drugs, ect ....
    artists are on a very narrow path...

    Kimberly--why, yes, of course, I could not take my eyes off the way she properly held her wrist!!!--GRIN! (You are so right!) Thanks for being here for us all!

    Yes, I do believe one addiction leads sometimes to others. Some say the certain people are born with 'addictive natures'. I don't necessarily agree--nor disagree with that.

    You are so perceptive to 'see' the truth in others' behaviors!

  18. ...* laughs *, perceptive? oh, oh - no, but I love people and I'm thinking about it, and try to feel what is in them ...
    greetings from Cosima

  19. COSIMA:
    "Perceptive" b. Marked by discernment and understanding; sensitive.

    We must admit to certain gifts when they are from God Himself. They are for us to USE! Joyfully!

    I rest my case--grin!!!! (SO happy to 'know' you.

  20. Steve, your writing is intoxicating. It's definitely an excellent substitute for the ethyl spirits. Play on!

  21. Oh Annie, thank you...I shall "play on!" And may MY joy be passed on to you.


  22. I'll take the music,and leave the alcohol.Just me and my whamaddile

  23. It was fun sparring with you on FB today. Sooner or later, I've got to "rise up" (off this chair) "up and away") from this computer--grin!

    Thanks for weighing in here.