Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, May 13, 2011


May 13, FRIDAY, 2011

So, Dearest Blogger (Google),

You have taken away my post from Wednesday. In past days/years that might have bothered me. But today it only B O T H E R S  M E !!!!!!--grin!

Actually, this is a message of appreciation for all you have given me for nearly three years. I have used resources of yours worth a king's ransom. I publish exactly what I wish. You send new 'tools' for free--with directions. I may come and go, stop or start.

The only Peeps who complain to me--or worse, wash me from their blogs, are those who ALSO use your myriad of services, which again, cost nothing. I may be playful, serious, --grin or LOL, even cuss a bit. I may publish a photo of a hay field, or of a beautiful nude. You are, to me, good Google...never rude.

You will fix "Blogger" and restore my post--it is the the first of mine I really LIKE out of several hundred. So I will practice my violin, get ready to play a wedding (on the beach) tonight at 7 PM, and when I arrive back here about 9 PM......

YOU HAD BETTER HAVE THIS F'KNG THING FIXED OR I'LL QUIT! (Wait a minute--I was never hired--grin!)

In reality Google, I love you, and wish you PEACE. Being at the apex of your discipline is so very difficult. Peeps have told me that, or I'd never know.

P/S  But HEY! I did 'know' once, it was a quart of SMIRNOFF and a gallon of genuine White Port Wine which kept me on top for two whole days...I was King, Emperor, Director, Great Leader of all the world. I woke up in back of the barn, lying on a fermenting manure pile in the hot mid-day sun.

Steve E


  1. haha. you are a nut steve...being offline for 24 hours was probably a good thing for me...i did start to worry a bit today.....

  2. Tsk! Tsk! All the effing. It's just the blogs. It's not the end. You can always email, you know... Hehehehe!

  3. Glad to be in the loop. I lost many comments.

    Joy always,

  4. I started to get upset at Google, Steve, until I realized that my year and a half of blogging hasn't cost me a cent and that Blogger has pretty much functioned without mishap during all that time...so I just quietly said a prayer of appreciation for all its given me, especially a world of friends, like you!

  5. BRIAN:
    Well, what can anyone expect from a company named--what? G O O G L E ??? --grin!

    Only ONE eff...I'm not really an effer, unless for emffasis--grin!

  6. SUSAN:
    Yeah, it's the pits. I like to respond to comments, and feel frustrated. But I'm sure nobody will die over it...We're back in business...I think--grin!

    There you go, writing such nice things. Ummmmm. Please KEEP IT UP! You are used to seeing the bright side of things, Dear!

  7. I am so glad it is back up...thanks for the visit...we live again....it must be like having a violin without all the strings....lol...bkm

  8. Every thing be fine babe,I guess, by now . Hope Google would fix it :)
    Have a good day .

    Barbara, that is a perfect analogy..fiddle missing an "A" string ("G" string?--grin!) I may blog that one day

    "Alcoholic is like a violin with no strings..." LOL!

    From Pakistan...you are a 'sweetie'. You have a good day also, my new friend!

  10. All's well that ends well.
    Your post is back and it was a good one!

    Hope the wedding went beautifully!

  11. Steve,
    I love this post. I might even use you as my feature post on T&T next week. Great attitude...lots of food for thought. I'm glad that you liked my butt-head post. It is always fun seeing your comments.

    My Blog

  12. MARGIE:
    Wedding was one of the nicer ones (I've played literally hundreds!) right on the beach at a private home--is 'sumptuous' still a word?--grin!

    I will visit Sunday morning--almost bedtime now!

    Sorry I do not know the procedure for "Feature Post" on T&T...but I will check it out--NOW! I like almost every blog I find--too many, ya know, and ALL so worthy! Thank you for liking mine...

  13. My two comments are also missing. I just check it :(And the little change I did to my description heading is back to old one.

  14. IZDIHER:
    It is a loss to the world--grin!!! Do not be afraid to write--you do it well (that means 'good'!)

  15. I love blogger. I don't care what other people complain about or what they want but don't get. Blogger almost never disappoints.

    Love you earthiness, Steve. Play on.

  16. I feel the same about all these cyber-miracles we take so for granted.

    Air travel...complain, complain! Do we forget (I heard this on Dave's blog) that 125 years ago it took a whole fall, winter and spring to get from east coast to west coast of US? Half the Peeps died, the other half were NOT who they were at the start of their journey...noe we fly across thousands of miles in matter of hours! And we complain.

    I L O V E it!!!

  17. oh steve, you always make me laugh.

  18. We've become quite spoiled and used to having the world at our fingertips. A little downtime may not be a bad thing...loss of some posts is a sad thing though.

  19. MARGG:
    If only the WHOLE WORLD could laugh once-in-a-while. I love laughing--and laugh loving! Glad to see you here!

    Oh. THERE you are! (Long story about that line. SOME day I will put it up here, about a beautiful symphony harpist, and 5 feet of snow in Bangor, Maine.)
    Yesss, I agree with you, and I believe most Peeps do. We are quiet usually. It is complainers who make the noise! I believe nobody actually--in the end--lost a blog. Maybe wrong.....now THAT'S a real possibility--grin!!! I DID lose comments. And of course, the world has ended...right?